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Boardroom Talk: Summit Therapeutics' long road to drug approval  

Summit Therapeutics is a small-cap biotech company with two drugs in clinical trials at either end of the new drugs space: a low risk, lower reward antibiotic and a high risk, higher reward Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy cure. Does this make it an ideal biotech investment? Megan Boxall investigates.

Personal Finance Show: Reliable dividend payers  

In this week's show James Baxter, partner at Tideway Wealth, joins the team to look at which investment trusts have proved to be the most reliable dividend payers over the years. They also consider some changes to the requirements for UK Equity Income sector funds and highlight a tax allowance that is soon to disappear.

Companies & Markets Show: Put up or shut up  

IC editor John Hughman, news editor Emma Powell and companies editor Ian Smith discuss the week's big news, including the surge in M&A and continuing regulatory ructions in the telecoms and media industry.

IC Questions: Why the rush of profit warnings in 2017?  

BT's (BT.A) chief executive, Gavin Patterson, is not the only FTSE 100 boss to have announced a profit warning since the start of 2017. Several high profile companies have been forced to restate guidance since the start of the year. So is this a side effect of the current macroeconomic instability or do investors need to be wary of company structural issues which pre-date Brexit-related turmoil? And do these profit warnings present buying opportunities or should investors jump ship from companies in turmoil? In this podcast Alan Hudson, partner at EY, and the IC's companies editor, Ian Smith, join Megan Boxall to discuss why so many companies have had such a rough start to 2017. Introduction audio is the copyright of Reuters and BT.

Boardroom Talk: What is the end game for Science in Sport?  

The importance of nutrition in sporting success has created a big market for elite sports supplements. But is the market for amateur athletes big enough to support growth at Aim-listed group Science in Sport (SIS)? Megan Boxall talks to the group's chief executive, Stephen Moon.

Personal Finance Show: Tax bombshells  

In this week's show the personal team and Chris Dillow, Investors Chronicle's economist, look at how some tax changes announced in Wednesday's budget will affect savers and investors. They also look at how to pick a good equity income fund and the merits of holding shares in your employer.

Companies & Markets Show: The new arms race  

IC editor John Hughman talks to Mark Robinson about why investors should position their portfolios for a surge in defence spending, plus the latest news and results with companies editor Ian Smith.

Do investors fool themselves? An interview with Robert Shiller  

The UK and US stock markets have hit record highs in 2017 but are investors kidding themselves that valuations are sustainable? Professor Robert Shiller, Nobel Prize winner and current president of the American Economic Association, is advocating more research into how investors pick the narratives that take hold and drive prices higher. In his interview with the IC's James Norrington, he discusses how investors’ psychological traits take hold, why Mark Carney’s reaction to the Brexit vote may have been right and ask: is it wishful thinking or inspiration that drives investment in shares?

Personal Finance Show: Isa special  

In this week's Isa special podcast Sarah Lord, board director of the Personal Finance Society, explains some of the ways you can use an Isa for your saving and investing goals. The IC personal finance team also explain what the different types of Isa are, and how you can buy one in the most cost effective way.

IC Companies & Markets Show 3 March 2017  

Editor John Hughman and guests discuss a wide range of topics from insurance to pasties to Georgian rugby as well as all the main news and features in this week's magazine.

Boardroom Talk: Stobart Group  

Nowadays, Stobart Group is about a lot more than haulage trucks. Apart from a residual, non-controlling stake in Eddie Stobart Logistics, the Carlisle-headquartered company’s operations span everything from biomass supply, to managing airports, rail engineering and aircraft leasing. How do investors pick apart these diverse sectors? And how will the company go about fulfilling its big dividend commitments? And what’s next for its CEO? IC writer Alex Newman puts these questions and more to chief executive officer Andrew Tinkler and executive director Richard Butler in the latest episode of Boardroom Talk. Produced by Dominic Toms

Personal Finance Show: Tech stock growth & Aim  

In this week's personal finance podcast the team look at what is really generating growth in tech stocks with special guest Dennis Hall, chief executive officer of Yellowtail Financial Planning. They also consider the merits of investing in the Alternative Investment Market (Aim) and how to save for retirement costs.

Companies & Markets Show: Banks, builders & rising prices  

IC companies editor Ian Smith and writers Emma Powell and Jonas Crosland discuss Unilever's escape, what the first wave of companies results tells us about the businesses of lending and housebuilding, and how to find an inflation-proof company.

IC Questions: How do you protect your investments from inflation?  

Inflation: we all know it means higher petrol prices and a more expensive supermarket shop. But do you know what it means for your investment portfolio? CPI inflation edged up to 1.8 per cent in January, hot on the heels of a December rise, and further increases could savage your returns over the long run. How can you protect yourself? In this IC Questions podcast, Kate Beioley looks at the funds to hold and the assets to ditch in order to inflation-proof your investment portfolio, and asks whether now is the time to take action. Produced by Dominic Toms. Music by Podington Bear and Lee Rosevere

The Extraction Podcast: Faroe Petroleum  

Following Delek’s bid for Ithaca Energy and Shell’s multi-field sale, is every North Sea producer a target? What’s the best way to survive low oil prices? And now that Brent crude is back above $55 a barrel, is cost inflation inevitable? In the latest in our Extraction Podcast series, we put these questions and more to Graham Stewart, chief executive of Faroe Petroleum – perhaps the only UK producer to emerge from the past few years of depressed oil prices with both a larger asset base and a strong cash pile.

Personal Finance Show: Exploiting value  

In this week's Personal Finance Show the team discuss the risks and rewards of investing in European equities with Tim Stubbs, independent investment consultant at TS Investments. They also consider whether you should join the rush into commodities and highlight some funds with which to exploit value.

Podcast: Mine-Craft  

IC editor John Hughman discusses the week's big market news with companies editor Ian Smith, and how to spot the best mining prospects with resources specialist Alex Newman.

IC Questions: Is the stock market overvalued?  

The year is young, but already the FTSE 100, S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average have set new all-time highs. Many equity market bulls will feel vindicated. Other investors might be getting nervous. So is this all a mad sugar rush? Do higher share prices imply higher valuations, and if so, is there the risk that equities are over-valued and headed for a fall? For this IC special podcast, tips editor Algy Hall and specialist writer James Norrington join Alex Newman to ask whether equities are looking overvalued. Produced by Dominic Toms. Introduction audio is the copyright of Euronews, Reuters and Bloomberg.

Personal Finance Show: The January effect?  

In this week's personal finance podcast the team consider whether the so called January effect really has an effect on markets for the rest of the year. They also debate whether you should follow the investor rotation into growth orientated companies and the best places to save your cash. They are joined by Rachel Winter, senior investment manager at Killik.

Companies & Markets Show: Resources rebound  

IC editor John Hughman is joined by news editor Bradley Gerrard and resources specialist Alex Newman to discuss the week's big market stories, including a gusher of news from the oil & gas and mining sectors.

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