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On The Daily Dose, The Insomnia Radio Network brings you daily mp3s, legally and with permission from the artists. One excellent song per day delivered directly to your iPod or PC. DJ Chatter and socks not included. The socks would be rocked off anyway. And the DJs? They're busy with all the other podcasts around here.


Elmer And The Ceramic Trees: Wilderness  

Janesville, Wisconsin lo-fi post-punk act Elmer & The Ceramic Trees released its third album, entitled Maps of Outer Space. The album was released digitally via BandCamp on Thursday, December 15, 2016. Maps of Outer Space finds Elmer & The Ceramic Trees drawing from the lush melodies that have long formed the star-stuff of its melancholy […]

Ignite The Fire: Over It  

Ignite The Fire are from Maryland. Their song, ‘Over it”, is the first single from an upcoming brand-new EP with each song becoming available before the final EP is released in Spring 2017. The song is about overcoming your vices and the ability to recognize that these vices are a part of your human self. […]

Pinegrove: Old Friends  

Montlair New Jersey’s Pinegrove are back with a new live album, so to mark the occasion we are featuring the lead off studio track from their 2016 LP Cardinal to draw attention and introduce you to the group if you missed our previous feature of their song Cadmium. The eight track live album was issued […]

The Bats Pajamas: Old World Map  

The Bats Pajamas, a band from Toronto, just released (January 13, 2017) their new album, Uh Oh. Today’s Dose is a standout track from it. Uh Oh can be streamed/downloaded for free at the BandCamp link below. There is also a limited run of cassettes available. It is their fifth release, their first was self-titled […]

autodrone: Witness to a Ghost  

autodrone are a NYC-based dark psychedelic rock band that formed in the latter 2000s. They reportedly combine songwriting that draws upon the five members’ psychological damage, morbid interests, and broken hearts with influences drawn equally from 70s psych rock, 80s post-punk, and 90s shoegaze. The stunning track featured today, “Witness to a Ghost” comes From […]

PLAZA: Origami  

PLAZA release new single ‘Origami’, out on Friday 20th January via Beyond The Wall and available to stream and download on all platforms. With ‘Origami’, their first single of 2017, and first single taken from a fothcoming EP slated for an April release, PLAZA make a compelling statement that 2017 could be their year. Twitchy […]

Crossworlds: Dawn [Side: Night]  

Kyiv Ukraine based experimental electronica/downtempo project CROSSWORLDS released their exceptional LP “Day and Night” in October of 2015. It exchanges ethnography for a family setting. Composer Oleksiy Mikryukov wrote the following on its origin: “The LP was conceived as a present for my daughter. Initially it was to be published on vinyl, with the two […]

Kidsmoke: Waves  

Welsh indie pop outfit Kidsmoke have announced the release of their latest track Waves, a gradual builder that immediately draws comparisons to the likes of Wild Nothing, Real Estate and Deerhunter. Beginning with a solitary guitar and the combined pristine vocals of frontman Lance Williams (guitar) and Sophie Ballamy (guitar), ‘Waves’ leads into a soaring […]

Some Skeletons: Grand Hopes  

The stunning featured track Grand Hopes comes from the Nottingham UK band SOME SKELETONS’ debut six track EP, “And Signs & Ampersands“, released December 15, 2012 – a good first introduction we think. You can also grab their debut album ‘Vigils‘ released in 2015 and a few acoustic songs from the album released under the […]

The Nyx: Home  

The Nyx are four ferocious females who exploded onto the London music scene in March 2016. Primarily a rock band, the girls fuse elements of grunge and soul to create a very distinctive sound. Combined with the fact the band has two lead singers and two definitive songwriting styles, they also have a strong, underlying […]

Daddy Lion: Maslow  

Daddy Lion originally started as a solo project from founding member Jeremy Joseph, and adopts the DIY ethos that he learned growing up in the Washington, DC area with its Dischord-records driven punk scene. Jeremy met his bandmates several years ago after moving from DC to Columbia, South Carolina in order to pursue a doctoral […]

Rest: Forgiven  

Boston Massachusetts punk/shoegaze band REST put together a six track EP “Destroy Me” in February of this past year, reportedly recorded in a Basement in Southbridge. “Forgiven” is the lead-off track from this very promising release. More excellent tracks follow at their Bandcamp link including the newest self-titled EP that was issued not too far […]

Dom Robinson: Good Love  

Leeds artist Dom Robinson has announced the arrival of his brand new single Good Love, the first of several releases planned throughout 2017 for the budding singer-songwriter. With a delicate sound heavily influenced by the likes of Bon Iver, Nick Drake and Frightened Rabbit, Robinson’s latest track sees him explore the challenges encountered in relationships […]

Chousand: Wizard Wig  

Chousand are a self-described disingenuous punk rock band from Stamford, Connecticut who have released “Ten Years Too Late” this past September, a solid six-track EP which is the perfect soundtrack to partying like it’s 2006. You can pick up your free copy of the EP via the Bandcamp link below. In addition the band just […]

No/Hugs: Loneliness  

No/Hugs is an alternative rock band from Boston, MA formed by Narcissus A-Ngel in 2015. The band’s sound consists of Narcissus A-Ngel on vocals, Amaury Altmayer on electric guitar, Fernando Echeverry on drums, Jenn “The Red Man” on keys and Achal Murthy on electric bass. In December 2016 they released the EP In Between, which […]

The Ferdy Mayne: Define My Name  

The story of Shane O’Malley Firek, the single constant member of The Ferdy Mayne, is one of journeys – physical, spiritual, and a combination of the two. “I was going through massive change when I was writing this material,” Firek explains. His moves from Detroit to Nashville, then to New York City, and now on […]

Gem Club: Spirit and Decline  

Gem Club is a chamber pop band out of the Boston Massachusetts area made up of singer/pianist Christopher Barnes and his collaborators, cellist Kristen Drymala and vocalist Ieva Berberian. Just a few days before the New Year struck they released an intimate new piano laced track, “Spirit and Decline”, their first since early 2014. The […]

Why a fox: Next year  

Why a fox is a one man emo folk fusion band hailing from the North Eastern suburbs of Adelaide but residing in Fukushima, Japan. Hayden Marks currently helms the full musical effort here taking on the roles of vocals, guitars, bass, piano as well as drums. His recent Happy Holidays EP was released at the […]

Degree: Sheltered Love  

Greg Dugast, a young singer-songwriter out of Nances Frances, came back around to his acoustic stylings to end out his projects this past year (his debut year as the inspired project DEGREE). Dugast let himself dive into something sadder than the other songs he has written previously, putting it all together in one night and […]

De Lune Déluge: Ink & Cayenne  

New Orleans based De Lune Déluge released their second album Honeycomb in April 2016. Today’s Dose is a standout track from it. The band members are Dustin Champagne – bass, Collin Jilbert – drums, percussion, Vanessa Degrassi – vocals, guitars, baritone ukulele, flute, organs, wurlitzer, glockenspiel, slide, singing bowls. The songs are often described as […]

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