Heaven Actually Comes to Earth  

The more clear your understanding of heaven is, the more hope it brings. John discusses the coming renewal of all things and what we will experience in the new earth as he shares from his next book, All Things New. 

You Have Something to Offer  

What does it look like to be involved in your community as a mentor? Stasi Eldredge and Lisa Beck reveal how to speak into the lives of others - regardless of our age or stage of life.

Parenting Adult Children  

Stasi Eldredge and Lisa Bech discuss ways they pursue the hearts of their kids during the early adult years.

Conversational Intimacy with God  

We can trudge through life on our own or we can walk with God. As in, learn to hear his voice. Really. In this podcast, John and Allen revisit the themes and message of Walking With God, now in an expanded edition.

A Heart Fully Alive  

Waking the Dead has been compared to a strong cup of coffee. John and Morgan take a fresh look at this bold book - now in an expanded edition - as they discuss the centrality of the heart and the battle raging for it.

The Life You've Dreamed Of  

Set within each of our hearts is a longing for life as it was meant to be. In this podcast, John and Stasi discuss the radical invitation of The Journey of Desire - his classic book now in an expanded edition.

How is Your Soul? - Part 3  


How is Your Soul? - Part 2  

Soul care can feel counterintuitive or even selfish given the endless demands for our time - but that shift is the way for us to be fully present with God and others.

How is Your Soul? - Part 1  

In this first of a three-part series, John and Stasi Eldredge are joined by Morgan and Cherie Snyder to discuss ways to nurture and care for our souls.

Remember the Signs  

We tend to hate endings. But Stasi Eldredge shows how we can embrace the new by viewing life's changing seasons as signs that point us to Jesus.

Becoming a King  

In this third and final session, we join Morgan Snyder at a recent Become Good Soil Intensive as he invites men into a journey of becoming wholehearted kings whom God can entrust His kingdom to.

Counsel from Kingdom Giants  

In this second of three podcasts, Morgan Snyder takes us behind the scenes of a Become Good Soil event in Australia where sages share hard-earned words of wisdom with the younger men.  

What Astonishes the Heart of God?  

Have you realized it's possible to astonish God? In this live recording from a recent Become Good Soil Intensive, Morgan Snyder shares this transformational truth with the men attending this event.

Heart and Soul - Part 2  

In the second half of this series, John reveals how God uses both stillness and beauty to restore for our souls. 

Words of Life - From Craig  

At Craig McConnell's memorial service, we felt it fitting to offer some powerful words from him on life and the Kingdom. We share that message here as we celebrate Craig.

In Defiance of Death  

In this powerful message from 2013, John and Craig discuss how we can hold to a vibrant, real hope in the face of temporary loss.


As we celebrate Craig's life, we revisit this podcast from 2014. In it, Craig shares stories with Morgan and Allen about his past decade and what matters most.

A Hard and Holy Time  

John and Stasi share difficult news about Craig McConnell. * Please note, due to current circumstances the "Heart and Soul - Part 2" has been replaced with this episode.

Heart and Soul - Part 2  

In the second half of this series, John reveals how God uses both stillness and beauty to restore for our souls. 

Heart and Soul - Part 1  

Does your inner life feel like it is withering away? John shares ways to care for your soul in this first of two messages.

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