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A comedian who's labeled the " everyday relatable guy" - Jim tackles real home life issues as the "Marriage Warrior" . He uses comedy as the great healer in life with all subjects. Jim Breuer is one of today's greatest story tellers!


Jim Breuer's The Metal In Me Episode 39- The Writing Process  

Breuer takes us inside the writing process as he creates a character called The Metal Preacher, and the band writes two new songs for a new album.  Mike from Vegas calls in and Allie hangs from the ceiling like a monkey!

Jim Breuer's The Metal In Me Episode 38 The Drummer  

Fresh off their performance at the WDHA Festival, the entire band is in good spirits! So good, that they start telling disgusting stories of bodily fluids! Lots of funny, metal stories and ball busting in this new episode!

Jim Breuer's The Metal In Me Episode 37- Joe Returns  

Joe comes back to the podcast after a month away and has some serious acusations for his band mates. Then he takes over the show reading fan emails! Jim starts a Metal In Me website while the guys throw around ideas for "Metal This!"

Jim Breuer's The Metal In Me-Episode 36 South Point Mike  

A 12 year-old shredder joins Breuer's band on stage in Philly and he gets an invite to jam with Alice In Chains! Mike from the South Point Casino calls in with some great news about Jim's Vegas production.  Brueuer gets a guest spot on a major sitcom, and Alex reads bio's sent in by the listeners!

Jim Breuer's The Metal In Me-Episode 35-Bach  

The band gets a new member and it may be a female! Plus, Sebastian Bach reconnects with Breuer and talks about playing together again!

Jim Breuer's The Metal In Me Episode 34-Leper Messiah  

Jim plays the part of metal preacher when explaining that the Metallica lyrics to Leper Messiah are a way of life. Also, he has a radio deal on the table and has to deciede if he wants to continue with the band. Finally, Breuer lays plans for his dream production in Vegas that will be the culmination of all his hard work!

Jim Breuer's The Metal In Me Episode 33- Shuli & Eddie Trunk  

Jim and Tichy are discussing the future of the band and also Wiffleball, when two radio legends call in.  Eddie Trunk from That Metal Show and Shuli from the Howard Stern Show~!

Jim Breuer's The Metal In Me Episode 32-Family Warrior  

Jim gets personal about the stuff in his life right now.  He's home alone. No band.  Just Breuer and a microphone giving updates about family events that effect him.

Jim Breuer's The Metal In Me Episode 31-Roverfest2016  

Jim and Mike recall what went wrong and what went right at their gigs.  First they played Ohio's RoverFest in front of a huge crowd, then a small venue in Brooklyn, NY. Plus, a huge band may have just signed on to play a festival with The Loud & Rowdy!

Jim Breuer's The Metal In Me Episode 30  

While Jim is still on a plane, bandmates Mike & Alex man the ship.  Waiting for Breuer to call, the guys discuss their recent Brooklyn show with a 12 year old guitarist!  Also, find out what Sh*t Rock is!

Jim Breuer's The Metal In Me Episode 29-Chicago Open Air  

Breuer is back from vacation and The Lowd and Rowdy perform at The Chicago Open Air Festival!  Hear how the show went and enjoy another track from "Songs From The Garage!"

Jim Breuer's The Metal In Me- Episode 28  

Mike and Alex man the ship while Breuer is on vacation in Japan. They start off by playing a rare stand up clip of Jim and then talk about movies and music. And of course, they play a track off the new album!

Jim Breuer's The Metal In Me Episode 27- The Unexplained  

Breuer does Joe Rogan's podcast amongst other shows on his promotional tour.  Guitarist Mike and Jim discuss the future of this band and debut "The Unexplained!"

Jim Breuer's The Metal In Me- Episode 26 Wannabe  

Breuer finds out the secret behind getting radio airplay and makes sick plans for future comedy/metal shows. Plus, the debut of "WANNABE!"

Jim Breuer's The Metal In Me Episode 25  

Jim debutes "Raising Teenage Girls" and a killer re-worked version of "Live Wire" by Mike Tichy! Also, Nikki Sixx may still like Breuer's music, even if he called him a filthy name on Twitter!  Plus, stories about the gangster-ized radio business, Howard Stern, The Dixie Chicks and more in this new episode!!!

Jim Breuer's The Metal In Me Episode 24- Cristina Scabbia  

Jim chats with the lyricist and singer from Lacuna Coil! Cristina talks about her long term relationship with a another well-known metal giant!

Jim Breuer's The Metal In Me Episode 23-Old School  

Jim gives an update on the radio play his new album is getting. Alex gets cocky and wants to fight Joe Rogan. Then Jim, Mike, and Alex get into a deep discussion about fate and cosmic circumstance. Plus, the debute of a new song, "OLD SCHOOL!"

Jim Breuer's The Metal In Me Episode 22-Mr. Rock N Roll  

Chris is a friend of the band and has vast metal knowlege. The crew tries to train and test his metal mental ability so he can face off against Eddie Trunk and/or James Hetfield in metal trivia. Also, Jim debuts a track off the new album with Brian Johnson called "Mr. Rock N Roll!" 

Jim Breuer's The Metal In Me Episode 21  

Breuer and the band talk about creative uses for the Ozzy and Hetfield puppets! Also, they come up with great game show ideas for Metallica and Eddie Trunk. Plus, Jim talks about getting his record played on radio, then plays THRASH again in this funny, new METAL episode!!!

Jim Breuer's The Metal In Me Episode 20- Thrash  

While Jim is on tour promoting the album and performing comedy, he checks in with his bandmates. They go over possible gigs the band can play and Jim calls out negative posts to his Facebook.  Also, Joe and Mike question Breuer's sense of humor when it comes to phone pranks.  AND hear the world premiere of "Thrash" by Jim Breuer and The Loud & Rowdy!!!!

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