Information Morning Moncton from CBC Radio New Bru

Information Morning Moncton from CBC Radio New Bru


Information Morning from CBC Moncton is the essential source of news and information for radio listeners. The station broadcasts to the eastern half of New Brunswick from Campbellton to Cape Tormentine, and covers the cities of Moncton, Miramichi, Bathurst, Dieppe and Campbellton. Join the Information Morning Moncton team every weekday.


Frye Fest - The art of translation  

Novelist, playwright and essayist Antonine Maillet and Governor General-Award winning author and translator Wayne Grady talk with Jonna about the art of translation

Frye Fest - Diana Gabaldon  

Diana Gabaldon is the author of the best-selling Outlander series. Gabaldon will present the Maillet - Frye Lecture Saturday at the Capitol Theatre.

Frye Academy  

High school students Dominique Desrosiers and Emma Parlee are two members of this year's Frye Academy.

Frye Fest - Moncton author Kerry-Lee Powell  

Moncton author and poet Kerry Lee Powell speaks with Jonna about her short story collection

ECMA gala awards show  

CBC reporter Jericho Knopp was at the gala and spoke with different attendees

Paper, Pixels and the Lasting Impression of Books  

The CBC's David Bartlett asked a few attendees of the Frye Fest how they prefer to consume their literature. Paper or pixels? Dave also speaks with author Merilyn Simonds who is a speaker at the Frye Fest

Frye Fest - Volunteers  

Victoria Mutch and Caitlin Dutt talk about how they like being volunteers at the Frye Fest

East Coast Music Awards - Acadie Rocks  

The CBC's Bob Mersereau talks about the international recognition some Acadian artists are having and the positive influence it brings to other Acadian artists

Now Showing - EH440  

Kim Rayworth, managing director of the Capitol Theatre talks about EH440. The a cappella group will perform at Capitol Theatre on May 2

Terry McKee -  RCMP Labour Code trial  

Terry McKee is a retired RCMP officer and now serves as a media liaison with the Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada.

Dr. Pam Mansfield - Palliative care  

The New Brunswick Hospice Palliative Care Association is holding an educational conference in Moncton this week. Dr. Pamela Mansfield is a Palliative Medicine Doctor in Moncton and she talks about where New Brunswick stands regarding palliative care.

Annette Vautour - Volunteers  

The executive director of the Volunteer Centre for Southeastern New Brunswick talks about the importance of volunteering

Ask Resurgo Place - Joseph Salter (Part 1)  

James Upham is in charge of public programming at Resurgo Place in Moncton. This is part one of his story about Moncton's first mayor. James will be back May 3 with Part 2.

Pierre-Marcel Desjardins - Softwood lumber dispute  

The Université de Moncton economist talks about what Canada's softwood lumber dispute means for New Brunswick

Dr. Raj Bhardwaj - Hearing problems  

Our House Doctor talks about how hearing problems can have a negative effect on health care when it prevents patients from hearing their doctor's questions and treatment instructions

Tori Weldon - RCMP Labour Code trial  

CBC reporter Tori Weldon updates us on the second day of the RCMP Labour Code trial being held in Moncton

Elizabeth Kearns - Denim Day  

The development coordinator with the New Brunswick Association for Community Living explains the meaning of Denim Day

Terry O'Reilly - Frye Fest  

The marketing guru, author and CBC Radio host is in Moncton this week for Frye Fest. He speaks with Jonna about his new book and shares some tips for entrepreneurs

#BeccaToldMeTo - Tonight on The National  

A CBC crew follows Riverview teen Becca Schofield and her family on their campaign of kindness

RCMP Labour Code trial  

Louis-Philippe Thériault, national secretary of the Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada and Terry McKee, a retired RCMP speak with CBC reporter Gabrielle Fahmy following the first day of the trial

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