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Companies & Markets Show:  

Companies editor Ian Smith is joined by sectors editor Harriet Russell and specialist writer Tom Dines to discuss what half-year results told us about the fortunes of the listed motor retailers and outsourcers. Stockpicking specialist Simon Thompson phones in to discuss his Bargain Shares portfolio.

Boardroom Talk: Mytrah Energy  

Harriet Clarfelt spoke with Bob Smith, executive vice president of Mytrah, about the company's growth trajectory and how it is addressing the need for renewable energy in India.

PF Show: Emerging market tech stars & the best European equities  

Forget Facebook and Netflix, emerging markets are the place to look for the next major technology stocks. And how should you invest in Europe today - is value or growth the way to go? This week deputy personal finance editor Kate Beioley is joined by James Milne, co-manager of IC Top 100 fund Crux European Special Situations and Darius McDermott, managing director at Chelsea Financial Services to discuss European and emerging market equities. Kate is also joined by personal finance writer Emma Agyemang to break down the cost of pension freedoms and look at how to minimise the cost of going into income drawdown.

Companies & Markets Show: Interest rates, banks & defence  

On this pod this week, the companies team talks interest rates, high-yield commercial property, big bank earnings, and defence stocks in a week where markets shuddered at the prospect of military action in the Pacific. Alex Newman hosts Simon Thompson, Emma Powell and Mark Robinson. Produced by Dominic Toms.

The ideal portfolio: The art of risk management  

In the first in a two part special, IC writer James Norrington looks at how private investors can check they aren't left short-changed once returns are measured against risk. We also examine how to correctly benchmark portfolios against peers and professionals and ask what is the right mix of active and passive asset allocation strategy and tactical investment selection. Produced by Dominic Toms and Alex Newman.

Boardroom Talk: LidCo  

With a market capitalisation of £30m, Aim-traded LidCo (LID) may be small, but the hospital monitoring equipment specialist has grand plans for US expansion. Can it juggle these whilst continuing to lose money? IC specialist writer Megan Boxall puts the questions to chief executive Matt Sassone in this episode of Boardroom Talk. Produced by Alex Newman.

Personal Finance Show: How to escape the rat race  

In this week's personal finance podcast the team look at which markets and funds have been performing well, funds which have been underperforming and ways to maximise your portfolio's income in order to escape the rat race. They are joined by David Liddell, chief executive of IpsoFacto Investor.

Companies & Markets Show: Tobacco, estate agency & other vices  

On this week's pod, the companies team discusses the US Food and Drug Administration's latest intervention in the tobacco sector, and some poor interim results for the estate agents. Also on the line is our small-cap specialist Simon Thompson to review the progress of a few picks from his Bargain Shares portfolio.

IC Questions: Can Shell, GSK and Astra keep their dividends?  

Podcast editor Alex Newman and specialist writer Megan Boxall join companies editor Ian Smith to discuss what the interim results season told us about the income security of three of London's big payers.

Personal Finance Show: Getting the best of US equities  

In this week's show Chris Justham, relationship manager at Seven Investment Management, joins the team to consider whether you should invest in US equities, and which funds are the best way to access them. They also highlight some of the new investments trusts which have experienced the strongest asset growth.

Companies & Markets Show: Are shops in for a shock?  

IC editor John Hughman asks Harriet Russell whether we should be worried about household spending, catches up with Simon Thompson about his latest small-cap picks, and rounds up a big week on the results front with companies editor Ian Smith.

Boardroom Talk: Hays  

Recruiters are often hailed as bellwethers of economic activity, so what are we to read into the steady recent performance of Hays (HAS)? Is the outfit over-exposed to the UK market? Will its European business provide a silver lining?And given the company's strong recent cash generation, can investors expect a special dividend this year? Specialist writer Tom Dines puts the questions to Hays chief financial officer Paul Venables in this edition of Boardroom Talk. Produced by Alex Newman.

Personal Finance Show: Pension freedoms problems and Barclays platform upheaval  

In this week's personal finance show James Baxter, managing partner at Tideway Investments, joins the team to explain some problems relating to pensions freedoms that the financial regulator is looking into. They also consider whether you should invest in UK equity funds with Brexit approaching and some major changes Barclays is making to its investment platform.

Companies & Markets show 20 July 2017: Profit Protection  

In this week's companies and markets show IC editor John Hughman and tips editor Algy Hall explain what to do when a profit warning strikes, while small cap guru Simon Thompson reveals his latest investment ideas

Boardroom Talk: Aurora Investment Trust  

Housebuilders aren’t as cheap as they were in the years immediately after the financial crash, and some maintain that they are now too expensive. So is there any value left? We ask Tristan Chapple, director at Phoenix Asset Management and Aurora Investment Trust.

Personal Finance Show: Assessing the investment landscape  

On this week's show Ed Smith, asset allocation strategist at Rathbones, considers which investment areas will do well and which might struggle in the months ahead. Kate Beioley explains how top manager Nick Train gets his returns, and what effect a manager move will have on Troy Asset Management's and BlackRock's equity income funds.

Companies & Markets Show: John Baron special  

On this week's show editor John Hughman speaks to columnist John Baron about the strategies guiding the success of his ever-popular investment trust portfolios.

Boardroom Talk: Safestyle  

As attention turns to the property market in the wake of last year's referendum, what does this mean for the home improvement sector? Company bosses from windows and doors specialist Safestyle join sectors editor Harriet Russell for the latest edition of Boardroom Talk to discuss how their business is doing in the midst of so much uncertainty.

Personal Finance Show: Managing your portfolio through volatility  

This week Don Smith, chief investment officer at Brown Shipley, joins the team to discuss how best to manage your portfolio through volatility. They also consider as to whether European smaller companies funds can continue their good run and the effects that currency movements will have on your returns.

Companies & Markets Show: Cooling off  

In this week's companies and markets podcast IC editor John Hughman is joined by Ian Smith and Tom Dines to discuss retail wobbles, under fire energy utilities, and why water investments are worth splashing out on.

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