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Companies & Markets Show 21 October 2016  

Hot chocolate and cold turkey: IC editor John Hughman is joined by companies editor Ian Smith and sectors editor Harriet Russell to make sense of a busy week of high street news, a slew of profit warnings and a stumbling IPO market.

Boardroom Talks: Fox Marble  

Following recent news that the group has joined forces with the Kosovan government to create the 'world's largest marble company', chief executive Chris Gilbert explains why this is an exciting venture and what it means for the future of the company.

Personal Finance Show 14 October 2016  

On this week’s show Kate Beioley explains which key market moves investors need to be aware of, and how prevailing investment styles might be about to change. Leonora Walters, meanwhile, asks Rob Burgeman, divisional director at Brewin Dolphin, what assets and strategies are suitable for generating an income in retirement, and if star fund managers can continue to do well when they change firm.

Companies & Markets Show 14 October 2016  

Marmite fight: Love it or hate it, it's the Companies & Markets Show with editor John Hughman, companies editor Ian Smith and tips editor Algy Hall. This week Tesco and Unilever square up as sterling slides, Lloyds retail IPO goes up in smoke, and Algy explains how to pick safe income stocks to beat low interest rates.

Boardroom Talk: Focusrite's grand ambition  

Ahead of a planned China launch, the ​recording equipment manufacturer's founder discusses how it targets consumers from bedroom musicians to studio professionals. Boardroom Talk is a series of podcasts where the IC's specialist writers press the management of London-listed companies on the investment case for their business.

Personal Finance Show 7 October 2016  

On this week’s show Leonora Walters and Kate Beioley discuss what kinds of UK manager and fund have done well over the past decade, and which ones are likely to do best going forward. They are joined by special guest Jason Hollands, managing director at Tilney Bestinvest. They also consider whether to go active or passive in emerging markets and what asset allocation you should have in a long-term children’s savings portfolio.

Companies & Markets Show 7 October 2016  

Taking a Pounding: IC editor John Hughman is joined by Ian Smith and Simon Thompson to round up a big week on the markets that saw sterling collapse to its lowest level for three decades

The Extraction Podcast: Pan African Resources  

In the third part of Alex Newman's series of interviews with resources company management he gets the lowdown on Pan African Resources.

Personal Finance Show 30 September 2016  

This week the team discuss which emerging markets funds are best for optimists, and which are better for investors who are a bit more cautious. They also consider ways to generate income in retirement, and which markets you should use passive tracker funds in. They are joined by Paul Derrien, investment director at Canaccord Genuity.

Companies & Markets Show 30 September 2016  

Good drugs and bad banks: In our 100th episode, editor John Hughman and the companies team talk about the bubbling drug discovery pipeline and the ongoing troubles of Europe's banking industry

The Extraction Podcast: Central Asia Metals  

Central Asia Metals (CAML) is not like most listed miners in London. It does not produce large quantities of metal, and has paid back more than it raised at its IPO in just four years. It can also produce copper for less than almost any company on earth. In the second in our series of natural resources podcasts, Alex Newman speaks with Central Asia's executive chairman, Nick Clarke, about the peculiar cost profile, doing business in Kazakhstan and what to do with all its spare cash.

IC Companies & Markets show 23 September 2016  

Retail ructions and debt deductions: IC editor John Hughman and the companies team discuss the latest mag, including a mixed bag of retailer results and how to avoid investing in companies with debt problems

Personal Finance Show 23 September 2016  

In this week's show the team discusses what HarbourVest's bid for IC top 100 fund SVG Capital means for you, takes the temperature of biotech investing and looks at the world of property-focused peer-to-peer investing.

Companies & Markets Show 23 September 2016  

Retail ructions and debt deductions: IC editor John Hughman and the companies team discuss the latest mag, including a mixed bag of retailer results and how to avoid investing in companies with debt problems

Biotech: The good times aren't over  

Lower valuations make now a good buying opportunity for long-term growth in the biotech sector

The IC Extraction Podcast: Anglo Pacific Group  

Anglo Pacific (APF) is unlike most commodity groups listed in London. It has just a handful of employees, based in a small office in Mayfair, and doesn’t actually mine any of the goods it makes its money from. That’s because it is a mining royalty company, collecting income streams from the likes of Rio Tinto and Whitehaven Coal. In the first in a free new podcast series from Investors Chronicle, Alex Newman speaks with Anglo’s chief executive, Julian Treger, about the outlook for commodities including coal and uranium, and what it’s like to rely on the production plans of other companies.

Personal Finance Show 16 September 2016  

On this week's show the team discuss whether unloved financials could be a source of good returns, ask why Deutsche Bank has delisted its Gilt ETF range (and what you could turn to instead) and check in with the row over Lifetime Isa exit fees. Deputy personal finance editor Kate Beioley and personal finance writer Emma Agyemang are joined by Adrian Lowcock, head of investing at Architas.

Companies & Markets Show 16 September 2016  

BoE bond buying and Hanjin's collapse: Deputy companies editor Mark Robinson and the team discuss the corporate debt being snapped up by the central bank and what the demise of South Korean shipper Hanjin means for the wider industry and global economy

Personal Finance Show 9 September 2016  

On this week’s show the team discuss the latest version of the IC Top 100 Funds, exchange traded funds for growth, and the investment trust winners and losers since the Brexit vote.

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