Invasion of Privacy

Invasion of Privacy

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The Invasion of Privacy podcast breaks boundaries, allowing you to listen in on inappropriate and unpredictable conversations. No topic is off limits with hosts Joe Santagato and Kate Wolff.


Kate's Fake Smiles  

Jon Koppel joins Kate to talk about how so many people mask their sadness, but you wouldn't necessarily know from outward appearances. Jon and Kate went to high school together, so they get into how Kate seemed really happy, but was actually hiding a lot of pain. They also discuss how scary it is to look at your dark places without shame, but that it's possible to do so in a way where you can then move forward in a new more positive direction.

This Isn't A Competition  

Aminah Imani joins Kate to discuss how we don't need to compare our path to other people's because we can all thrive without needing someone else to do poorly. It's truly not a competition to achieve happiness. They also get into how hard parenting can be, even though it's insanely rewarding. Then they discuss the need to redefine and challenge what we consider sexy.

Soul Song Singing Shit  

Tim Dillon joins Kate to talk about how crazy the world is right now, but how the answer isn't to blame "the other side". Tim also tells Kate how he thinks a lot of mediums and psychics are full of shit and does his hysterical impression of Theresa Caputo, the Long Island medium. They also discuss the power of words, and how they can work as "spells" if truly taken in.

A Singularity Is Coming  

Duncan Trussell joins Kate to discuss how humanity is approaching a singularity, which means we will be experiencing more "novelty" events. They also get into what it might look like when aliens make their presence known to the masses, and if the veil of illusion is going to get lifted. Basically, get ready for a mind blowing discussion on how love is wild, the death process, the big bang, and much more!

Butt Pimples  

Krystyna Hutchinson, from the "Guys We Fucked" podcast, joins Kate to talk about how to deal with your rage in a productive way. They also get into how we all struggle with accepting our bodies, and how we all have something we are super self-conscious about. They also discuss the guilt that comes with setting proper boundaries for yourself.

Bottoming Out  

Mike Cross is finally back! And he fills Kate in on how he bottomed out with cocaine and alcohol. He discusses how it literally and metaphorically brought him to his knees. He honestly and bravely describes the crazy experiences he's had since his divorce, and what it took to get sober.

Reunited And It Feels So So  

Joe Santagato is here!! They discuss how Kate always thought Joe was going to have a big spiritual awakening, but maybe she just looked too deep into it. They talk about whether there is more to Joe than just what meets the eye. They then get into what it was like working with The Rock, and how every single person has the power to create the life they've always wanted.

DNA Activation  

Alyson Charles, the Rockstar Shaman, joins Kate to talk about the spiritual abilities people have, and how our DNA/Light Grids are currently being activated. They then discuss the transition everyone is going through on Earth at this time.

Cheating On Someone With Cancer  

Casey Balsham joins Kate to talk about obsessive thinking and how hard we can be on ourselves. They also discuss how we are all imperfect beings, and that no one can save us but ourselves. They then give advice to a listener whose boyfriend cheated on her when she was battling cancer. Kate's Patreon:

Crunchy Cum Socks  

Mike Cannon joins Kate to talk about the importance of not suppressing dark and offensive thoughts. They then get into masterbating as a teenager, and the joy of finding your son's cum filled socks. They also discuss the importance of staying grounded even when exploring other dimensions, and how to have a healthy relationship with your partner.

Burst Your Bubble  

Corinne Fisher joins Kate to talk about their shared hate for small talk, and how they both talk about personal things in public. They then discuss the need to get out of your comfort zone, and the importance of interacting with people who have different beliefs than your own. Then they get into the importance of being in the present moment, and how easy it is to trail off into fantasy land.

Pink Taco Tuesday  

Emilio Savone, Scott Linder, and Tina Konstas join Kate to talk about how sex changes when you're married. They also get into having positive conflict with friends, and the importance of not being impulsive. Then Scott drops some intense real truth with a smile.

Check Your Facts  

Nathan Macintosh joins Kate to talk about how Kate doesn't research topics before discussing them. They also give advice to a guy who buys things on the internet to feel happy, and to a girl who sweats the small stuff.

Pipelines & Grundles  

Nathan Macintosh and Tina Konstas join Kate to talk about Standing Rock, and how the government is trying to build an oil pipeline on land that doesn't belong to them. They then get into the importance of washing washing your grundle, or vagina before having sex so it feels or smells fresh. (Episode recorded before Trump was elected)


Nathan Macintosh joins Kate to talk about Donald Trump being elected President, and how they feel about the results. They discuss the divisiveness in the United States, and where one can go from here. They get what they think will happen next with Trump as President, and if there is a revolution ahead of us.

Straight Outta Rehab  

Phil from Chico joins Kate to discuss how he just got out of rehab, and what his experience there was like. He talks about you should never make a joke about suicide to a doctor unless you want to be admitted into a facility. He gets into his battle with depressions, and ways he's learning to cope with it.

Grab Depression By The Pussy  

Mike Feeney and Mia Suissa join Kate to talk about how Jim Carrey is being sued by his ex-girlfriends family for her wrongful death. They get into how difficult it is to battle depression without blaming the external world. They also discuss the Donald.

Are We In A Simulation?  

Melissa Stokoski and Daniel Raderstrong join Kate to talk about whether they think we are living in a simulated reality or not. Like a real life matrix. Daniel has his degree in Physics so he goes into detail about what quantum physics has proven in terms of each person being an observer and co-creator of their reality. They get weird and go deep, but at they end of they day they discuss how it's all about living the mystery!

That's How The Cookie Crumbles  

Petey DeAbreu and Farah Brook join Kate to discuss how life sometimes just doesn't go the way you want it and how to cope with it. They also get into how humans are evolving and how the "new man or woman" will accept his or her totality without any division. To which Petey lets them know he's been a Renaissance man this whole time and people just need to catch up. :P

Human Desire & Abortion  

Leah Bonnema and Candi Clare join Kate to talk about human desire and how complicated it is to be a human. They then get into the topic of abortion and how horrific it is for any woman who has to go through it. They discuss some of the politics behind abortion and how they feel about men making laws dealing with a woman's body.

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