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James MacDonald: Walk in the Word Audio

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Walk in the Word, the Bible teaching ministry of Dr. James MacDonald, pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in the suburbs of Chicago, emphasizes the precise exposition of God's Word and life application. Igniting passion in the people of God through the proclamation of truth is not just our motto—it's our daily commitment! Through audio, video, web, printed resources, and listener events, Walk in the Word provides personal and practical teaching that leads listeners to the transforming power of God's Word.


We Forgive Without Limit - A  

When someone wrongs you, holding on to a grudge may feel good for a little while. But in the end, it is destructive. That is why God wants us to forgive. Jesus had a lot to say about this, and in this message we will explore the dangers that come from rationalizing unforgiveness.

We Love Without Condition - C  

It is easy to substitute sentimentality, shallowness, and sweetness for genuine unconditional love. But God calls us to something greater than these substitutes can ever offer. As Christians, we are to welcome people with unconditional love, no matter what they have done or where they have come from.

We Love Without Condition - B  

When asked to summarize all of the laws in the Old Testament, Jesus responded that we are to love one another. In this message, James MacDonald helps us get rid of love substitutes and discover how we can truly love each other unconditionally with God-empowered love.

We Love Without Condition - A  

Before Jesus went to the cross, He told his disciples to love each other just like He loved them. Today, that command extends to the church. God`s people should be a beacon of unconditional love, but it is so easy to get off track and lose sight of what godly love actually looks like.

We Welcome Without Judgment - C  

Christ welcomed people from all walks of life when He walked this earth. As the Church, He calls us to do the same. In this message, learn how to welcome people without forming hasty and superficial assessments.

We Welcome Without Judgment - B  

What should people feel when they walk into a church for the first time? They should feel welcomed without judgment, no matter who they are or what they have done. In this message, James MacDonald presents biblical ways to combat judgmental attitudes that prevent us from welcoming people like Christ would.

We Welcome Without Judgment - A  

No matter where you`ve been or what you`ve done, you should feel welcomed in church. Jesus welcomes everyone, and there isn`t a single person who does`t need what He offers. Christians aren`t called to form hasty, superficial assessments of others. Learn what a true, biblical welcome really looks like and discover four ways to combat a judgmental attitude.

Freedom From People Pleasing - B  

Living your life to please others only results in feelings of resentment and helplessness. Thankfully, there is a way out if you`ve been trapped in this cycle. James MacDonald helps you focus on what God thinks of you, rather than on how others might perceive you.

Freedom From People Pleasing - A  

People pleasing is a bottomless ditch. It`s living your life so people will be happy with you; so they`ll like you and accept you. Problem is, it will never deliver what you really need. When you live to please people, you`re trapped in an endless cycle of performance. James MacDonald delivers a way out of this trap by focusing on what God thinks of you.

Everyday Joy Through Contentment - B  

The secret to living a joy-filled life is finding contentment. Unfortunately, contentment does not come naturally to anyone. In this message, James MacDonald shares a lesson from the Apostle Paul and explains that contentment is something you can choose in any circumstance.

Everyday Joy Through Contentment - A  

Like a wall of protection, contentment can keep you from being assaulted by the ups and downs of everyday circumstances. Discover the four cornerstones of contentment, how to demonstrate them, and what you can do to keep them present in your life.

The Greatest Verse in the Bible - C  

For some of us, the words of John 3:16 may be overly familiar. In this message, James MacDonald invites us to take a fresh look at the most recognized passage in the Bible.

How to Have Peace of Mind - B  

It`s the No. 1 enemy of peace, and you come by it quite naturally -anxiety. What exactly is this fretful, sleep-stealing, gut-wrenching tendency? Find out more today, on Walk in the Word.

How to Have Peace of Mind - A  

All of humanity wants peace of mind - but actually achieving it is elusive. True peace of mind, found only in Jesus Christ, requires getting rid of the things that get in the way of what He longs to provide. Identify what needs to be rejected and removed in order to experience the peace that passes all understanding.

How to Make This Your Best Year Ever - B  

Hanging on to the past can keep us from seeing and receiving God`s best for us. As we kick off the New Year, it`s time to let go of anything that`s holding you back. As James MacDonald teaches from Philippians 3, you`ll discover how to let bygones be bygones and strive towards what is ahead.

How to Make This Your Best Year Ever - A  

Want 2017 to be your best year ever? It will not happen because of your job, or the fact that you lost a couple pounds. To have the best year of your life, you'll need some biblical truth and a willingness to let bygones by bygones.

The Day of the Lord - C  

While many things in life will change, one thing remains certain: Christ will return. Are you prepared for the Day of the Lord? It`s an important question to consider. In this message, James MacDonald teaches from 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 and shows how we can hold on to hope.

The Day of the Lord - B  

It`s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and lose focus on the fact that Christ is coming again. But one day we will all be surprised as our Lord returns for His own. In this message, you`ll be encouraged to regain your focus on the imminent return of Christ, and all that His return will bring with it.

The Day of the Lord - A  

The Day of the Lord is certain, and it will shock the unprepared. Many who feel safe and secure will find their self-assurance destroyed and their opportunity to turn from sin over. But for God`s people, that Day is a completely different story - and believers must wake up and look up to all the hope it brings. Find out how to cast off common crutches and lean on the only source of salvation.

The Greatest Hope We Have - B  

Jesus Christ is coming again. That`s the great hope of the church. In this message, you`ll learn some key facts about the rapture, while you discover how letting go of your own desires for the future and embracing the truth about Jesus can fill you with perfect joy.

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