Jesse vs Cancer

Jesse vs Cancer

United States

Jesse Case, a notable standup comedian, has been diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer, and puts his life on hold for treatment in a different city. This podcast is the hilarious documenting of these events.


Episode 115 - September 11th, 2017  

Jesse rambles about bachelorette parties, bowling during a tragedy, and answers some e-mails.   Sponsored by Tampax.

Episode 115 PREQUEL  

The power is out. There is no power. Imagine having power at your apartment, and then subtract the power part. That's what's happening. 

Episode 114 - September 3rd, 2017  

Jesse rambles about fruit salads, broken toilets, his police phobia, and good books to take on a vacation.

Episode 113 - August 27th, 2017  

Jesse discusses the Texas flood, ass polyps, and bootlegging in a bathtub.

Episode 112 - PART TWO  

Jesse rambles about seeing an eclipse, bad skin, being too thirsty, and buying groceries.

Episode 112 PART ONE  

Jesse rambles about buying ass medicine, his new coffee lady, rubber ducks, and phone sex.

BONUS Jesse vs Fascism - The Sociopath  

Jesse rambles about Confederate statues, polarization, sociopaths vs. psychopaths, tension with North Korea, and why nobody is nuking anyone any time soon.

Episode 111 - August 13th, 2017  

Jesse has great news about his cat on a terrible news week. He rambles about outlier douchebags, violence, and why it isn’t the end of the world.

Episode 110 - August 6th, 2017  

Jesse rambles about meeting Laundry Girl, broken air conditioners, cat butts, eclipses, and mental healthcare post-treatment.

Episode 109 - July 30th, 2017  

Jesse rambles about old people buying computers, Turtle people, pooping outside, and bribing doctors with gifts.

Episode 108 - PART TWO  

Jesse rambles about heatwaves, snooping around, and dog alarm clocks.

Episode 108 - PART ONE  

Jesse rambles about the heat wave, and has some rough animal news. Sylvia is fine, don’t worry.

Episode 107 - July 17th, 2017  

Jesse rambles about rodeos, getting yelled at on Twitter, comedy critics, and horrible insurance policies.

Episode 107 prequel  

After a comically horrible week, Jesse will have a new episode up tomorrow.

Episode 106 - July 9th, 2017  

Jesse comes clean about his love of Heavy Metal, then rambles about talking to ladies and upcoming scans.

Episode 105 PART TWO  
Jesse gives an update on Annetta (she’s fine), talks about losing pets, and gets rambley about American identity and its future.


Episode 105 PART ONE  

Jesse rambles about his animal filled weekend. He has to cut it short but will have a part 2 up soon.

BONUS Jesse vs Sound - FUZZ TONEZ  

Heads up, it gets loud.   Jesse rambles about how sounds happen and the way the ear works. Then he plays guitar, poorly, through the Fuzz Aldrin, while explaining (poorly) what he’s doing. Poorly played riffs feature Hendrix, Zeppelin, Beatles, Radiohead, Blur, and the Guess Who.

Episode 104 - June 25th, 2017  

Jesse rambles about terrible conversations, girls doing laundry, and tries to remember Beauty and the Beast.

Episode 103 - Happy Father's Day  

Jesse rambles about Father’s Day, drunk gardening, and Marty McFly.

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