Information Morning Moncton from CBC Radio New Bru

Information Morning Moncton from CBC Radio New Bru


Information Morning from CBC Moncton is the essential source of news and information for radio listeners. The station broadcasts to the eastern half of New Brunswick from Campbellton to Cape Tormentine, and covers the cities of Moncton, Miramichi, Bathurst, Dieppe and Campbellton. Join the Information Morning Moncton team every weekday.


Dr. Christin Muecke - Health inspectors at Moncton Market  

The acting deputy chief medical officer of health explains why market vendor guidelines are being enforced

Darren Rumble - Wildcats win  

Wildcats coach Darren Rumble speaks with CBC reporter Matt Bingley about the end of the team's losing streak.

CBC investigates - Python attack charges  

The CBC's Alan White looks into why Jean-Claude Savoie of Campbellton faced a trial in the python asphyxiation deaths of two boys, despite many recommendations against charges.

Buried fire hydrants  

Éric Dubé, superintendent of Public Works for the city of Dieppe and Conrad Landry, Dieppe's fire chief explain how the city deals with the clearing of fire hydrants following snow storms

Tuition Relief for the Middle Class  

Students Jessica Donovan and Kjeld Conyers-Steede explain to CBC reporter Lauren Bird how these new changes will affect them

Sergeant Marc Fortin - Designer drugs  

RCMP Sergeant Marc Fortin explains how the RCMP are handling the new world of chem lab concoctions that are showing up in New Brunswick

Now showing - Oliver  

Marshall Button, Director of production, Tony Delgado, musical director, Glenda Landry, actor and Kim Rayworth, managing director of the Capitol Theatre all join Vanessa Blanch to talk about the upcoming musical "Oliver" at the Capitol Theatre

Dangers of street drugs  

CBC reporter Tori Weldon speaks with Neil Young, program manager of the Drug Intervention Program at Youth Impact Moncton and Debby Warren, Executive Director of AIDS Moncton about new drugs that are showing up on our streets

Dr.Danielle Martin - Improving Canada's health care  

Dr. Danielle Martin is a family doctor at Toronto's Women's College Hospital and the author of Better Now

Krystal Cormier - Campbellton swim championship  

The Social Committee Director for the Campbellton Aquatika Club talks about the Marianne Limpert Team Championship that is happening this weekend

Michael Denham - Small business advice  

The head of the Business Development Bank of Canada says the gap between Canadian and US businesses is widening. He's in Moncton today to tell entrepreneurs how they can catch up

Ask Resurgo Place - Molly Kool  

James Upham is in charge of public programming at Resurgo Place in Moncton

Moncton Wildcats losing streak  

Moncton Wildcats superfan Ron Leger and coach Darren Rumble speak with CBC reporter Tori Weldon about the unwanted record they are approaching

Moncton Hospital - Funding announcement  

CBC reporter Mackenzie Scrimshaw speaks with Dr. Serge Melanson, chief of staff at the Moncton Hospital and with Dr. Ken Gillespie, medical director for women and children's health about the funding the hospital will receive to build separate units for ne

Bruno Richard - The Xtreme CCNB Race – Riders Cup  

Bruno Richard is an organizer and competitor in the The Xtreme CCNB Race – Riders Cup event in Bathurst

Stephane Robichaud - New Brunswick Health Council report  

The Chief Executive Officer of the New Brunswick Health Council reacts

Shediac infrastructure funding  

CBC reporter Gabrielle Fahmy speaks with politicians from all three levels of government about the infrastructure project that could help with the water problems at Parlee Beach

Tim Blizzard - Canada Post and storms  

The director of operations for Canada Post in NB and PEI explains how the corporation deals with storms

Dan Noël - RRSPs  

Our personal finance watcher talks about RRSPs

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