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James MacDonald: Walk in the Word Audio

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Walk in the Word, the Bible teaching ministry of Dr. James MacDonald, pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel in the suburbs of Chicago, emphasizes the precise exposition of God's Word and life application. Igniting passion in the people of God through the proclamation of truth is not just our motto—it's our daily commitment! Through audio, video, web, printed resources, and listener events, Walk in the Word provides personal and practical teaching that leads listeners to the transforming power of God's Word.


Humble Yourself, Part 1 - B  

In the upper room, the disciples received their final marching orders before Jesus` death. It was a lesson on how to be conformed to reality, how to deepen one`s identity in Christ, and how to display faith in God`s authority to unleash the flow of His grace. Listen and learn how you, too, can receive the words of God.

Making Love Through Eros - C  

At some churches, you might get the impression that `sex`� is a dirty word. But God created physical intimacy and gives it to husband and wife as an exclusive gift. This message from Song of Solomon focuses on the beauty and necessity of eros in every marriage.

Making Love Through Eros - B  

God designed physical intimacy to be an integral part of every marriage. In fact, an entire book of the Bible is devoted to this one subject - Song of Solomon. In this message, Pastor James encourages us to keep physical intimacy in its proper place.

Making Love Through Eros - A  

Using the Song of Solomon as a backdrop, this message shares God`s heart for physical intimacy within the boundaries of marriage. Regardless of how long you have been married, begin afresh your pursuit of this wonderful gift God has given to you and your spouse.

Making Love Expressive - B  

To make a marriage last, you have to keep the spark alive. But all too often, couples neglect to fuel the flames of love. In this message, James MacDonald opens to Song of Solomon to help us keep our love expressive.

Making Love Expressive - A  

If you want your love to last, it has to be expressive. Drawing on the example of the lovers in the Song of Solomon, James MacDonald shares how to best express your love to your spouse, keeping the romance alive for years to come.

Making Love Exclusive - C  

God designed marriage to be a relationship between one man and one woman. In this message from the ancient love poem, Song of Solomon, learn just how beautiful this exclusive relationship can be.

Making Love Exclusive - B  

Song of Solomon is one of the most romantic books ever written. But few Christians have taken the time to explore its rich poetry and profound truths. In this message, James MacDonald guides you through the beginning of this Old Testament book, and shows that marital love is designed to be exclusive.

Making Love Exclusive - A  

One whole book of the Bible is dedicated to helping us experience God`s design for love in our marriages. In this message, James MacDonald uncovers powerful truths from the Song of Solomon, helping bring new life into your relationship with your spouse.

First Things First - C  

The Ten Commandments offer timeless instructions for living lives that will flourish. But have you ever thought about how they apply to your marriage? Of course, `Do not commit adultery` is obvious. But what about the other commandments, like the ones about the Sabbath and honoring your parents? That`s the topic in this message from James MacDonald.

First Things First - B  

God rested after He created the universe, and then commanded that we take a day of rest as well. While this is probably not news to you, the fact that it bears great significance on your marriage just might be.

First Things First - A  

Keeping the Sabbath and honoring your parents are far more than nice suggestions. These commandments are directions from God for fulfillment in every area of life. This two-fold message explains our need for a Sabbath, and clarifies the basics and boundaries for honoring parents. Discover the blessing of embracing both of these commands in your marriage.

The Power of Biblical Friendship - C  

Over and over again, the Bible tells the story of men and women with deep friendships working together to build the church. The church is not a one-man or one-woman organization; it takes all of us working together in harmony, cultivating deep, biblical friendships.

The Power of Biblical Friendship - B  

It`s impossible to maintain a strong, God-pleasing faith without the power of biblical friendship. That`s what this message is all about finding and cultivating biblical friends who will help, not hinder you on your journey.

The Power of Biblical Friendship - A  

Once your faith is fired up, you can`t maintain your fervency and focus without this: biblical friendships. Find out what biblical friends do, the essential ingredients they bring into your life, and why the Christian life is not a solo sport. If you`ve been going it alone, it`s time for a change.

Drop the Rock, Part 2 - B  

We do not stone people anymore for crimes, but we do hurl accusations, label others with negative terms, and condemn them. What does God think of this behavior? In this message, James MacDonald turns to John chapter 8 to find out!

Drop the Rock, Part 2 - A  

In John 8, Jesus was confronted by a group of men ready to stone a woman caught in sin. At the end of this encounter, they had all dropped their rocks and walked away. You may not have a stone in your hand, but there might be someone you are wrongly accusing today. Learn how to drop the rock of judgment and offer grace instead.

Drop the Rock, Part 1 - C  

It`s easy to pinpoint the flaws in others, but difficult to see our own sin. Chances are, you will soon face a situation where you need to drop the rock of accusation, and offer forgiveness to someone who has done you wrong.

Loving Lost People - B  

How does God look at those who have not had a saving encounter with Jesus Christ yet? He looks at them with love, and longs to be in relationship with them. As Christians, God calls us to be His body on earth, loving those who need His grace.

Loving Lost People - A  

Being hopelessly lost at sea without navigation is a desperate state to be in. But that is what it is like for those who have yet to find the saving grace of Christ. In this message, James MacDonald shows God`s heart for the lost and calls us to respond to them with love.

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