Invisible City

Invisible City


A podcast about city design with Jennifer Keesmaat.


Ep. 006: Sport and the City  

This episodes features a chat between Jennifer Keesmaat and Richard Peddie, the former President and CEO of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment.

Ep. 005: Grey vs Great Density  

This episodes features a chat between Jennifer Keesmaat and Larry Beasley, the former co-director of planning for the city of Vancouver.

Ep. 004: The Future Of The Car  

This episode revisits the history of the car and explores the transformative impact of driverless cars on our shared future and on our cities.

Ep. 003: Food In Cities - A Cauliflower Crisis  

This episode explores where our food comes from and raises some critical questions about better integrating food production into city life.

Ep. 002: The Green Space Effect  

This episode looks at the important relationship between green space and the health of residents in urban areas.

Ep. 001: An Introduction  

Welcome to Invisible City, a podcast about city design hosted by Jennifer Keesmaat. This podcast seeks to reveal the city that lurks beneath the surface of our everyday lives.

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