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It's Super Effective is a Pokémon podcast that covers the Pokémon anime, the Pokémon movies, the video games (such as Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon), competitive Pokémon battling, the Pokémon TCG, Pokémon GO and more! It's Super Effective is an award-winning podcast, and the #1 most downloaded Pokémon podcast on the web. is dedicated to not only bringing exclusive, creative Pokémon content on the internet. To top that off, ISE is dedicated to bringing you weekly laughs and the best coverage of EVERYTHING Pokémon. For more information, visit: #pokemon #pokemongo #pokemonxy #pokemonz #pokemonsun #pokemonmoon #pkmn


13 Alola! From Pokémon Sun & Moon (Finale)  

Time for the Elite 4 and to become Alola Champion. We share our final thoughts on Gen 7 and express our last and overall thoughts of this game! Series finale.

12 Alola! From Pokémon Sun & Moon (Ultra Space)  

Time to enter Ultra Space to be a hero. We talk about the rest of the story that doesn't include our journey on becoming a Pokémon Trainer. We also talk about catching legendaries and family issues.

11 Alola! From Pokémon Sun & Moon (Trial 7)  

Arriving on Poni Island, we tackle the 7th Trial and the Grand Trial here. We get another flute, we get a new Ride Pager, and we meet a new face! We also see some fallout of Team Skull and explore some caves.

09 Alola! From Pokémon Sun & Moon (Guzma)  

Time to head into Po Town. We find out more about Team Skull and see another side of them. Irene breaks down why she doesn't care for Team Skull's inspiration. We learn a bit more about Guzma and get ready to journey off of Ula'Ula.

08 Alola! From Pokémon Sun & Moon (Trial 6)  

It's your boy... Guzma! After returning the mask to Kukui, we meet the leader of Team Skull. After that adventure, we head off to our sixth Trial and it's a spooky one!

07 Alola! From Pokémon Sun & Moon (Trial 5)  

We take the Exeggutor Bus up to our next Trial. We talk about our experiences when we finally arrive to Ula'Ula. Let us know your experiences on Twitter: @pokemonpodcast

06 Alola! From Pokémon Sun & Moon (Lusamine)  

After visiting with the Aether Foundation, we move through the Diglett Cave to battle Big Sister and Olivia. After we complete those battles, we take a trip to Aether Paradise to finally meet Lusamine.

05 Alola! From Pokémon Sun & Moon (Trial 3 & Trial 4)  

We talk about the Fire Trial and the Grass Trial in this episode. SBJ, Micah, and Irene go over some new Poké-Rides and talk about how different the Trials have been up to this point. We also talk about meeting an old face from Black and White.

04 Alola! From Pokémon Sun & Moon (Trial 2)  

We finally meet Lana and conduct her Trial. After Lana's trail, we meet a new character when we arrive to the Battle Dome in Royal Avenue. Follow @pokemonpodcast on Twitter to stay up to date.

03 Alola! From Pokémon Sun & Moon (Gladion)  

We talk about getting to the second island after the first Grand Trial. We go in depth about Team Skull and their newest member introduced. We also talk about our experiences with a couple new cities and the new "Day Care".

02 Alola! From Pokémon Sun & Moon  

First Trial complete and we get our first Z-Crystal. We talk about Team Skull and the first big city. Hear our thoughts on the new clothing and hair styles. We also go in-depth of the new Trial mechanic.

01 Alola! From Pokémon Sun & Moon  

Beginning of the game to Trainer School (no spoilers after that). SBJ, Micah, and Irene talk about their first impressions of Pokémon Sun and Moon. We talk about the new changes and the story being introduced.

242 Countdown to Pokémon Sun & Moon  

Pokemon Sun & Moon are coming this week. We talk about our podcast plans for release. We touch on Pokken news and Pokemon GO news. We talk about the 12th episode of Pokémon Generations and we go over listener e-mail too. Enjoy!

241 Nuzlocke Challenge [Featuring Griffin McElroy]  

Featuring Griffin McElroy of Polygon/MBMBaM/Adventure Zone. SBJ sits down with Griffin and talks Pokémon and his Nuzlocke run of Pokémon Y. SBJ, Will, and Travis talk Pokémon GO and answer e-mails. We are prepping for the Pokémon Sun and Moon launch in less than 2 weeks, so stay tuned for more content! Interview starts at 55 mins. Enjoy!

240 Decidueye | Incineroar | Primarina  

We unwrap Decidueye, Incineroar, and Primarina in this episode. We also talk about the two newest and spooky Pokémon Generation episodes. We also touch on the new Pokémon GO Halloween update! Red and Blue are back in Sun & Moon too!

239 Pokémon Sun & Moon | Demo | Data Leaks  

No spoilers, we talk about the Sun & Moon demo. After the ending credits, we talk about the data leak that happened with Sun/Moon. We also cover episode 08 of Pokémon Generations, Pokémon GO, and talk about some news and... you know... other stuff.

238 Team Magma | Silvally | Pokémon GO  

Is Team Magma better than Team Rocket? We go over episode 04 and 07 of Pokémon Generations. We also calculate damage in Pokémon GO. Finally, we touch on all the new Sun & Moon Pokémon shown this past week including Silvally and Steenee and more. Enjoy!

237 Pokémon GO | Generations | Sun & Moon  

First impression of Dartrix, Torracat, and Brionne. We talk about the new Pokémon GO updates coming. SBJ, Travis, and Will also cover episodes 05 and 06 of Pokémon Generations. We talk about how the Keldeo movie is pretty bad too. Enjoy!

236 International Championships | Charizard | Yo-kai Watch  

New VCG and TCG information has been announced for the International Championships, 2017 Play! Pokémon season. We talk a little about Yo-kai Watch and the new XY—Evolutions expansion. We also tackle your e-mails. Enjoy!

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