Insecuritea: The Insecure Aftershow

Insecuritea: The Insecure Aftershow

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Ready for the run down? Fran (HeyFranHey, TheFriendZone) and Crissle (The Read) are primed to take you through the latest episode of HBO's Insecurewith a dynamic dissection, known as Insecuritea. Tune in as they sip, share and spill on all things Insecure.


Episode 8: Broken As F**k  

All good things must come to a bittersweet end. While Crissle predicted the unhappy ending for Issa, Fran was hoping for the best. Tune in as they break down the good, bad and the ugly in the latest deep dive of HBO's Insecure.

Episode 7: Real As F**k  

Things just got real. Molly may have finally dug herself into a hole she can’t get out of and Issa got plummeted off her high horse. Our besties can’t even lean on each other because they just had the most intense exchange of low blows. Episode 7 had a lot of OMG moments,--Crissle and Fran tackle it all in the latest recap of HBO’s Insecure.

Episode 6: Guilty As F**k  

Issa and Molly are dealing with the repercussions of their careless decisions. We still feel for them, though. Will they bounce back? Crissle and Fran weigh in on this week’s play by play of HBO’s Insecure.

Episode 5: Shady As F**k  

Relationships and unrealistic bae expectations are the hot topics this week as things heat up in Issa and Molly's love lives. We're nervous for the both of them. Crissle and Fran share a bit about their lessons in love too in the latest recap of HBO's Insecure.

Episode 4: Thirsty As F**k  

Our besties aren't seeing eye to eye and "Broken P*ssy" has resurfaced. Damn, Miss Issa! They got you again. Crissle and Fran laugh and cringe through it all in this week's run down of HBO's Insecure.

Episode 3: Racist As F**K  

Things are getting *tricky* in the workplace for everyone. And love? Even trickier. Crissle and Fran assess who's right and who's wrong as things heat up on HBO's Insecure.

Episode 2: Messy As F**k  

Love is messy. And so is dating. Crissle and Fran share some personal dating experiences that are funnily enough very similar to Molly’s. Listen in to see who’s about that #applife and who’s not, in this week’s deep dive of HBO’s Insecure.

Episode 1: Insecure As F**K  

For the inaugural episode of Insecuritea, Crissle and Fran take us through the lives of our new BFFs in our minds, Issa and Molly, from HBO’s Insecure. They talk love, friendship, old flings, and new tings. This is just the beginning.

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