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It's Amazing

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It’s Amazing is a round-table panel show where Jon Hillcock welcomes a team of music industry experts into the Amazing Radio studio. The specially-invited panel sit down each week to judge a selection of songs, all of them recently uploaded to, before picking their favourite track of the week.


It's Amazing: NZCA Lines and Gemma Samways  

Jon is joined by Michael Lovett (NZCA Lines) and music journalist and 7 Digital Editor, Gemma Samways.

It's Amazing: Oli Bayston and Paul Bonham  

Jon is joined by Oli Bayston (Boxed In) and Paul Bonham (Arts Council England).

It's Amazing: Abbie McCarthy and Paul Stokes  

Jon is joined by Abbie McCarthy and Paul Stokes to chose the Track Of The Year in the final show of 2015.

It's Amazing: Hannah Daisy Braid and The Japanese House  

Jon is joined by Amber Bain (otherwise known as one of Amazing Radio's Tips for 2016 - The Japanese House!) and Hannah Daisy Braid.

It's Amazing: El Hunt and Al Horner  

Jon is joined by two of the UK's finest music journalists for the Best Of: El Hunt from DIY and freelance writer Al Horner.

It's Amazing: Lapsley and Charlotte Krol  

Jon is joined by Lapsley and New Music Editor at The Line Of Best Fit, Charlotte Krol.

It's Amazing: Jamie MacColl and Rich Cooper  

Jon is joined by Jamie MacColl from Bombay Bicycle Club and music producer Rich Cooper.

It's Amazing: Georgie Rogers and Gregory Wells  

Jon is joined by DJ Georgie Rogers (returning to Amazing Radio for the first time since presenting Amazing Breakfast!) and Gregory Wells from Domino Records.

It's Amazing: Arni Arnason and Paul Bridgewater  

Jon is joined by Arni from The Vaccines and the Editor of The Line Of Best Fit, Paul Bridgewater, to pick a winner from seven new releases.

It's Amazing: Joe Parry and David Laurie  

Jon is joined by Joe Parry from Division PR and David Laurie from Something In Construction upon the release of his new book 'DARE: How Bowie and Kraftwerk inspired the death of rock n roll and invented modern pop music’.

It's Amazing: Denai Moore and Tom Cotton  

Jon is joined by Denai Moore and Amazing Radio's very own Head of Music, Tom Cotton!

It's Amazing: Tom Ravenscroft and Lucie Grace  

Jon is joined by Tom Ravenscroft (6 Music DJ) and Lucie Grace (music journalist and NTS DJ) for the It's Amazing Best Of. They pick a winner from the previous seven winning tracks to go through to the final at the end of the year.

It's Amazing: Jamie Milton and Matt Wilkinson  

Jon is joined by Jamie Milton (DIY Editor) and Matt Wilkinson (NME's New Music Editor/ DJ at Beats 1) to pick a winner from seven new releases. This podcast also includes extended new music tips from Jamie, Matt and Jon.

It's Amazing: Felix and Danny from Gengahr  

Jon is joined by former It's Amazing champions, Felix and Danny from Gengahr! As well as picking their winner from seven new releases, they also discuss everything from David Bowie to boring interviews to art.

It's Amazing: Matt Ingram and Dani Charlton  

Jon is joined by musician and producer Matt Ingram (Urchin Studios) and our very own Dani Charlton to talk about drumming for Laura Marling, saxophone solos, LCD Soundsystem, podcasts and new music.

It's Amazing: Cheri and Judy from The Girls Are  

Jon is joined by Cheri Amour and Judi Nadel from The Girls Are.

It's Amazing: Robin Murray and Laurel  

Jon is joined by Robin Murray from Clash magazine and Laurel.

It's Amazing: Chris Lloyd and Francine Gorman  

Jon is joined by Chris Lloyd (Sofar Sounds) and Francine Gorman (Editor of Ja Ja Ja/ The Nordic Playlist) to discuss seven new releases.

It's Amazing: Jamie MacColl and Sivu  

Jon is joined by Jamie MacColl from Bombay Bicycle Club and James Page (otherwise known as Sivu) to discuss seven new releases and everything from criticism to major label deals.

It's Amazing: Uche Uchendu and Azekel  

Jon is joined by Uche Uchendu (Radio 1/1Xtra producer/ This Kid Is A Problem blog) and Azekel for a Best Of show, choosing a winner from the previous seven winning tracks to go through to the end-of-year final.

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