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Inside Acting is a weekly podcast featuring in depth, unbiased interviews with industry professionals of all callings.


Episode 254: Marie Hsiao (Part 2)  

In Episode 254, Trev sits down for the second half of his interview with DIY independent musician-producer Marie Hsiao to round out their conversation about her journey, her process, her favorite tools, and more.
Highlights: * her foray into composing music for video games * having her work featured in TV shows and commercials * the challenges and blessings of collaborating and performing as an introvert

Episode 253: Marie Hsaio (Part 1)  

In Episode 253, AJ catches us up on his understudy role before he and Trev respond to a series of (now rescinded) Wells Fargo ads belittling artistic careers—as well sharing a listener comment about how process is the goal, not product.
Then Trev sits down for Part 1 of his chat with Marie Hsaio — a DIY independent musician who has self-produced 3 albums, made countless music videos, has had several of her songs placed in TV shows and commercials, and has built a YouTube community of fans almost 90,000 strong. In Part 1, Mree shares he creative process, the technology she leverages, and why both artist dates and having a bias for action are key to her continued success. Total running time: 59:32.

Episode 252: 2016 Q3 Review  

In Episode 252—the final episode of Season 12—Trev and AJ take time to reflect and coach each other on the past 90 days of life, career, and relationships: what worked, what didn’t, and what’s next. From habit formation to deliberate laziness, they cover the “big rocks” of where they’re at in the journeys now. Total running time: 50:47.

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Episode 251: Steve Rohr & Dr. Shirley Impellizzeri (Part 2)  

In Episode 251, Trev and AJ share what’s new in the membership, an exciting upcoming IAP event, and discuss what a mindfulness practice for actors might look like—and how to add it to your toolbox. Then they sit down for Part 2 of their chat with returning superstar guest Steve Rohr and psychologist, author, and executive coach Dr. Shirley Impellizzeri—co-authors of the book Scared Speechless: 9 Ways to Overcome Your Fears and Captivate Your Audience.
The conversation dives deep into the timeless principles that anybody can employ to effectively ‘play the room’ and build immediate rapport with others at social gatherings, the various ways we consciously (and subconsciously) communicate our intentions and truth to others, how to [...]

Episode 250: Steve Rohr & Dr. Shirley Impellizzeri (Part 1)  

In Episode 250, AJ recaps another audition-filled week—including another booking!—and Trev shares some personal news. Then they sit down for the first of a fascinating two-part interview with publicist and popular returning IAP guest Steve Rohr and psychologist Dr. Shirley Impellizzeri to discuss  the book they’ve co-authored: Scared Speechless: 9 Ways to Overcome Your Fears and Captivate Your Audience. The book itself is focused on public speaking, but it’s applications to acting are vast and deep—and that’s exactly why we’re thrilled to share this interview series with you. If you’ve ever wanted to harness the power of your own psychology as an actor to support you in the audition room, on set, or on the red carpet, then this two-parter is a must listen. Total running time: 1:04:48.

Episode 249: Listener Q&A  

In Episode 249, Trev and AJ chat about working on soap operas, AJ’s recent trip to Alaska, and the role of technology in empowering—and distracting—artists. Then they open the mailbag to respond to some long-burning questions from listeners: including the pitfalls and advantages of being pigeon-holed, various “at home” practices for actors, and how to go about finding a class or teacher that’s right for you. Total running time: 47:22.

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Episode 248: Craig Ballantyne (Part 2)  

In Episode 248, Trev and AJ kick off a somewhat philosophical discussion about the actor / casting director relationship—that is to say, it’s all about collaboration: good actors make casting directors look good. Then they respond to a listener question about staying the course versus diversifying the toolset, before sitting down for Part 2 of their chat with productivity and success transformation coach Craig Ballantyne.
And get ready: there is a TON of actionable wisdom in this interview—including Craig’s 5 Pillars of Success, how and why process goals are an absolutely crucial part of achieving outcome goals, what the “3 C Formula” is and why structure equals freedom, what one of Craig’s typical “perfect days” look l [...]

Episode 247: Craig Ballantyne (Part 1)  

In Episode 247, AJ recaps just how specific and physical his work on NCIS:LA was—and how fun. Then he and Trev offer their thoughts on the whole “art versus money” conundrum, before sitting down for Part 1 of their chat with productivity and success transformation coach Craig Ballantyne.
You guys remember that book called The Perfect Day Formula Trev couldn’t shut up about? Yeah—Craig wrote that.
Craig’s not an actor, or even in the entertainment industry, but the productivity and success principles he’s put together can make a massive differe [...]

Episode 246: Chin Han (Part 2)  

In Episode 246, AJ catches us up on his shoot and some career strategy talk before Trev sits down with actor Chin Han to round out their discussion about his journey—including the eight years of doing what he *thought* would be the rest of his career, and the fortuitous chance he took, at the urging of his family and friends, that changed everything for him. He also shares how he built his own personal support community (and why it’s important to keep it diverse), why type-casting and limitations are something to be celebrated, and why all life is practice. Total running time: 55:51.

Episode 245: Chin Han (Part 1)  

In Episode 245, AJ shares some awesome news – work begets work – and he and Trev chat about some of the ins and outs of joining the union.
Then Trev sits down for Part 1 of his conversation with actor Chin Han (Independence Day: Resurgence, The Dark Night, Contagion, Marco Polo) to discuss his very unlikely – and synchronous – journey from Singaporean economics student, to regional theatre and TV stardom, to regular working  Hollywood actor with some of the industry’s biggest names. Fear, self-doubt, trusting that we’re enough – it all plays a role, because it’s all part of the process. Total running time: 55:28.

Episode 244: Sophia Savage (Part 3)  

In Episode 244, Trev and AJ chat about how far to go with ‘physicality’ in auditions, as well as share their thoughts on how to advertise a freelance agent relationship, what it means (or doesn’t mean) to be a ‘late bloomer’ in the industry, and why it’s always smart to pay a commission – even on work they didn’t book for you.
Then Trev sits down for the third and final part of his chat with actress and filmmaker Sophia Savage to dig deeper into her filmmaking process: including what she looks for and values when it comes to assembling a team, how all her films are – basically – her putting herself through film school, timeless wisdom picked up from famed director Werner Herzog, and what she’s up to next. Total runn [...]

Episode 243: Sophia Savage (Part 2)  

In Episode 243, AJ invites us to a new play he’s working on – which spurs a short discussion on the value of DOING the work, as opposed to just LEARNING about the work… and about doing our part as actors to bypass the “mental labor” casting needs to type-ify and hire an actor.
Then Trev picks back up with Part 2 of his in-depth conversation with actress and filmmaker Sophia Savage – chatting about how not being ‘right’ for just about everything gave Sophia permission to start creating her own work, as well as sharing a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into film festival programming (it ain’t always pretty), as well as a look at her patchwork process for putting ideas together – the simple way she fills the well, an [...]

Episode 242: Sophia Savage (Part 1)  

In Episode 242 – a truly historic IAP episode! – Trev delivers on his promise to work on and share his music, while AJ recounts a very busy “actor’s week,” which opens the conversation to the subtle ways we can all be ready so we don’t have to get ready. Then Trev sits down for the first of a 3-part conversation with actress and filmmaker Sophia Savage. In Part 1, they chat about Sophia’s early years in the industry: making the choice to answer the call to move to L.A. to make storytelling her profession, and how her philosophy empowered her to transform adversity into art. Total running time: 49:55.

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Episode 241: 2016 Q2 Review  

In Episode 241, at the 2016 halfway point, Trev and AJ take some time to step back and take stock of the journey – both personally and professionally. As always, the reflection focuses on three simple but powerful questions: what’s working, what’s not, and what’s next. There’s a whole new level of vulnerability here, as well as a few promises made. Total running time: 1:04:52.

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Episode 240: Mark Atteberry (Redux – Part 2)  

In Episode 240, Trev and AJ respond to a listener’s concern about “being the worst actor in the cast” before jumping into the second and final part of their long ago-but-still-totally-awesome-and-relevant interview with actor, photographer, and type aficionado Mark Atteberry to talk more about how to identify your type, why dreams need more than just “scratching” (and how few people put in the work required), how there are no such thing as “rules” in this profession, and more. Total running time: 1:03:59.

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Episode 239: Mark Atteberry (Redux – Part 1)  

In Episode 239, Trev and AJ extoll the virtues of the newly released actor must-have app Rehearsal Pro, and respond to a listener question about breaking back into the business after some time off – including offering a few thoughts on self-submitting for musical theatre, and how (and how not to) self-tape. Then the IAP vaults open to revisit a long ago – but more relevant than ever – conversation with actor, photographer, and type-aficionado Mark Atteberry to talk type, branding, and self-producing. Total running time: 1:10:05.

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Episode 238: Robert Clendenin (Part 2)  

In Episode 238, AJ sums up sums up a recent Quentin Tarantino talk he attended in one word and recaps a recent meeting he had, while he and Trev chat about the *true* goal of acting and an esteemed listener offers thoughts on the online audition process – including some important things to know about “that little comment box.”
Then AJ sits down for Part 2 of his chat with prolific character actor Robert Clendenin to discuss how having a family changes things (you know, just a little bit), the pros and cons of the contemporary actor being able to generate his or her own work, and several “pro-tip” style knowledge bombs that will hopefully have you feeling inspired and empowered. Total running time: 58:11.

Episode 237: Robert Clendenin (Part 1)  

In Episode 237, Trev and AJ chat about how their views on pay-to-play casting director workshops have shifted as a result of the most recent series of interviews, as well as respond to a question about casting websites – including their thoughts on what to put in that little message box. Then AJ sits down with “That Guy!” – prolific character actor Robert Clendenin, to talk about making the transition from engineer to actor, Robert’s early character work as a child with a box of hats, and how he established himself as the oddball character actor that has allowed him to work consistently for the last twenty-five years. Total running time: 53:22.

Episode 236: Going Pro (Workshop) – Rebecca Metz  

In Episode 236, Trev and AJ unpack some of the listener response to the most recent episode, and then AJ sits down with returning IAP guest Rebecca Metz to discuss the risks and benefits of pay-to-play casting director workshops, their ethical and legal ramifications, what it means to be “pro-choice” in this business, and how us actors are just as responsible for our part in this issue as anyone else… all the *other* ways we’re asked to spend money on our careers notwithstanding (yeah, whaddup with that?). Total running time: 1:04:25.

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Episode 235: Going Pro (Workshop) – David H. Lawrence XVII  
In Episode 235, Trev and AJ feature a quick Q&A from one of their favorite listeners and past guests, then sit down for an empowering conversation with actor and entrepreneur David H. Lawrence XVII on the why, how, when, and with whom of building a successful acting career – specifically as it applies to paid casting director workshops. Total running time: 58:08.

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