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The Inspirational Living podcast offers motivational broadcasts for the mind, body, and spirit. Master the art of living a life of success, happiness & creativity. New podcasts published every week.


Ralph Waldo Emerson - Self-Reliance  

Motivational Podcast Excerpt: Listen to episode 115 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Self-Reliance. Adapted from the famous essay by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Life is now. Power exists not in repose, but in that moment of transition from the past to a new state of being. This is the one fact that the world hates, that the soul becomes; for this knowledge forever degrades the past, turns all riches to poverty, all reputation to shame, and shoves the saint and sinner equally aside.

The soul requires self-reliance. Because self-reliance is power. And power is in nature the essential measure of life. We are in desperate need of greater self-reliance throughout our society: in our religions; in our schools and universities; in our work and ways of living; in our governments, and more. Remember to always follow your inner genius and never [...]

How to Choose Your Friends Wisely (True Friendship)  

Listen to episode 114 of the Inspirational Living podcast: How to Choose Your Friends Wisely. Adapted from the book Friendship by Hugh Black.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: Our choice of friends is one of the most serious affairs in life, because we become molded into the likeness of what we love in our friends. From a purely selfish standard, every fresh bond we form means giving a new hostage to fortune, and adding a new risk to our happiness.Apart from any moral hazard, every intimacy is a danger of another blow to the heart. But if we desire fullness of life, we cannot help ourselves.

We may make many a friendship that ends in hurt, but the isolated life is a greater danger still. Every relationship means risk, but we must take the risk; for while nearly all our sorrows come from our connection with others, nearly all our joys have the sam [...]

The Majesty of Calmness - William George Jordan  

Listen to episode 113 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Majesty of Calmness. Adapted from a book of the same name by William George Jordan.

Podcast Excerpt: Hurry is the deathblow to calmness, to dignity, to poise. Hurry means the breakdown of the nerves. It is the royal road to perpetual worry. Everything that is great in life is the product of slow growth; the newer, and greater, and higher, and nobler the work, the slower is its growth, the surer is its lasting success.

Mushrooms attain their full power in a night; oaks require decades. A fad lives its life in a few weeks; a philosophy lives through generations and centuries. If you are sure you are right, do not let the voice of the world, or of friends, or of family swerve you for a moment from your purpose. Accept slow growth if it must be slow, and know the results must come, as you would accept the long, lonely hours of the night — with absolute assurance that the heavy-leaded moments [...]

Thoughts on Nature, Art, Beauty, Lifestyle & Interior Design  

Listen to episode 112 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Thoughts on Nature, Art, Beauty, Create Lifestyles & Interior Design. Adapted from Practical Ethics by William De Witt Hyde.

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: The love of nature, like all love, cannot be forced. It is not directly under the control of our will. We cannot set about it in deliberate fashion, like we set about earning a living. Still it can be cultivated. We can place ourselves in contact with Nature’s more impressive aspects. We can go away by ourselves; stroll through the woods; watch the clouds; bask in the sunshine; brave the storm; listen to the notes of birds; find out the haunts of living creatures; learn the times and places in which to find the flowers, gaze upon the glowing sunset, and look up into the starry skies.

If we thus keep close to Nature, she will draw us to herself, and whisper to us more and more of her hidden meaning. The eye — it can [...]

Personal Mission Statements: The Aim of Life  

Listen to episode 111 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Person Mission Statements. Edited & adapted from The Aim of Life by Philip Stafford Moxom.

Motivational Podcast Excerpt: The definite trend of your life discovers your real aim; you cannot disguise it except transiently. It is not something outside of you, compelling you this way or that; it is you — the complex of your generic choices and volitions. I dwell on this because it is one of those trite yet tremendous truths which so many forget or ignore, and which has such vital consequences in the destiny of the soul.

Always you are moving somewhere, always you are becoming somewhat; and the direction which you are now taking, the character which you are now forming, the success or failure of your life, is unchangeably determined. The most critical moment in your experience is when you consciousl [...]

How to De-Hypnotize Yourself & Become Intellectualy Self-Reliant (Breaking Away From Groupthink)  

Listen to episode 110 of the Inspirational Living podcast: How to De-Hypnotize Yourself & Become Intellectually Self-Reliant. Edited & adapted from The Philosophy of Self-Help, An Application of Practical Psychology to Daily Life, by Stanton Davis Kirkham.

Podcast Excerpt: While there has been much discussion regarding self-help via hypnosis, apparently no one has recognized the fact that we are all hypnotized, more or less, by the group-think of the world around us. As this is one of the factors which militates against our freedom, there is something to be said of the necessity for de-hypnotization.

The important question is not — can we be hypnotized or not; but being already in a state of hypnosis, how are we to be de-hypnotized and freed from the tyranny of false world-beliefs? Some are in a profound hypnotic sleep and their acts are purely automatic, their opinions wholly reflected. Others are merely in a drowsy state and [...]

The Importance of Being Kind (The Power of Kindness)  

Listen to episode 109 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Importance of Being Kind (The Power of Kindness). Edited and adapted from “The Secret of Success; or, Finger Posts on the Highway of Life,” by John Dale.

Podcast Excerpt: Who can estimate the influence of a kind act? It may affect an entire life, or save a soul. Someone once truly said, “Blessed are we when we give joy even, for we do not know where it will end.” Who can tell how often the memory of a simple act of kindness will cheer and soften the heart for many years hence?

One of our primary duties while here on Earth is to cultivate a kindly spirit, and seek opportunities to do good and scatter blessings. Be kind to the young, for the trials of life are before them, and in their hours of struggle and discouragement, how much they will be cheered by the bright memories of past kindnesses.

Be kind to the middle-aged, who are carrying the burden [...]

Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu (Laozi) - Taoist Wisdom  

Listen to episode 108 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Tao Te Ching. Edited and adapted from Dwight Goddard’s translation of the Lao Tzu’s classic book Tao Te Ching.

Spirituality Podcast Excerpt: The Tao has three treasures which it guards and cherishes. The first is called compassion; the second is called economy; the third is called humility. A person who is compassionate can ‘be truly brave; a person who is economical can be truly generous; a person who is humble can become a useful servant.

If we discard compassion and are still brave, abandon economy and are still generous, forsake humility and still seek to be serviceable, our days are numbered. On the other hand, if we are truly compassionate, in battle we will be a conqueror and in defense we will be secure. When even Heaven helps people it is because of compassion that she does so.


How to Stay Young & Youthful  

Listen to episode 107 of the Inspirational Living podcast: How to Stay Young & Youthful. Edited and adapted from “The Road to Seventy Years Young or The Unhabitual Way” by Emily Bishop.

Self-Development Podcast Excerpt: “Sow a thought, reap an act; Sow an act, reap a habit; Sow a habit, reap a destiny.” Dreading decrepitude, infirmity, senility, we hasten their advance by this “thought-act-habit-destiny” process. William James says that it is the old fogyism element that tends to keep ideas unchanged. This old fogyism tendency, which according to his estimate begins to gain mastery over the majority of people by the time they are twenty-five years old, resents the new — the new fact, the new idea, the new methods — while genius, in truth, means little more than the faculty of perceiving things in unhabitual, unexpected ways.

Unless [...]

Is There Life After Death?  

Listen to episode 106 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Is There Life After Death? Edited and adapted from “Does the Soul Exist After Death?” by Swami Abhedananda.

Spiritual Podcast Excerpt: From ancient times there have been thinkers in India who denied the existence of the soul after the death of the body. They are known as Charvákas. They believe that the body is the soul, and that the soul does not exist outside of the body, and that when the body dies, the soul is also dead and gone. They believe in nothing that cannot be perceived by the senses.

The followers of such thinkers are spreading very rapidly, and their number is increasing every day. They are now known as atheists, materialists, etc. According to this class of thinkers, those who believe in the existence of the soul as separate from the body, or in a life after death, are ignorant and superstitious fools, while those who follow their ideas are clever and intelligent being [...]

A New Thought Philosophy of Life  

Listen to episode 105 of the Inspirational Living podcast: A New Thought Philosophy of Life. Edited and adapted from “The Message of New Thought” by Abel Allen.

New Thought Podcast Excerpt: The kind and quality of your thought determines the kind and quality of life. Thought is expressed in the personality and molds the outward circumstances of life. It is manifested in life’s results. We receive that which is our due; nothing more, nothing less. We pay the price; we do not get something for nothing. We take out of life only what we put in.

Only as we take to life a full soul, do we live a full life. If we carry into life an empty soul, our reward is a desolate and barren life. Life yields only what it receives. These truths should sink deep into your understanding, as they light the pathway that leads to the art of living.

It follows as a natural sequence tha [...]

The Secret of Success in Business & Life  

Listen to episode 104 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Secret of Success in Business & Life. Edited and adapted from “The Power of Concentration” by William Walker Atkinson.

Success Podcast Excerpt: Everyone has two natures. One wants us to advance and the other wants to pull us back. The one that we cultivate and concentrate on decides what we are at the end. Both natures are trying to gain control. This will alone decide the issue. A person by one supreme effort of the will may change their whole career and almost accomplish miracles.

You may be that person. You can be, if you Will to be — for Will can find a way or make one. I could easily fill a book of cases where people who were plodding along in a matter-of-fact way, all at once were aroused and, as if awakening from a slumber, developed the possibilities within them, and from that time on were different persons.

You alone can decide when the turning point will co [...]

Seeing God in Nature | Wild Love  

Listen to episode 103 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Seeing God in Nature: Wild Love. Edited and adapted from Thoughts are Things by Prentice Mulford.

Spirituality Podcast Excerpt: You are fortunate if you love trees, especially the wild ones growing where the Great Creative Force has placed them, independent of human care. For all things we call “wild” or “natural” are nearer the Infinite Mind — and being nearer the Infinite, they have in them the more perfect Infinite Force and Thought. That is why when you are in the midst of what is wild and natural (in the forest or mountains, where every trace of human works are left behind), you feel an indescribable exhilaration and freedom that you do not feel elsewhere.

You breathe the elements ever being thrown off by the trees, the rocks, the birds, and animals, and by every expression of the [...]

The Greatest Life Lesson of The East  

Listen to episode 102 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Greatest Life Lesson of the East. Edited and adapted from a lecture by Swami Vivekananda.

Self-Help Podcast Excerpt: We must work, constantly work, with all our power — to put our whole mind in the work, whatever it be, that we are doing. At the same time, we must not be attached. That is to say, we must not be drawn away from the work by anything else. But still we must be able to quit the work whenever we like.

If we examine our own lives, we find that the greatest cause of sorrow is this: we take up something and put our whole energy on it — perhaps it is a failure, and yet we cannot give it up. We know that it is hurting us, that any further clinging to it is simply bringing misery on us. Still, we cannot tear ourselves away from it.

The bee came [...]

Being Happy & Successful in Any Career  

Listen to episode 101 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Being Happy & Successful in Any Career. Edited and adapted from How to Get On by Bernard Feeney.

Motivational Podcast Excerpt: Suppose that you have already decided and entered on a career, profession, or calling of any kind, which for some reason you cannot give up, I advise you strongly, if you value your peace of mind and wish to save your life from failure, to seek out all possible reasons for loving that career and becoming attached to it. Drive away all craving for what may not be. Turn your mind from it, as from a deadly temptation.

Every beginning is hard. You will, no doubt, chafe and fume for a little at the thought that you are bound for life to something sickening and hateful. But we soon adapt ourselves to the inevitable, no matter how disagreeable it be. Habit reconciles us to it, and companionship after a time disposes us in its favor. There is good in everything, even [...]

Nothing Happens By Chance (The Kybalion)  

Listen to episode 100 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Nothing Happens By Chance: Hermetic Philosophy. Edited and adapted from The Kybalion.

Philosophy Podcast Excerpt: Stop to think a moment. If a certain man had not met a certain lady, way back in the dim period of the Stone Age — you who are now reading these lines would not now be here. And if, perhaps, the same couple had failed to meet, we who now write these lines would not now be here.

And the very act of writing, on our part, and the act of reading, on yours, will affect not only the respective lives of yourself and ourselves, but will also have a direct, or indirect, affect upon many other people now living and who will live in the ages to come. Every thought we think, every act we perform, has its direct and indirect results which fit into the great chain of Cause and Effect.

I don’t not wish t [...]

Inspirational Quotes & Meditations On Life  

Listen to episode 99 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Inspirational Quotes & Meditations On Life. Edited and adapted from The Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

Self-Help Podcast Excerpt: What can shake your belief in the goodness of humankind? The cruelty of others? Remember that we have come here for each other, and that people act out of ignorance. Have mercy on them. Have faith. Everything happens within a larger Order. You will find this to be true if you watch the world carefully.

Don’t look at things the way wrong-doers do. Don’t look at things as wrong-doers want you too, either. Instead, strive to see things in truth, as they really are.

Never value the things that will force you to lie, lose self-respect, hate, or deceive. Whoever values peace of mind and the health of the soul will live the best of all possible lives. Oh, how peaceful it is to [...]

The Psychology of Business: For Entrepreneurs & Startups  

Listen to episode 98 of the Inspirational Living podcast: The Psychology of Business: Success for Entrepreneurs & Startups. Edited and adapted from The Mental Highway by Thomas Parker Boyd.

Motivational Podcast Excerpt: It does not matter whether you are selling the products of your own hands and imagination, or those of others, or whether you are selling knowledge and expertise, your business must eventually be an expression of you — for you are really selling yourself when you are selling your goods or service. You must believe in your business as you believe in yourself.

Your business will flow through certain channels. It will follow the plan you have laid out, much as a house follows its foundation and plan. Having made your plan, you then turn to the materials, and all the materials in the psychology of business are within yourself. Success, when you achieve it, is your own — whether it comes in the form of position, honor, power, ha [...]

The Inspirational Book of Business (Success Tips)  

Inspirational Podcast Excerpt: The Spirit of the Times — the Zeitgeist, to borrow a word from our German friends — is a constantly progressing entity. The present Spirit of the Times is of a kind unequaled in history. We have thousands upon thousands of men and women who are thinking great and noble thoughts and doing great and splendid work. Increasing numbers of entrepreneurs regard themselves as public servants.

Our Zeitgeist is sensitive, restless, alert, impressionable, progressive, and is making for a better future. The entrepreneur who can imagine a better future than now exists is able to throw their vision on computer screens around the world, and the individual who can formulate a better government than we now have is not hanged for their pains, but is allowed to express their dreams.

Public opinion rules. No law that is contrary to the Zeitgeist can be enforced. Judges construe, translate, and interpret the laws to suit the Spiri [...]

Try Love’s Way - The Path of Love  

Listen to episode 96 of the Inspirational Living podcast: Try Love’s Way. Edited and adapted from Love’s Way by Orison Swett Marden.

Motivational Podcast Excerpt: Try love’s way, it holds the great secret of happiness. Life without love is valueless. I once read a story of a sunbeam that had heard there were places on the earth so horrible, so dark, dismal and gloomy that it was impossible to describe them. The sunbeam resolved to find these places, and started on its journey with lightning speed.

It visited the caverns of the earth. It glided into sunless homes, into dark alleys, into underground cellars; it wandered everywhere in its quest to see what the darkness was like, but the sunbeam never found the darkness because wherever it went it carried its own light with it. Every spot it visited, no matter how dark and dismal before its entry, was brightened and cheered by its presence.

The sun is a beautiful symbol of love [...]

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