Information Morning Moncton from CBC Radio New Bru

Information Morning Moncton from CBC Radio New Bru


Information Morning from CBC Moncton is the essential source of news and information for radio listeners. The station broadcasts to the eastern half of New Brunswick from Campbellton to Cape Tormentine, and covers the cities of Moncton, Miramichi, Bathurst, Dieppe and Campbellton. Join the Information Morning Moncton team every weekday.


Jonas Coulter - Evolve complaints  

The executive director of the Evolve Festival says he will address a number of complaints posted online following last weekend's festival before next year.

Lorraine LeClair - Special Olympics  

Jonna speaks with the event chair of the Special Olympics New Brunswick Summer Games.

Megan Leslie - whales on the brink  

The Vice-President of Oceans at WWF Canada talks about the recent deaths of right whales in the North Atlantic and how the species is in danger of becoming extinct.

Two Donnas and a festival  

Award winning author Donna Morrissey and festival organizer Donna Allard talk about the Sojourner Literary Festival taking place in Rexton this weekend.

CBC's Gabrielle Fahmy - mega campsite in Shediac  

The province says it identified dozens of issues and inaccuracies during a review of the environmental assessment for a proposed mega campground in Pointe-du-Chêne.

Deborah Ferguson - the new Canada Food Guide  

The registered nutritional consultant discusses Health Canada's preliminary version of their updated Canada Food Guide.

John Robertson - dining etiquette for kids  

Our protocol and etiquette expert on how teaching children proper table manners could help them in social and business situations when they're older.

Paddy Quinn - Canada's Irish Festival  

The president of the organizing committee talks about his last year with the Miramichi festival.

Dr Raj Bhardwaj - the effets of poor air quality  

While wildfires continue to threaten communities in British Columbia, authorities are urging people to take precautions against the negative health effects linked to smoky conditions.

Malcolm Harding - covered bridges  

The Moncton resident is worried about the future of covered bridges in the province. He says Government trucks are carrying loads that are too heavy for the old wooden bridges.

Lawren Campbell - grave hunter  

The heritage and culture coordinator with Resurgo Place in Moncton is working with provincial employees to find out what's under the ground in an area that was once a graveyard.

Sheelagh Callaghan - A quilt for Dante  

When the Sackville resident was diagnosed with cancer, family and friends pulled together to support her and her family... and to help with a special project for her son, Dante.

Rebecca Campbell - an education program in jeopardy  

The Boys and Girls Club of Moncton says it needs to know if the province will step up to fund the Raising the Grade program, which serves hundreds of children and youth in the Moncton area.

Joe Hubbard - brush cutter  

After a fatal car crash last week at the corner of the Ohio Service Road and Route 133, some local people blamed the collision, at least partly, on the poor sightlines in the area. A local resident decided to take matters into his own hands.

Sarah Koops - dealing with PTSD  

A Riverview woman is asking for support from the public as she tries to get her husband the help he needs.

Daniel Lanois  

Jonna speaks to the legendary Canadian producer, songwriter and musician.

Gardening with Bob Osborne  

Bob Osborne of Corn Hill Nursery presents The Corn Hill Chronicles and answers your gardening questions.

Jason Surette - Big Hearts Small City  

The Moncton based charity is appealing to the public for donations, otherwise people in need will be turned away.

Spruce budworm  

Rosanne Lamb and Glen Forbes of the Canadian Forest Service have set up a 'mating disruption' project in the Acadia Research Forest in New Brunswick.

David Currie - bird infection  

A deadly infection called trichomoniasis that affects all birds but primarily finches is spreading across Atlantic Canada and this week, the Canadian Wildlife Health cooperative sent out an alert.

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