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InvestTalk - Investment in Stock Market, Financial

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In today's ever changing global economy, understanding investment options can be a daunting, time-consuming task. With all the opinions and hearsay that can bombard investors, education is a key component to success. That's why more and more savvy investors are tuning into InvestTalk. InvestTalk is a weekday program that looks at new and relevant investment topics each weekday, and answers questions about financial and retirement planning, money management as well as general concerns about the stock market with financial adviser, Steve Peasley.


No 401(k) at Work? What about MyRA  

One popular choice for tax-free growth of retirement savings is a Roth IRA. Another option that new savers is a MyRA.
Today's Stocks & Topics: Annuities, 401k Changes, Jobless Rate, BA - Boeing Co., WDAY - Workday Inc., GSK - GlaxoSmithKline PLC ADR, BMY - Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., Refinancing, PANW - Palo Alto Networks Inc., Interest Rates, Elections in Italy, GPC - Genuine Parts Co.

Good News for Stocks and Gold?  

$50 trillion of cash now on the sidelines - Are people that scared or are they just waiting for opportunities?
Today's Stocks & Topics: Fair Value, TSM - Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., TREE – Lending Tree Inc., JO - iPath Bloomberg Coffee Subindex Total Return ETN, BMY - Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., TNK - Teekay Tankers Ltd., ETFs, 401k, LRCX - Lam Research Corp.

Increase or Decrease Stock Mix in Retirement?  

Is there good reason to contradict the customary more conservative approach to your stocks vs. bonds mix?
Today's Stocks & Topics: Dollar Index, Oil Prices, the Beige Book, K - Kellogg Co., Stock Position, FNSR - Finisar Corp., Bond
Market, Consolidation, DUK - Duke Energy Corp., CVS - CVS Health Corp.

The Secret to Predicting the Future is Understanding the Present  

As we buy or sell we are effectively making an assumption about the future - even though few of us have a clue about it.
Today's Stocks & Topics: Investing for Kids, ABBV - AbbVie Inc., GDX - VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF, Compounding, Mutual Funds, GDX - VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF, TRIP - TripAdvisor Inc.

When to Invest In Real Estate and When Not To  

In real estate, it often boils down to analyzing the market to determine whether interest rates and economic forecasts are favorable or not.
Today's Stocks & Topics: Dollar Strength, OAK - Oaktree Capital Group LLC Un, Italian Referendum, Global Bond Market, Bonds & Investment Terms, GILD - Gilead Sciences Inc., TEVA - Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Real Estate.

2017: Vanguard's Best Guesses  

Interest rates are low, the stock market is at historic highs and a presidential election is making people skittish.
Today's Stocks & Topics: 401k, Why You’re Not Getting the Job, Why Smart People Make Mistakes, Extra Income, KPP Newsletter, Energy ETFs, Electric Cars, Type of Portfolios, Roll Over, Roth I-R-A, Retirement, Unusual Expectations, Trust Deeds, Brokers, Stocks, Level 2, Investments & Taxes.

The Case Against ETFs  

What's wrong with ETFs? The founder of Vanguard and its former chief investment officer say that they're not as safe as they may seem.
Today's Stocks & Topics: Buying Second Half Position, Cash No Longer King, 10 Year Treasury Bonds, Tesla, Investing in Stocks, Wills, Bonds, Roth I-R-A vs. I-R-A, 401k, Technical Analysis, Selling Short.

Using Bonds to Save the World — and Make Money  

Socially responsible investing isn't just for stocks anymore, the same principles can be applied to corporate bonds.
Today's Stocks & Topics: GDX - VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF, China’s Debt Problems, Tesla Solarcity, 403B, Roth I-R-A, GSK - GlaxoSmithKline PLC ADR, SPY - SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust, On Balance Volume, SPH - Suburban Propane Partners L.P., HURN - Huron Consulting Group Inc.

Passive vs. Active Investing  

Today's Stocks & Topics: NSRGY - Nestle S.A. ADR, the Dollar, Elections & Merging Markets, Trade Policy, How Couples Sabotage Own Retirement, DUK - Duke Energy Corp., ED - Consolidated Edison Inc., STLD - Steel Dynamics Inc., BHLB - Berkshire Hills Bancorp Inc., 401k, FCX - Freeport-McMoRan Inc., ADBE - Adobe Systems Inc., Portfolio management, BAC - Bank of America Corp.

Should Average Investors Listen to Warren Buffett?  

Despite Mr. Buffett’s success, maybe he needs to walk a few miles in the moccasins of average baby boomers and retirees.
Today's Stocks & Topics: Capital Gains, BAC - Bank of America Corp., DW - Drew Industries Inc., Over Priced, Preferred Stocks, 401k.

5 Easy Ways to Mess up Your Investments  

When it comes to managing your holdings of stocks, bonds and cash, the secret to success? Just make fewer mistakes.
Today's Stocks & Topics: Steve Bannon, Goldman Sachs, Retirement, DRYS - DryShips Inc., Investments, AUY - Yamana Gold Inc., SWIR - Sierra Wireless Inc., Entry Criteria, Gold, GEO - GEO Group Inc.

A Thrill Ride for Investors - Small-Caps  

They're a wild rollercoaster, but small cap stocks can steer you clear of institutional investors and the potential volatility they can create.
Today's Stocks & Topics: Volume, DUK - Duke Energy Corp., AMD - Advanced Micro Devices Inc., AMAT - Applied Materials Inc., CEQP - Crestwood Equity Partners LP, Dividends, 529 Plan, Bonds vs. Stocks, UTX - United Technologies Corp.

How Much Risk Is Hiding In Your Portfolio? 6 Questions.  

Having a better sense of how much risk you're facing can assure that you won't be shocked later.
Today's Stocks & Topics: U.S. High Yield Bond Default Rate, the EU, Bonds & Interest Rates, GWPH - GW Pharmaceuticals PLC ADR, SPLS - Staples Inc., National Debt, ETP - Energy Transfer Partners L.P.

Winning Fund Managers Don't Time the Market  

Some mutual fund managers with the best performances say they are disinclined to sell their stock holdings — even if the overall market turns down.
Today's Stocks & Topics: CXW - CoreCivic Inc., GEO - GEO Group Inc., Individual Bonds, Top Five Nasdaq Companies, Reduce Your Tax Bill, CBI - Chicago Bridge & Iron Co. N.V., AUY - Yamana Gold Inc., TWTR - Twitter Inc., Support & Resistance, MSFT - Microsoft Corp., Banks, OPB - Opus Bank, XAU - PHLX Gold/Silver Index.

7 Secrets Every Rich Person Knows  

Maybe the rich do have secrets to accumulating wealth, but that doesn’t mean what they know has to remain a mystery.
Today's Stocks & Topics: Gold, Affordable Care Act, CG - Carlyle Group L.P., AAPL - Apple Inc., GOOG - Alphabet Inc. Cl C, FB - Facebook Inc. Cl A, CBI - Chicago Bridge & Iron Co. N.V., The Stock Market, BUD - Anheuser-Busch InBev S.A. ADR, The Economy.

A Trip Into Futures Through Mutual Funds  

How and why you might -- and might not -- want to invest in a fund that uses futures.
Today's Stocks & Topics: Long Term Investments, Trump’s Economic Plan, Economic Stats, Retirement & Investments, New High, CBRL - Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Inc., Technical Analysis, Earnings Growth Rate, 401k, Tax Payers, Mutual Funds vs. ETFs, Personal Finance, 200 Day Moving Average, Investing.

How to start investing if you have $1,000 or less  

The rise of apps and roboadvisers make it possible to start investing with as little as $5.
Today's Stocks & Topics: Renting vs. Owning, Do Not Retire, CVX - Chevron Corp., ABX - Barrick Gold Corp., Stocks Recommendations, WYNN - Wynn Resorts Ltd., Commodities, Shorting Energy Stocks, TXRH - Texas Roadhouse Inc., Tech Stocks.

Everything You Need to Know About Index Funds  

From 2009 to July 2016, passive index funds grew in every single year as investors added more money to low-cost funds.
Today's Stocks & Topics: the Stock Market, Strong Sectors, Bankruptcy & Retirement, SQQQ - ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ, TQQQ - ProShares UltraPro, KSU - Kansas City Southern, ETFs vs. Mutual Funds, EWW - iShares MSCI Mexico Capped ETF., IQNT - Inteliquent Inc.

5 Smart Ways to Save For College  

College costs a mountain of money. The good news is there are a lot of tools to help you start saving now.
Today's Stocks & Topics: Young Investor, Markets: Election Day & Inauguration Day, Earnings, Electric Cars, FSLR - First Solar Inc., USO - United States Oil Fund LP, Dividends, A - Agilent Technologies Inc., GWPH - GW Pharmaceuticals PLC ADR, 401k & Roth IRA, Consumers, GPE Ratio.

How Falling Oil Can Foul Bonds  

New York Fed researchers explain oil’s spillover effect on market dynamics outside of the energy sector.
Today's Stocks & Topics: Value Stocks, High Yield Bonds, Buying a House, Rules to Make You a Better Investor, FMAT - Fidelity MSCI Materials Index ETF, VOD - Vodafone Group PLC ADR, TBT - ProShares UltraShort 20+ Year Treasury, REITs.

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