James Acaster

James Acaster

United Kingdom

Join James and his studio guests as they throw caution to the wind and allow us access to their musical skeletons in the closet.


Episode 27 - Jim Bob  

James Caster is giving his iPod a break this week and focusing entirely on outing Jim Bob, of Carter USM's musical secrets .... and there are one or two surprises....

Episode 26 - Marcus Bentley  

Breaking the laws of the iPod Shuffle Show this week (you mean that there actually *are* laws?!), James Acaster's studio guest, is the voice of Big Brother, Marcus Bentley.

Episode 25 - Rick Edwards  

Opening up the musical closet that is his iPod, Rick Edwards joins James Acaster this week, and tells us what not to ask to Jake Gyllenhall.

Episode 24 - Lizzie Roper  

This week James and his iPod Shuffle goes head to head with actor and comedian Lizzie Roper, and life for our James will never be the same again.

Episode 23 - Scroobius Pip  

Stagediving moments gone bad and some of the best moments from the TV show 'Friends' come up in conversation when James is joined in the studio by a musician and poet who has possibly featured on the show almost as much as the host! We are, of course, talking about Scroobius Pip... but will any of his tracks pop up on James' iPod shuffle?

Episode 22 - Ken Collard  

This week, star of Cuckoo Ken Collard joins James Acaster helping him not only to achieve musical enlightenment, but to have a spiritual awakening too.

Episode 21 - Fin Taylor  

James delves into his guest Fin Taylor's iPod for their musical delights and they give their critique on the visual arts.

Episode 20 - Joel Dommett & Yve Blake  

In this episode of James Acaster’s iPod Shuffle Show, he peruses the deepest recesses of the musical closets of not one but TWO guests. Joel Dommett was the first to bound into the studio, to introduce us all to the concept of ledertrousen! Hot on his heels was Yve Blake, who can turn your most embarrassing encounters into musical moments.

Episode 19 - David Trent  

James Acaster is, after a while, eventually joined by comedian David Trent for the random journey through the iPod.

Episode 18 - Mike Wozniak  

Opening up his heart, no, erm.... wallet? Fuck... iPod! iPod, yes iPod, is comedian and writer Mike Wozniak.

Episode 17 - Matthew Crosby  

James Acaster is back! (Finally!) And this week his guest Matthew Crosby puts his iPod to the test to see the treasures and guilty pleasures we'll find there.

Episode 16 - Rob Deering & Lloyd Griffith  

Filling in for James... James.... I can't quite remember his name. Anyway, that man, is comedian Rob Deering. In this episode he does that shuttle thing to Lloyd Griffith's iPod.

Episode 15 - Marek Larwood & Joe Bor  

Marek continues his super-sub responsibiity with greatness, and picks apart comedian Joe Bor's boy band riddled iPod.

Episode 14 - Angela Barnes & Zoe Lyons  

With James sunning himself in Australia, previous guest Angela Barnes gets a go at comedian Zoe Lyon's iPod.

Episode 13 - Marek Larwood & Josh Howie  

Marek Larwood sees what life is like on the other side of the desk as he sits in for James this week. Allowing him to raid his iPod is comedian Josh Howie.

Episode 12 - Lucy Porter & Tom Allen  

James is still gallivanting about Australia (or so he says) so this week Lucy Porter comes off the subs bench! She sits down with comedian Tom Allen and scrutinises his iPod collection.

Episode 11 - Joey Page & Kieran Leonard  

James is away again this week, so Joey Page sits in for him and his guest is musician Kieran Leonard.

Episode 10 - Joey Page & Rosie Wilby  

Joey Page fills in for James this week and his guest is stand-up comedian Rosie Wilby.

Episode 9 - Rob Deering & Stuart Goldsmith  

James is away this week so Rob Deering steps up and stands in for him, shuffling his way through his own iPod with comedian Stuart Goldsmith.

Episode 8 - Marek Larwood & Gina Yashere  

It's a double header this week with comedians Marek Larwood and Gina Yashere joining James on a musical journey through their iPods.

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