James Valentine Head Room

James Valentine Head Room


James Valentine Head Room is the space to expand on things heard during James’ daily radio show. It’s not about opinion but the experiences, passions and revelations from listeners. Head Room turns these amusing and insightful conversations into a podcast. Who are we? Why do we do the things we do? What are we really about? And how is it we all still manage to live together? If James’ daily broadcast is a live pig, then this podcast is the salami.


Olive Oil is Not a Food  

There was time in Australia when an eggplant was a foreign object. And when olive oil was available only in medicinal quantities. People bought olive oil, but had no idea you could cook with it. So how did people use it back then?

Buying Hope  

There are things we buy where we’re not buying the thing -- we’re buying an emotion. What else explains the domination of cookbooks?

Cats and Zen  

Brigit the tonkinese cat was caught stealing men’s underwear and socks in the New Zealand town of Hamilton. James Valentine uncovers stories of cats creating mayhem in their neighbourhoods.

Squirmy Words  

James Valentine has been searching for our least favourite words for some time now. He calls them squirmy words.

Aitchers Gonna Hate  

Do you have strong views about the pronunciation of the eighth letter of the alphabet? Scratch the surface, and most of us have a clear view of how ‘H’ should sound.

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