It's About Time

It's About Time

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From a jealous murder in the 1800s to the family rift that split some of the most famous sisters of the 20th century, the Pankhursts, join Sir Tony Robinson for a new podcast series that brings stories from the past, to life in the present. It’s About Time is brought to you by Ancestry. 


Episode 5: A story of identity  

Rather than tell a single story from history, this episode of It’s About Time sees our host Sir Tony Robinson – a born and bred Londoner – tackle a rather more lengthy tale of human evolution before focusing on his own story of family and identity after taking a DNA test.

Episode 4: The Force was strong with William Hamill  

In episode four, Sir Tony Robinson looks at the ancestors of Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker – Mark Hamill in real life – and finds tales of adventure that echo those of the great journey of self-discovery made by the young Jedi in the iconic film series.

Episode 3: The curious lives of the Pankhurst sisters  

America, Australia and Ethiopia. In episode three of It’s About Time, Sir Tony Robinson tells of how the Pankhurst sisters split and would come to rest in three different corners of the globe after becoming synonymous with the movement for women’s suffrage in Britain.

Episode 2: Charlie Chaplin, the immigrant  

In episode two, Sir Tony Robinson looks at how Charlie Chaplin and hundreds of thousands of other immigrants got to America in the early 1900s, through the prism of the satire and irony woven into one of Chaplin’s most famous films – The Immigrant.

Episode 1: Joseph Meadows’ satisfaction  

Sir Tony Robinson tells the tale of Joseph Meadows, who was sentenced to death in 1855 for the jealous murder of his ‘sister’, Mary Ann Mason, declaring. “I’ve had my revenge; I have heard them say revenge is sweet. I left home for that purpose. I’ve done it, and I am satisfied.”

Welcome to It’s About Time  

Experience stories from the past, brought to life in the present with ‘It’s About Time’. This brand new podcast series, brought to you by Ancestry, breathes new life into remarkable stories from history. Start listening to Series One, narrated by the one and only, Sir Tony Robinson.    

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