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Bringing you the most interesting releases old, new and future, the Independent Music Podcast is a weekly journey into the world of alternative music. Crossing genre boundaries with complete disregard for what might fit together, expect to hear sweet soul mixed with drone metal, reggae and digidub with disco, and any other genres emerging, submerging or indescribable


#152 - DUDS, SAICOBAB, Time Cow, Nekra - 21 August 2017  

There's a lot of single-word named artists this week. We kick off with one of them - DUDS from Manchester are the first UK band to release a record through John Dwyer's Castle Face Records. We have punk from Impalers and newcomers Nekla, experimental dub from Time Cow, techno from Wilhelm via new label GlassTalk Records, and loads more good stuff. Tracklisting:
DUDS - Elastic Feel (Castle Face Records, USA)
Colleen - Separating (Thrill Jockey, USA)
Impalers - Nazi Burning Man (Static Shock Records, UK)
Nekra - Sisters of the Yam (self-release, UK)
Time Cow - Yellow and Purple Equals Yurple (7” edit) (Bokeh Versions, UK)
SAICOBAB - Bx Ax Bx (Thrill Jockey, USA)
Wilhelm - 38th Parallel (GlassTalk Records, UK)
Tembok Kamar Dinding Sekolah - Mati Rasa (Chinabot, UK)
Autumns - Female Model (Clan Destine Records, UK)
Forest Swords - Raw Language (Ninja Tune, UK)

#151 - Liars, Pikacyu-Makoto, Snapped Ankles, Beta Evers - 14 August 2017  

On this week's show we have a few highlights from Supernormal Festival, with a new release from Afirampo-Acid Mothers Temple collaboration Pikacyu-Makoto and an excellent track from Leeds' Beards. Elsewhere we have synthwave from Beta Evers, noisy electronics from Liars, the latest from new podcast favourites Snapped Ankles and lots more. Tracklisting Liars - Coins in My Caged Fist (Mute Records, USA) Beta Evers - Hidden (Peripheral Minimal, UK) Andy Citawarman - A Simple Man (self-release, UK) Pikacyu-Makoto - Funifunikonefuni (Upset the Rhythm, UK) Snapped Ankles - Hanging With The Moon (The Leaf Label, UK) Lovely Wife - Ting (Cruel Nature Recordings, UK) Beards - Calipers (Ouse Records, UK) Matt Wellins - Bordeaux (Orange Milk Records, USA) Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa - Zaaab (7EP, Japan / Thrill Jockey, USA) Portico Quarter - A Luminous Beam (Gondwana Records, UK) Like us on Facebook:

My Favourite Labels #1 - The Audacious Art Experiment  

Gareth's new radio show My Favourite Labels invites someone from an innovative record label to chat about music, inspiration, and life every fortnight on 199 Radio. In this first episode he's joined by Luke Twyman of the Audacious Art Experiment. As this is recorded live, the audio is a bit iffy at the start. It is fixed after the second track. Like My Favourite Labels on Facebook: Tracklisting: Za! - Badulake (The Audacious Art Experiment, UK) Intravene - Inner City (The Audacious Art Experiment, UK) DUDS - No Remark (Maternal Voice, Sweden) Massicot - Kokteilis (Blank Editions, UK / Hands In The Dark, France / Red Wig / Et Mon Cul C’est Du Tofu?, France / Harbinger Sound, UK) The Jesus Years - Say Hello To Pink Floyd (The Audacious Art Experiment, UK) Stand - You Are Full of Junk (The Audacious Art Experiment, UK) USA/Mexico - Laredo (Riot Season Records, UK / 12XU Records, USA) Housewives - EXC. 281016 (Blank Editions, UK / Hands In The Dark, France / Red Wig / Et Mon Cul C’est Du Tofu?, France / Harbinger Sound, UK) Cowtown - Emojicore (The Audacious Art Experiment, UK) Sleep Terminal - Help Alice (Find Her Eyes) (The Audacious Art Experiment, UK) Hong Kong Express - Hong Kong 2046 (Dream Catalogue, UK) Ghosttown & Parly B - Every Manor (Senseless Records, UK) Jonathon Dunn - Platoon Level 1 Acid Mass - track from upcoming album on The Audacious Art Experiment (The Audacious Art Experiment, UK) Baglady - Mush (demo)

#150 - Meridian Brothers, Circuit Des Yeux, Ty Segall, Shabazz Palaces - 7 August 2017  

A stunning selection this week, kicking off with Colombia's finest Meridian Brothers, we touch upon experimental pop of Circuit des Yeux, a fabulous collaboration between podcast favourites Hieroglyphic Being, Sarathy Korwar and Shabaka Hutchings, and the brutal punk of Lower Slaughter. We also have great new hiphop, jazz breaks, garage rock, and lost Somali tapes

#149 - Ex Eye, Wanlov the Kubolor, Mésange, Ilia Gorovitz - 31 July 2017  

A truly global podcast this week, with music coming in from as far afield as Ghana, Iran, and Israel. We have new music from closer to home too, with some jazzy goodness from On the Corner records, there's also the new one from Colin Stetson's Ex Eye project, techno from Mighty Lord Deathman, and rock sounds from We Wild Blood.

#148 - Tobacco, James Heather, USA/Mexico, Trans-Aeolian Transmission - 24 July 2017  

The unmistakable sounds of Tobacco kick-off a US-heavy podcast this week. We go off on our usual globe-trotting though, with experimental Tunisian music from China, sounds from Austria, stunning contemporary classical music from London, a Spanish reissue of a lost slice of delectable funk. There's a first record in 12 years from Mr. Lif and Akrobatik's The Perceptionists, a Joanna Newsom edit from podcast favourite L'Orange, the awesome Butthole Surfers and Shit & Shine collaboration under USA/Mexico.

#147 - KoKoKo!, Karen Gwyer, Aphex Twin, Pessimist - 17 July 2017  

A stunning selection this week, kicking off with the absolutely spectacular Congolese band KoKoKo!. We also have new music from the legendary Aphex Twin alongside new tunes from some of those he has undoubtedly inspired, such as Karen Gwyer. There's deconstructed drum n bass from Pessimist, space music from Henge, digital dub from Roger Robinson, a beautiful, long piece from Man Forever, something from down under in the shape of Suburban Cracked Collective, thrash punk from Casual Sect, and the latest stunner from the Gqom Oh! label with TLC Fam.

#146 - The Gaslamp Killer, Cocaine Piss, Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang, Pixvae [Milhoes de Festa 2017 special] - 10 July 2017  

It's the most wonderful time of the year - when we get ourselves ready for the peerless Milhoes de Festa festival in Portugal. A completely off-the-wall, eclectic line-up of some of the finest artists from across the globe come together in a celebration of everything that is great about art, experimentation, and music. To celebrate, we have a selection of ten artists on the bill, including old favourites like Sarathy Korwar and Orchestra of Spheres, alongside new favourites such as Cocaine Piss, Live Low, and Sacred Paws. Buy tickets to the festival:

#145 - Housewives, Mirrored Lips, Coby Sey, The Showfa - 3 July 2017  

We're back! After trips to Ibiza, Italy, and Glastonbury, we're wallowing in a sea of spectacular independent music. From collage to disco, from experimental hip hop to forward-thinking dub, the Independent Music Podcast is back with a bang.

#70 – Anna Meredith, The Comet is Coming, I Know I’m an Alien, Epirus Quartet [first broadcast 30 November 2015]  

Another repeat to tie you over until we're back from holiday. This week we have an episode from November 2015, featuring The Comet is Coming, Anna Meredith, iLLBiLLY HiTEC, and Black Moth Super Rainbow

#61 – Teeth of the Sea, Clap! Clap!, Commodo Gantz Kahn, Soft Healer [first broadcast 15 September 2015]  

Whilst we're on holiday, here's a repeat of our show from 15 September 2015, featuring favourites such as Soft Healer, Teeth of the Sea, Jimi Tenor, and Clap! Clap!

#144 - Stand High Patrol, Marika Hackman, Dusty Mush, Moon Duo - 12 June 2017  

Our last show before we take two weeks off for our summer holiday has jazz from Ireland alongside US psych from Moon Duo, garage from Howlin' Banana Records' Dusty Mush, the latest from Uganda's Nyege Nyege Tapes, the brilliant Stand High Patrol have a new track. We also have drone, electro, indie and a charity repress from Coil.

#143 - Todd Terje, Hannah Peel, Ifriqiyya Électrique, Roll the Dice - 5 June 2017  

The first three-piece podcast with the addition of producer Mike has us with a utterly astounding array of good music. Ending with the brilliant new rework from Todd Terje, we also have Ethiopian funk, Russian noise, Welsh folk, Israeli dancehall, thundering techno, Tunisian industrial music and all sorts of other goodies... get involved

#142 - Mr Thing x Micall Parknsun, Jlin, Deerful, Henry Wu - 29 May 2017  

No doubt it's a more mellow podcast this week, kicking off with soft French chanson and taking time with drone from Love Theme, library-inspired sounds from ToiToiToi, and brilliant folk music from Richard Dawson. Elsewhere there's an exceptional track off the new Jlin record, there is also some Cameroonian music from the latest Analog Africa compilation. Pop from Deerful, new Henry Wu, and the new single from The Mountain Goats.

Raw Power Festival 2017 special [originally broadcast 6 March 2017]  

This weekend Raw Power Festival is on in London. Back in March Gareth and Anthony played some of the amazing artists playing. Here's a chance to listen back and enjoy. Buy tickets on the door or in advance from

#141 - Boris, Soom T, Mary Ocher, Hanne Hukkelberg - 22 May 2017  

This week we kick off with the new single from Japanese noiseniks Boris. We also touch pop, 8-bit digital dancehall, rock, hiphop and jazz on the show, including new tracks from Massicot, Circle, Ennanga Vision, and Dent May.

#140 - Jun Kamoda, Mary Epworth, Drahla, Twenty-Three Hanging Trees - 15 May 2017  

This week we're covering the usual number of miles and sounds, whether it's electronics from Uganda, dub from Romania, or indie music from Leeds. We have the new one from podcast favourite Surgeon, we also have new tracks from Twenty-three Hanging Trees, Jun Kamoda, Mary Epworth, Drahla, The Cosmic Dead, and Siobhan Wilson

#139 - Flamingods, Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, Lil Pump, Wren - 8 May 2017  

Fairly vocal heavy on the Independent Music Podcast this week, with exceptional cuts of Trap, Dancehall and Hiphop colliding against free and future jazz, psych, modern classical, proto punk and all sorts of good stuff.

#138 - Crème de Hassan, Praed, Danny T & Tradesman, Man from Uranus - 1 May 2017  

A packed show this week takes us through African-influenced electronics to legendary Ethiopians, to hard rock and through digital dancehall. It's a standard Independent Music Podcast episode - loads of varied, wonderful tunes, and plenty of questionable chatter

#137 - Heliocentrics, Tamil Rogeon, Ghostpoet, Christian Fitness - 24 April 2017  

Anthony's back this week and what does he have for you? Oh yeah, a 13-minute long slab of Japanese psych from the mesmerising Qujaku. If you get through that opening we've got gifts galore, including a stunning new concept record from Australia's Tamil Rogeon, 19th century piano music from Latvia, mclusky and Future of the Left frontman Falko's latest as Christian Fitness, Orlando Julius and Gaslamp Killer pals Heliocentrics, ex-Pan Sonic member I-LP-O in Dub, delicate guitar music from Dean McPhee, less delicate hardcore shounds from Odio, a new one from Mercury-nominated Ghostpoet, and a Fleetwood Mac edit from London duo Psychemagik.

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