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Jalen Rose and David Jacoby give the people what they want, breaking down the latest in sports and pop culture as only they can.


Ty Lue Gets His Money, DJ Diesel and The NFL Evolves: 7/26/16  

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby discuss Russell Westbrook's latest comments, Dr. Dre harassed, Boogie sounds off, plus more Friendly Feud and the guys answer Twitter Questions

KD Boo'd Up, Aldon Smith Tweets and Michael Jordan Speaks Out!: 7/25/16  

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk Andre Drummond and posters, Tim Duncan joins Navy, Dion Waters to South Beach, Blazers re-sign its Most Improved and Joe Buddens.

Derrick Rose's Super Team, Cowboys Running Back Troubles and Draymond Settles: 7/22/16  

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby discuss the Ezekiel Elliot case, KD's views, Melo leading the way, Le'Veon Bell suspended, plus, the fellas answer your Twitter Questions.

Celtic's Bad Bet, Odell Speaks and Friendly Fued: 7/21/16  

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby speak on Klay Thompson's team value, talk 2016 NFL Fantasy Football, Kevin Durant's new ink, WNBA updates and Twitter Questions.

Dear Kobe, Harden's Self-Comparison and Drake In Wrong Colors: 7/20/16  

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby discuss Jameis Winstons' new look, Brock Lesnar's second positive PED test and the fellas answer your twitter questions.

KD's Hiding Place, Pat Riley's Regrets and Twitter Questions: 7/19/16  

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk players and statues, Draymond Green's legal situation, that new Jim Harbaugh cut and Denzel Valentine's summer buzzer beater.

LeBron James' Decision, Westbrook's Best Move and More: 7/18/16  

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby try to figure out what Phil Jackson is thinking, talk microchips and footballs, Jordan to Michigan, Brock Lesnar cheats and Twitter Questions

Iguodala's Truth, Celtic's Options and Adam Silver Changes The Game... Kinda.: 7/15/16  

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk First Take, Russ Westbrook and KD's relationship status, Tom Brady takes a seat, Kyrie's FaceTime bestie and the guys answer Twitter Questions

The new NBA, Al Horford's Dad Sounds Off and Rich Homie Quan Disappoints: 7/12/16  

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk WNBA players statement, Lakers free agency dreams, Derek Jeter's impressive off-field resume and the guys answer your twitter questions.

Timmy Retires, Draymond Slaps Too and Special Guest: E-40: 7/11/16  

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby recap Tim Duncans' Hall of Fame career, James Harden is down with Houston, Celtics lose weight and in studio special guest E-40 talks KD and rings.

KD is Brand New, Pistons New Big Man and Twitter Questions: 7/8/16  

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk Kevin Durant's new home, line stepping with Mitch McGary, Jordan Clarksons' dating life, Floyd's business venture and more Friendly Feud.

Wade County Relocated, Kevin Durant Welcomed and Friendly Fued: 7/7/16  

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk the new look NBA Eastern conference, LeBron's data plan, UFC 200 updates, Ciara and Russ Wilson married and the guys answer twitter questions.

The Free Agent Era, Dwayne Wades' Value and Twitter Questions: 7/6/16  

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk salary caps, players chasing rings, Dwight Howard's new motivation, New York Knicks moves toward the playoffs and Denard Robinson's date night

Kevin Durant's Decision, OKC's Aftermath, plus Google Guys: 7/5/16  

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk the Warriors new look, Russell Westbrooks' options, how LeBron is the blame, Wardell sacrifices and O.J. Mayo's punishment announced.

Thunder Make Noise, Boogie Tweets and Derrick Rose is Grateful: 6/24/16  

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby recap the NBA Draft, including trades and most importantly; Fashion, plus Kyrie's yacht party, Al Horford's new team and twitter questions.

NBA Draft Preview Show, Cavalier Day In Cleveland, Knicks New Point, Twitter Questions and More: 6/22/16  

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk what it is like to be a player on Draft night, Cam Newton hits the stage, Utah Jazz make moves to the playoffs and D12's Free Agency options.

LeBron Re-Introduces Himself, Warriors Aftermath, Ben Simmons New Home, Richard Jefferson's Retirement and Jalen Rose's All-Time NBA Top 5: 6/21/16  

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk LeBron's potential next move, Dirk's free agency options, French Montana cashes out with Drake and Lebron James Jr., already in demand.

The King Reigns, Obamas' Air Force One, Another Meaningless Kevin Durant Free Agency Update, Charles Oakley Needs No Security and Twitter Questions: 6/20/16  

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby recap an epic Game 7 of NBA Finals, and the after party in Las Vegas, plus Rihanna still at it on IG, Nick Young's announcement and Jamie Foxx.

NBA Finals Head Back To Cali, Wardell's Rough Game, J.R. Smiths' Support, Andrew Wiggins Shoe Game and More: 6/17/16  

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby recap Game 6 of the NBA Finals, talk Ayesha Curry's twitter fingers, Derek Jeter, Harrison Barnes struggles and the fellas answer twitter questions

Jalen Rose Fitness, Playoff Pressures' Are On, David Blatt In His Feelings and Twitter Questions: 6/16/16  

Jalen Rose and David Jacoby talk pressures in the NBA Playoffs, another meaningless Kevin Durant Free Agent update, Pau Gasol is being safe and Wardells' goods up for auction.

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