James MacDonald: Walk in the Word Audio

James MacDonald: Walk in the Word Audio

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Walk in the Word, the Bible teaching ministry of Dr. James MacDonald, pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in the suburbs of Chicago, emphasizes the precise exposition of God's Word and life application. Igniting passion in the people of God through the proclamation of truth is not just our motto—it's our daily commitment! Through audio, video, web, printed resources, and listener events, Walk in the Word provides personal and practical teaching that leads listeners to the transforming power of God's Word.


Replace A Rebellious Attitude - B  

Rebellion isn`t just something faced by the parents of teenagers. There are seeds of rebellion in each of our hearts, and God wants to remove them. In this message, learn how to replace rebellion with submission to God`s authority.

Replace A Rebellious Attitude - A  

There is no heart that God has such a hard time dealing with and changing as a rebellious heart, and to rebel against the authority that God has established in our lives is very serious. In this message, James MacDonald teaches on the urgency of putting off the attitude of rebellion against the authorities God has placed in our lives and the consequences that come as a result.

With An Attitude of Faith - C  

Where is your trust? In your circumstances? In your own strength? Or is it firmly placed in God? In this message, James MacDonald shows that putting our faith and trust in God is the only way to please Him, and to overcome life's challenges.

With An Attitude of Faith - B  

It`s impossible to please God without faith. But what does that look like in daily life? In this message, James MacDonald shows how to place your trust in God and find victory over whatever circumstances and troubles you may be facing.

With An Attitude of Faith - A  

As Christians, some might ask, `How can we possibly live victoriously in this world?` The answer is faith. That`s why Hebrews 11:6 says, `Without faith, it is impossible to please God.` Join James MacDonald as he shows us from God`s Word how turning away from placing our trust in circumstances or our own abilities and placing our faith and confidence in a sovereign God will always end in victory.

Replace A Doubting Attitude - C  

While questions are a natural part of growing in your faith, doubt is an attitude that needs to be eliminated. In this message, discover how you can replace a doubting attitude by following the clear instructions in God`s Word.

Replace A Doubting Attitude - B  

Persistent doubt and uncertainty in your life is nothing more than a setup for failure. If you struggle to trust God, you`ll never be able to embrace God`s promises for your life. In this message, James MacDonald will teach you how to eliminate doubt so your faith can flourish.

Replace A Doubting Attitude - A  

You`ve trusted Christ. But there are doubts that plague you. You want to keep trusting Him - but you lack the faith that fuels victorious living. In this message, find out how to battle doubt, and gain a firm confidence that God will do what He said He`ll do.

With an Attitude of Love - C  

Nothing kills a conversation faster than unnecessary criticism. We`ve all seen it happen: a fun chat with a friend or loved one quickly turns south as someone starts to find fault. In this message, learn how to replace an attitude of criticism with biblical love.

With an Attitude of Love - B  

It`s easy to be critical of things we don`t like. Even easier when we are already angry or upset. So how do we get rid of this tendency to find fault? The answer is to replace our critical attitudes with an attitude of love.

With an Attitude of Love - A  

What really is the thing that displaces a critical, negative, and fault-finding kind of attitude? The answer is an attitude of love. Choosing to love a person can help us get victory over a critical pattern of thinking.

Replace a Critical Attitude - C  

If you have a tendency to be critical, and you`re always complaining that others don`t know what they are talking about, chances are, it`s time for an attitude adjustment. Find out how you can break free from the prison of critical thinking by applying these principles from God`s Word.

Replace a Critical Attitude - B  

Having a critical attitude is an incredibly common problem in today`s world. It`s usually accompanied by a sense of entitlement, that you have a right to express your `opinions.` Unfortunately, this kind of critical attitude damages our relationship with God and with others. In this message, learn how to replace your critical attitude with godly principles.

Replace a Critical Attitude - A  

If you are quick to find fault, and feel free to express your negative and harsh assessments of others, you have a critical spirit. Well it`s time to hear the truth: Your critical attitude is wrong. Listen as James MacDonald urges you to abandon this pattern of thinking, and instead focus on an attitude that pleases God.

With an Attitude of Contentment - C  

We live in a culture that tells us more is better and that consumerism is king. But God calls us to something that is at odds with this understanding of the world - He commands us to be content, and to enjoy the rich, joyful and abundant life available in Christ.

With an Attitude of Contentment - B  

Attitude is everything when it comes to pleasing God. In this message, James MacDonald confronts our consumer-driven culture with a call to practice contentment in the abundant gifts God has already given us.

With an Attitude of Contentment - A  

We live in a consumer culture, where the desire for the latest, greatest gadget feels as natural as our desire to eat. While desire itself isn`t wrong, when it turns to coveting, we are breaking one of God`s Commandments. In this message, we`re learning how to replace covetousness with something that pleases God - contentment.

Replace a Covetous Attitude - B  

The Bible teaches us that the root of all covetousness is a rejection of God and all His sufficiency, which is an attitude God will not tolerate. James MacDonald delivers a message from God`s Word challenging us to lay aside the desires for earthly things and instead long for more of Jesus Christ.

Replace a Covetous Attitude - A  

Our nation is drowning in a sea of covetousness, and sadly, the number of people who think that happiness is found in things is at an all-time high. Are you complicit in this attitude? In this message, you`ll be challenged to examine your own heart for covetousness, and repent if you find it there.

With a Thankful Attitude - C  

Does the hectic schedule of modern life have you frazzled at the edges and worn down to nothing on the inside? Stress kills, but God has given us a solution in His Word. In this message, find out how thankfulness can strengthen your relationship with God, and increase your quality of life.

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