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Personal Finance Show: Overseas equity income  

In this week's personal finance podcast the team highlight some of the risks facing UK equity income, and the merits of overseas equity income. They also update on Baillie Gifford Japan Trust and highlight some of the risks of taking advantage of pensions freedoms.

Compananies & Markets show 28 April 2017: Aim's top stocks  

Companies editor Ian Smith and guests discuss the latest ructions for energy companies alongside our review of Aim's top stocks including a look at BooHoo vs Asos and some of Aim's favourite oil stocks

The Price of Drugs: Investing amid pharma's politics  

Drug pricing always comes with political noise, particularly when US elections are concerned. Over the last year, the share prices of pharmaceutical and biotech companies on both sides of the Atlantic have continually swung on the tweets and proclamations of politicians. In this special podcast, IC companies writer Megan Boxall speaks with industry insiders and tries to cut through the controversy and policy rumblings, to assess whether there are still good reasons to view pharma and biotech companies as worthwhile investments. Produced by Alex Newman and Dominic Toms, with music from Blue Dot Sessions. News clips courtesy of Fox.

Boardroom Talk: The risk and reward of UBM's events focus  

UBM started life as a newspaper company, and spent most of the last century building up its media and PR operations. But diversification is no longer the watchword. Three years ago, the company chose to concentrate on its global events business. The share price, and the special returns, show investors have benefited from that decision, but where does the investment case stand now? An acquisition-led growth model has lifted sales but also balance sheet leverage, while comparable sales have been slow in some geographies. UBM chief executive Tim Cobbold fields questions on the group's strategy from IC companies editor Ian Smith. Produced by Dominic Toms and Alex Newman.

Personal Finance Show: 21 April 2017  

On this week's Personal Finance Show the team is joined by Rachel Winter, investment manager at Killik & Co. They ask whether you should go for the new three-year NS&I Investment Guaranteed Growth Bond. Its interest rate of 2.2 per cent trumps everything on the high street but it is already lagging the rate of inflation. Should you invest anyway? The team also talks inflation-beating asset allocation and high yields from frontier and emerging markets. Deputy personal finance editor Kate Beioley explores the income potential and potential hazards of frontier market investing. Finally Emma Agyemang looks at specialist trust Impax Environmental Markets' (IEM). The trust has been shooting the lights out this year but is there a Trump-shaped cloud on the horizon for this green energy flavoured trust?

Companies & Markets Show: AIMing High  

IC editor John Hughman is joined by small companies guru Simon Thompson and companies editor Ian Smith to discuss why the Aim market remains a stockpicker's paradise, and why news of snap election could spell trouble for the FTSE 100.

Boardroom Talk: Applied Graphene Materials  

Graphene and the hype surrounding atomic chicken wire Mark Robinson talks to Gareth Jones (CFO) and Jon Mabbitt (CEO) of Applied Graphene Materials about the realistic options open to investors a decade down the line after the development of the so-called wonder material.

Companies & Markets Show: The great de-rigging  

The North Sea, recruiters, Libor, but no mention of Brexit… Deputy companies editor Mark Robinson steps in for John Hughman in this week's look at the latest news and signals in equity markets. With news editor Emma Powell and natural resources writer Alex Newman.

Boardroom Talk: Primary Health Properties  

Bringing doctor surgeries into the 21st century, with modern facilities and a wide range of services is going to coast billions of pounds. Ironically, it will save money because a hospital visit costs the NHS far more than a visit to a doctor’s surgery. Without further investment, the situation is likely to get worse because more and more people are living longer, and this is the age group that is more likely to need greater medical attention. One of the companies at the forefront of providing more modern medical centres is Primary Health Properties (PHP). In the latest edition of our Boardroom Talk series Jonas Crosland spoke to chief executive of Primary Health Properties Harry Hyman, to discuss what needs to be done to help take the burden away from hard pressed hospitals by providing dedicated medical centres to replace old GP surgeries that are not fit for purpose.

Personal Finance Show: New tax year  

In this week's show Monica Tepes, director of investment companies research at Cantor Fitzgerald, joins the personal finance team to explain how investment trusts focused on alternative assets can generate a high income. They also set out the asset allocation models and funds you should be using in a Lifetime Isa, and explain how a new tax allowance could help to cut inheritance tax bills.

Companies & Markets Show: Match-making and break-ups  

Companies editor Ian Smith and the team discuss the week's takeover news, Imagination Technologies' Apple contract loss and RPC's bears.

Boardroom Talk: Non-Standard Finance's rocky start  

The subprime lender is delivering on the buy-and-build strategy it set out at admission to the main market two years ago. So why has its share price struggled? Its founder and chief executive, John van Kuffeler, discusses the group's growth, investment case and changing regulatory environment with the IC's companies editor Ian Smith.

Personal Finance Show: Momentum and income investing  

In this week's Personal Finance Show the team puts momentum investing under the microscope. Is it a good idea to buy winning stocks or is it a risky investment strategy? Deputy personal finance editor Kate Beioley talks to Rob Burgeman, investment manager at Brewin Dolphin and personal finance writer Emma Agyemang to weigh up the risks and rewards. The team also takes a look at two new high-income funds from Kames Capital and Miton and the investment trusts 'dividend heroes' that have increased their payouts for between 10 and 20 years.

IC Companies & Markets show 31 March 2017  

Editor John Hughman and guests discuss Brexit, corporate fines, ageing & more

Investment Essentials: A guide to spotting share value  

With money rotating out of bonds and into equity markets, value investing is back in vogue. But what constitutes value? How can investors spot it? And what are the common pitfalls? In this special podcast, tips editor Algy Hall and deputy companies editor Mark Robinson walk through the key measures and metrics beloved of value investors, with a little help from two of the UK's top fund managers. Produced by Graeme Davies, Dominic Toms and Alex Newman.

Boardroom Talk: Aviva  

Aviva is in a state of flux. The group faces regulatory changes, such as the 2015 pensions freedom reforms. It has been on the M&A trail, through its takeover of rival Friends Life. And now, it has set its sights on disrupting the Asian life market. It's also been a decent long-term investment since a strategic shift in 2012. Cash generation is up, debt is down, and non-core businesses are gone. Financial services writer Emma Powell spoke to Aviva's head of UK insurance Andy Briggs about the how investors can value life assurance in a diversifying business. Produced by Dominic Toms.

Personal Finance Show: Picking a good fund manager  

In this week's show the team consider how to pick a good fund manager, and highlight some examples. They also look at the risks and rewards of the Lifetime Isa, which is set to launch next month. They are joined by Darius McDermott, managing director at Chelsea Financial Services.

IC Companies & Markets show 23 March 2017  

Editor John Hughman and guests discuss Sky/Fox, drug developments and cognitive biases in our weekly podcast

Boardroom Talk: Summit Therapeutics' long road to drug approval  

Summit Therapeutics is a small-cap biotech company with two drugs in clinical trials at either end of the new drugs space: a low risk, lower reward antibiotic and a high risk, higher reward Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy cure. Does this make it an ideal biotech investment? Megan Boxall investigates.

Personal Finance Show: Reliable dividend payers  

In this week's show James Baxter, partner at Tideway Wealth, joins the team to look at which investment trusts have proved to be the most reliable dividend payers over the years. They also consider some changes to the requirements for UK Equity Income sector funds and highlight a tax allowance that is soon to disappear.

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