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InvestTalk - Investment in Stock Market, Financial

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In today's ever changing global economy, understanding investment options can be a daunting, time-consuming task. With all the opinions and hearsay that can bombard investors, education is a key component to success. That's why more and more savvy investors are tuning into InvestTalk. InvestTalk is a weekday program that looks at new and relevant investment topics each weekday, and answers questions about financial and retirement planning, money management as well as general concerns about the stock market with financial adviser, Steve Peasley.


Need To Know: Dividend Investing In 2017  

Notoriously boring dividend investors may have reason to bust out a victory dance.
Today's Stocks & Topics: Buying ETFs, KND - Kindred Healthcare Inc., GE - General Electric Co., Oil Prices, Most Popular Places to Retire, UAA - Under Armour Inc., MON - Monsanto Co., AKAO - Achaogen Inc., SLF - Sun Life Financial Inc., MAPIX - Matthews Asia Dividend Fund, MINDX - Matthews India Fund, FNCL - Fidelity MSCI Financials Index ETF, IBNDX - Ivy Bond Fund, PONDX - PIMCO Income Fund.

2016 Bad for Stock Picking. 2017 Better?  

Weak results haven't stopped another pack of Wall Street pros from predicting 2017 to be a breakthrough year.
Today's Stocks & Topics: SWM - Schweitzer-Mauduit International Inc., When Companies Merge, Mutual Funds, 401k, Roth I-R-A, UL - Unilever PLC ADR, DISH - DISH Network Corp., RRD - R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co., FTR - Frontier Communications Corp., RDS.A - Royal Dutch Shell PLC ADR Cl A, CRZO - Carrizo Oil & Gas Inc., Saving for Retirement.

How Many Funds to Diversify Your Portfolio?  

The answer to the question of how many mutual funds you should have in your portfolio is not just a number.
Today's Stocks & Topics: VOD - Vodafone Group PLC ADR, World Economies by GDP, Tax Scams, Home Sales Report, Investing, UN - Unilever N.V. ADR, Investing in the Market, Return Capital, CETX - Cemtrex Inc., I-R-A & Roth I-R-A, HBI - Hanesbrands Inc., CVX - Chevron Corp., XOM - Exxon Mobil Corp., TGT - Target Corp.

What It Takes To be A Successful 'Value' Investor  

Value investing can be a journey of learning, ignorance removal and gradual wise-up.
Today's Stocks & Topics: ETFs vs. Mutual Funds, Annuities, KHC - Kraft Heinz Co., Perspectives, Tax Quiz, Snap Chat IPO, FIT - Fitbit Inc., GEO - GEO Group Inc., Maximize Your Credit Score, SH - ProShares Short S&P 500, VXX - Barclays Bank PLC iPath S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN, Hedging, IPOs, ETFs, DAL - Delta Air Lines Inc.

New Investors Quiz  

Ask yourself these blunt questions about your own investment knowledge and behavior before you invest.
Today's Stocks & Topics: GDP Numbers, Mortgages, the Stock Market, Creative Destruction, Spousal I-R-A, Manage Your Own Portfolio, GDP Numbers, Pre-Tax Money, 401k, Stock Investments, Stock Evaluation, New Investor, Income Production Vehicles, ETFs vs. Mutual Funds, 12 Month Cycle, Companies Buying Back Stocks, I-R-A.

How Smart Investors Buy Silver and Gold  

There's metal bullion, funds, miner stocks, certificates and derivatives. Which is best?
Today's Stocks & Topics: Retirement Plan, P.E. Ratios, Snapchat, the Stock Market, Inflation vs. the Middle Class, IJR - iShares Core S&P Small-Cap ETF, DBC - PowerShares DB Commodity Index Tracking Fund, STMP - Inc., 401k, ARCC - Ares Capital Corp., IFGL - iShares International Developed Real Estate ETF, ETFs vs. Mutual Funds, CVX - Chevron Corp.

How to Steal A Successful Investor’s Style  

To develop a style, it's often easiest to start by actively copying investors you admire most.
Today's Stocks & Topics: Roth IRA, Snap Chat IPO, Value Stocks vs. Growth Stocks, Cash Gifts to Grandchildren, the VIX, WFM - Whole Foods Market Inc., KEP - Korea Electric Power Corp., T - AT&T Inc., VOE - Vanguard Mid-Cap Value ETF, Starting a Business, AUY - Yamana Gold Inc., AIG - American International Group Inc., TGT - Target Corp.

How to Set Your Investing Priorities  

Don't geek out about small-bore investment problems while giving short shrift to the game-changers.
Today's Stocks & Topics: Rental Property, Bonds, Mortgages in 2017, ETFs, GDX – Van Eck Vectors Gold Miners ETF, INFY - Infosys Ltd., GILD - Gilead Sciences Inc., Hedging, NVDA - NVIDIA Corp., GEO - GEO Group Inc., CBRL - Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Inc.

Predictions About Mutual Funds You May Not Like  

A seasoned 'prognosticator' looks at the year for mutual funds and ETFs
Today's Stocks & Topics: FGP - Ferrellgas Partners L.P., ARNC - Arconic Inc., NFLX - Netflix Inc., GEO - GEO Group Inc., Janet Yellen, Inside Trading, DLTR - Dollar Tree Inc., VWINX - Vanguard Wellesley Income Fund, VIX - CBOE Volatility Index, TEVA - Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Income Tax Returns, PM - Philip Morris International Inc.

Investing Apps Can Foil Financial Planning  

They don’t always tell you about the other stuff you need to do.
Today's Stocks & Topics: Options Trading, Tesla, DTE - DTE Energy Co., MYN - Blackrock MuniYield New York Quality Fund Inc., RH
– RH, Consolidation.

3 Clues for Finding Your 1st ETF  

The list of options is overwhelming, prices vary wildly, and opinions from friends or family can be conflicting.
Today's Stocks & Topics: 401k, Best Industries for Job Seekers right now, Income, IRA & Roth IRA Taxes, Gold, UUP - PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bullish Fund, TEVA - Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., New Investor, DPZ - Domino's Pizza Inc., MT - ArcelorMittal ADR.

Tailoring Your Approach to Likely Policy Changes  

It is possible to anticipate likely occurrences in 2017 and make investments taking these into account?
Today's Stocks & Topics: 401k & Roth I-R-A, Trade War with China, Retire Early, Investments Revolution, Stocks vs. Annuities, VZ - Verizon Communications Inc., ED - Consolidated Edison Inc., Marihuana Stocks, TEVA - Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

When to Take Social Security Sooner Rather Than Later  

The longer you wait the bigger your monthly check. But here are other factors you’ll want to consider.
Today's Stocks & Topics: Investing, Roth I-R-A, COST - Costco Wholesale Corp., GS - Goldman Sachs Group Inc., NFLX - Netflix Inc., BDCL - 2xLeveraged Long E-TRACS Linked to Wells Fargo Business Development Co. Index 052441, SPWH - Sportsman's Warehouse Holdings Inc., SEAS - SeaWorld Entertainment Inc., Young Investor, The Dollar.

Can Robo Advisors Replace Financial Planning?  

Using some pre-set equations robo-advisors can provide an investing plan that’s meant to prepare for long-term goals. But . . .
Today's Stocks & Topics: Investing in Mexico, Lump Sum Payments vs. Monthly Payments, Consumer Credit, Inflation, Berkshire Hathaway & Warren Buffett, Geico, OXM - Oxford Industries Inc., O - Realty Income Corp., HAS - Hasbro Inc.

Why Home Buyers Shouldn't Be Too Worried About Rising Rates  

The short-term rate hike will be followed by several more rounds of increases in this year and next. How will this breakdown for the average home buyer?
Today's Stocks & Topics: I-P-E Investments, the Auto Industry, Snapchat, PRGO - Perrigo Co. PLC, ICLD - InterCloud Systems Inc., CVS - CVS Health Corp., BABY - Natus Medical Inc., Investing, HBI - Hanesbrands Inc., Real Estate.

Does International Investing Really Offer Diversification?  

Increased correlation between the U.S. and non-U.S. markets has called it into question
Today's Stocks & Topics: Day Trader, Risk in the Market, Health Insurance Cost in Retirement, Three Investors Revolutions, HBI - Hanesbrands Inc., UAA - Under Armour Inc., MTN - Vail Resorts Inc., BAM - Brookfield Asset Management Inc., INTU - Intuit Inc., I-R-A Distribution.

3 Reasons to Use a Roll Over IRA When You Quit Your Job  

One of the biggest questions you'll face when you quit your job is what to do with your 401(k)
Today's Stocks & Topics: Mobile Payment Systems vs. Credit Cards, ADP Numbers, GoPro, Scams, UNH - UnitedHealth Group Inc., CXW - CoreCivic Inc., GEO - GEO Group Inc., Gold, KKR - KKR & Co. L.P., UA - Under Armour Inc., MFIN - Medallion Financial Corp., GPRO - GoPro Inc., POT - Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan Inc.

How to Cut Investment Fees: Follow These Steps  

Some of the costs are patently obvious, but others can be quite well hidden.
Today's Stocks & Topics: Mutual Funds, Fed Meeting, Economic Statistics, Johnny Depp’s Extravagant Spending, AKRX - Akorn Inc., WMT - Wal-Mart Stores Inc., IEP - Icahn Enterprises L.P., ACIA - Acacia Communications Inc., FLO - Flowers Foods Inc., RRC - Range Resources Corp., BABY - Natus Medical Inc., FIT - Fitbit Inc.

What You Need To Know to Get a Mortgage in 2017  

The mortgage industry has gone through some changes recently. Learn what the opportunities are and how to capitalize on them.
Today's Stocks & Topics: Investing in the Stock Market, Too Old to Manage Your Money, VRX - Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc., Retailers, UA - Under Armour Inc., Robinhood App., New Investor, Futures, BMY - Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., OPB - Opus Bank, PSX - Phillips 66, Oil, AZO - AutoZone Inc.

4 Big Risks Hiding in Your 401(k)  

Even the best savings plans can hide significant risks. Check that your own 401(k) doesn't contain these hidden dangers.
Today's Stocks & Topics: Uranium & Coal, Real Estate, TEVA - Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., High Interest Rates, Strong Dollar, RWM - ProShares Short Russell2000, VWO - Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF, VYMI - Vanguard International High Dividend Yield ETF, VIGI - Vanguard International Dividend Appreciation ETF, ABCB - Ameris Bancorp., SVU - SUPERVALU Inc., NUGT - Direxion Daily Gold Miners Index Bull 3x Shares.

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