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John Cleese: actor, comedian, writer and podcaster


John Cleese Podcast #30: Back to school part two  

This is part two of a two part podcast in which John goes back to school to talk with students at the Santa Barbara University on the finer points of film writing.

This episode continues on the same theme and he also has a question and answer session with the students where they discuss the scripting process involved in the film A fish called Wanda.

John Cleese's Spanking New Headcast  

We're very pleased to announce John's new video series, Headcast, which can be found at

It's a serious, searching look at the nature of perception and belief, and the ways in which reality is shaped by powerful men to suit their own agenda.

The full version costs $1.00 US - but this podcast is still free... !

John Cleese Podcast #28: The Night Before Christmas  

'Tis the holiday season, in which people everywhere gather to celebrate this precious time of giving.

Assembled around a blazing fire, families eat themselves sick, drink themselves silly, and fight for their entertainment options with unaccustomed ferocity. So, in order to leaven this dark time, we bring you John Cleese's Very Own Version of:

The Night Before Christmas.

With lots of festive love from all the Podcast Reindeer.

John Cleese Podcast #20  

"My Husband and I would like to welcome you to our Mr Cleese podcast number 20".

Tugging of forlocks as John tells of his lunch with The Queen.

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