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IC Questions: How do you protect your investments from inflation?  

Inflation: we all know it means higher petrol prices and a more expensive supermarket shop. But do you know what it means for your investment portfolio? CPI inflation edged up to 1.8 per cent in January, hot on the heels of a December rise, and further increases could savage your returns over the long run. How can you protect yourself? In this IC Questions podcast, Kate Beioley looks at the funds to hold and the assets to ditch in order to inflation-proof your investment portfolio, and asks whether now is the time to take action. Produced by Dominic Toms. Music by Podington Bear and Lee Rosevere

The Extraction Podcast: Faroe Petroleum  

Following Delek’s bid for Ithaca Energy and Shell’s multi-field sale, is every North Sea producer a target? What’s the best way to survive low oil prices? And now that Brent crude is back above $55 a barrel, is cost inflation inevitable? In the latest in our Extraction Podcast series, we put these questions and more to Graham Stewart, chief executive of Faroe Petroleum – perhaps the only UK producer to emerge from the past few years of depressed oil prices with both a larger asset base and a strong cash pile.

Personal Finance Show: Exploiting value  

In this week's Personal Finance Show the team discuss the risks and rewards of investing in European equities with Tim Stubbs, independent investment consultant at TS Investments. They also consider whether you should join the rush into commodities and highlight some funds with which to exploit value.

Podcast: Mine-Craft  

IC editor John Hughman discusses the week's big market news with companies editor Ian Smith, and how to spot the best mining prospects with resources specialist Alex Newman.

IC Questions: Is the stock market overvalued?  

The year is young, but already the FTSE 100, S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average have set new all-time highs. Many equity market bulls will feel vindicated. Other investors might be getting nervous. So is this all a mad sugar rush? Do higher share prices imply higher valuations, and if so, is there the risk that equities are over-valued and headed for a fall? For this IC special podcast, tips editor Algy Hall and specialist writer James Norrington join Alex Newman to ask whether equities are looking overvalued. Produced by Dominic Toms. Introduction audio is the copyright of Euronews, Reuters and Bloomberg.

Personal Finance Show: The January effect?  

In this week's personal finance podcast the team consider whether the so called January effect really has an effect on markets for the rest of the year. They also debate whether you should follow the investor rotation into growth orientated companies and the best places to save your cash. They are joined by Rachel Winter, senior investment manager at Killik.

Companies & Markets Show: Resources rebound  

IC editor John Hughman is joined by news editor Bradley Gerrard and resources specialist Alex Newman to discuss the week's big market stories, including a gusher of news from the oil & gas and mining sectors.

Boardroom Talk: redT's power potential  

Following on from our recent cover feature examining the state of the global battery market, the IC's Mark Robinson sought the views of an industry insider – redT Energy's chief executive Scott McGregor – for his take on an industry in transition.

Personal Finance Show: Best equity income  

In this week's personal finance podcast Laura Foll, co-manager of Lowland Investment Company, explains where best equity income opportunities in the UK market currently are. The team also look at what star manager Neil Woodford's new fund will offer and another potential change at Alliance Trust.

Companies & Markets Show: Bargain Shares  

In this week's podcast our small-caps guru Simon Thompson explains why value investing is back in vogue and provides a rundown on his latest Bargain Shares choices – not to be missed. There's a price check on the Tesco/Booker tie-up, while Harriet Russell examines whether we might be approaching an inflexion point in the retail credit cycle.

Personal Finance Show: Investing in buy-to-let  

In this week's personal finance podcast the team weigh up the merits of investing in buy-to-let property, and consider how it compares to commercial property funds. They are joined by professional property investor Mark Homer. They also look at the prospects for China funds and update on IC Top 100 Fund Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust.

Companies & Markets Show: The FTSE 350 special  

IC editor John Hughman is joined by Ian Smith and Bradley Gerrard to condense 40 pages of analysis from our FTSE 350 special into a 40-minute discussion…and still find time to assess the fallout from BT's accounting hiccup.

Boardroom Talk: How FairFX plans to become profitable  

Sterling weakness has not been far from the headlines in the past six months and it’s a topic that multicurrency payment company FairFX (FFX) knows a thing or two about. The Aim-listed group has been reeling in the customers, but is yet to turn a profit. In our latest edition of Boardroom Talk, Megan Boxall talks to the group’s chief executive, Ian Strafford-Taylor.

Personal Finance Show: Alternative assets & EM debt  

In this week's show the team are joined by James de Bunsen, manager of Henderson Alternative Strategies Trust, who sets out the merits of investing in alternative assets. They consider how to capture the return of value with exchange traded funds and the case for emerging markets debt.

Companies & Markets Show: Shock factor  

In this week's show IC editor John Hughman is joined by Bradley Gerrard and Mark Robinson to discuss how Rolls-Royce is putting recent scandals behind it, how advances in battery technology could electrify your portfolio, and the tales of woe behind a brace of shocking profit warnings.

The Extraction Podcast: Gulf Keystone Petroleum  

Although its debt-for-equity swap completed last October, running a business such as Gulf Keystone Petroleum is still anything but straightforward. Production has long been underfunded, market sentiment is still in recovery, and regional conflict is not far away. In the latest in our Extraction Podcast series, natural resources writer Alex Newman speaks with Gulf Keystone chief executive Jón Ferrier about his company’s painful past and complicated turnaround, and whether the management team now has an onus to sell out. Produced by Dominic Toms.

Personal Finance Show: Trump’s toll on your money?  

Is Donald Trump to blame for the recent slump in emerging markets and how can you position your portfolio to benefit from Trumpflation? Plus why foreign currency ETFs could leave you paying something for nothing. IC deputy personal finance editor Kate Beioley is joined by Adrian Lowcock, investment director at Architas, and personal finance writer Emma Agyemang to discuss the markets and your money this week.

Companies & Markets Show: Consumers' last hurrah?  

HOME IMPROVEMENT: Strong January updates from the retail and housebuilding sectors have defied the post-EU referendum doom and gloom – but is this just a lust hurrah from the embattled consumer? IC editor John Hughman is joined by Harriet Russell and Jonas Crosland to discuss a busy week of trading updates.

Personal Finance Show 6 January 2017  

In this week's personal finance podcast the team set out their investment themes for 2017, and look back at what topped the tables in 2016, with special guest Ben Yearsley, investment director at WealthClub. Ben also sets out his suggestions for ways to boost your retirement income.

Companies & Markets Show 6 January 2017  

Tips of the Year and Next's New Year nasty: IC editor John Hughman and tips editor Algy Hall dissect the performance of our 2016 tips of the year to see what lessons have been learned for our 2017 picks, while retail specialist Harriet Russell explains why Next's poor start to the New Year isn't necessarily a sign of wider weakness in the retail sector.

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