Isy Suttie's The Things We Do For Love

Isy Suttie's The Things We Do For Love

United Kingdom

The Things We Do For Love is a live audience comedy chat show hosted by Isy Suttie, with a different guest comedian for each episode. Isy delves into her own and her guest's romantic past to explore the lengths we go to under the influence of love.


Episode 1 - John Robins  

In this very first episode, a tipsy John Robins chats to Isy Suttie about his angsty teenage love conundrums and whether growing up has changed his attitude towards relationships. Laugh and cringe along with our misguided memories and thank the Lord you didn't have to share them with a room full of sweaty strangers - and you. We hope you enjoy the show - if so, please spread the word! Spread the love on Twitter, Facebook and iTunes.

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