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On The Daily Dose, The Insomnia Radio Network brings you daily mp3s, legally and with permission from the artists. One excellent song per day delivered directly to your iPod or PC. DJ Chatter and socks not included. The socks would be rocked off anyway. And the DJs? They're busy with all the other podcasts around here.


Queridas: Pasantia  

Andrés Yeah of Rosario, Argentina is the creative force behind indie rock project, Queridas and outside this spirited effort is also a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Art Director. Today’s feature Pasantia comes from her nine track album Heridas which was released on August 16, 2016. This third track on the release is a beautiful daydream […]

Bryde: Wouldn’t That Make You Feel Good?  

Following up from rabble stomper ‘Honey’, London artist Bryde reveals a second track from her upcoming EP. ‘Wouldn’t That Make You Feel Good?’ channels an intimate woosy blues dynamic with an injection of a towering guitar episode bearing the indelible stamp of Bill Ryder-Jones. Such dynamism shows Bryde pushing boundaries emphatically, exploring a grittiness now […]

Bread & Butter: Desperation  

Desperation, the new single from Seattle four-piece indie rock band BREAD & BUTTER officially arrives later this week although had an early debut through Purevolume and over at Soundcloud. The band is described as cramming their songs full of good fun, bad fun, rad sounds, and killer moves. We agree that the songs will make […]

Craig Hallsworth: We’re Too Far Away (My Other Future, My Other Youth)  

Today’s Dose is the single from the album What’s The Story With This Hole? (out 24th Oct), the debut solo album by Western Australian songwriter Craig Hallsworth. “With over 30 years of songwriting experience under his belt, Craig Hallsworth makes What’s The Story With This Hole? feel effortless yet boundless. Recorded and produced with long-time […]

Cat Clyde: Mama Said  

Cat Clyde is based out of Stratford, Ontario and offers up a fresh take on the classic sounds of yesteryear; breathing new life into the velvety vocal, tack-piano, slide-guitar-style that can instantly walk you through the swinging doors of a packed saloon. Her track Mama Said looks to possibly be a first single from the […]

Procession: Spring Thaw  

PROCESSION are a shoegaze band from Grand Rapids, Michigan who released ‘Your Turn to Feel‘, an eight song release on May 26, 2012. Today’s feature ‘Spring Thaw‘ is a lush yet bittersweet song about the end of a relationship and the strong yet tattered emotions playing out amongst the passing seasons, through the end of […]

Mira: Ghost  

We dream ourselves away to deep forests, high mountains and late nights. We’re following the sound of a whispering voice, to a place where electronic drums fusions with choirs, synths, guitars and a bass, heavily vibrating under our bare feet. To a place where lyrics speak tales we’ve longed hearing, where melodies encourages us to […]

My Expansive Awareness: Space  

MY EXPANSIVE AWARENESS are a self described neopsychedelic and space rock five-piece band from Zaragoza, Spain. Today’s excellent introductory feature comes from their Uroboros (EP) released February 17, 2014 although the band apparently has several more releases for us all to explore up to the April 2016 release of the singles, “Do You Wanna Be […]

The Vryll Society: A Perfect Rhythm  

Psychedelic rockers The Vryll Society have announced the release of their brand new single A Perfect Rhythm via Deltasonic Records ahead of their eagerly anticipated Levitation UK tour this autumn. Following a busy summer which has seen their fierce live reputation enhanced through appearances on the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury, as well as Reading […]

One Day, After School: When I Loved Music, When Everything Was New  

Wakefield indie/artrock UK band One Day, After School are back with quite an impressive instrumental single, “When I Loved Music, When Everything Was New“, released October 13th on Philophobia Music. The band has released records on various DIY labels, including the aforementioned Philophobia Music as well as Geek Pie Records and have played gigs with […]

Fairchild: Relevance  

Australian six-piece FAIRCHILD [now based in Manchester, UK] are set to continue their string of 1980s musical praises with the release of trailblazing new single Relevance. Channeling the restless groove-ability of Talking Heads and the dance floor sensibilities of INXS – FAIRCHILD are keeping their cards close to their chest on what is to come […]

James Leonard Hewitson	: The Screen  

Following on from his acclaimed debut single, the melodic anti-folk of ‘Care Less, Love Less’ [a Daily Dose in July], Hartlepool [UK] songwriter James Leonard Hewitson announces the release of his second track ‘The Screen’, a darkly intense musing on the effect social media on our daily lives. Drawing from strong American influences such as […]

Swamp Baby: Seeing Stars  

Today’s evocative indie-folk styled song, Seeing Stars comes from the excellent 2010 release, “All Fours” from Albany New York band, SWAMP BABY. Formed in 2005 out of the ashes of acclaimed alt-country (and originally Kingston-based) outfit knotworking, Albany psych-folktronica band Swamp Baby have been gaining notice slowly but steadily, both far and wide, for their […]

Handgrenades: Daily Routine  

Handgrenades was formed by high school friends Andrew Pawelski and Nick Chevillet in “Downriver,” the unofficial name of a collection of suburban cities south of Detroit. Bonding over a shared love of The Beatles, the pair began performing together in 2008 as The HandGrenades (“The band wasn’t a joke, but the name was,” says Pawelski.) […]

Stars and Rabbit: The House  

Jarkarta, Indonesia based band STARS AND RABBIT released today’s excellent featured indie-folk tinged track ‘The House‘ on their May 2015 album Constellation via Green Island Music. The band has two members, Elda Suryani & Adi Widodo, and they are currently in the midst of a short UK tour of four venues, with one venue down… […]

Matthew and Me: Silver  

Matthew and Me unveil Silver the stunning opener to their forthcoming Startpoint EP, out November 18th on Beatnik Creative. The band is focussed around lead vocalist/songwriter Matthew Board and drummer Lucy Fawcett, who by living and writing in the expansive landscape of South Devon, exist so far from the mainstream that their unique style has grown […]

Moussaka: Leno davole  

Leno Davole, roughly translate in Serbian to Lazy Devils, comes from the self-titled Moussaka EP from the Belgrade band of the same name. The EP was released in June 2014 and features three great tracks recorded at Prostorija studio in Serbia (Belgrade). Today’s featured track is an excellent theme to launch us fully into October […]

Klaus Bass: Transistors  

Klaus Bass Started in early 2011 after being a session player for many Perth local and international artists. Klaus strictly uses a 4 track tape recorder to record his music.Klaus started his music in the Western Australian suburb of Como, Western Australia and currently is influenced by the things that went on in that period […]

Frank & Dependent: Sherwood Forest Fire  

Frank & Dependent are an indie folk-rock band based in Boston, but their members are based all over the country. Its not readily apparent if they are on permanent hiatus, although their social site have been quiet since about 2014. The music is fueled by many genres ranging from disco to punk rock and today’s […]

Typesetter: Slipper  

Chicago Illinois indie rock band TYPESETTER recently issued an excellent four track split with LIVING ROOM a few months back on July 16th. You can grab limited copies of this 7″ via their Bandcamp page below on white or possibly green vinyl, and the EP looks to come in an uncoated, full-color folder. Their latest […]

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