Marital Conflict - Part 3  

This final segment of the series focuses on practical ways to restore and revitalize your marriage.

Marital Conflict - Part 2  

Imagine you and your spouse being mutual advocates for each other and your marriage. It begins by shifting your focus from the external to the deeper internal issues.

Marital Conflict - Part 1  

John and Stasi are joined by Allen and Kellye for a candid conversation on overcoming conflicts husbands and wives face in marriage.

Being a Grandparent  

John and Stasi share stories about being grandparents and how this is new frontier for them.

Union with God - Part 2  

In the second half of the series, John Eldredge reveals what "total union of being" looks like and how it transforms every aspect of our lives.

Union with God - Part 1  

The epicenter of the Christian life is oneness with God. In this two-part series, John Eldredge explores how to overcome what gets in the way as we cultivate a deep and growing union with God.

Advance Words  

God's advance words can rescue us from so many situations - once we learn to ask for them.

Pursuing Your Creativity  

How does it look like to fully pursue your talents and interests with God? Allen kicks off this conversation on creativity with Jon Dale, Amy Dale, and Blaine Eldredge.

Effects of Trauma  

Stasi Eldredge and Cherie Snyder reveal the impact of trauma on our bodies, minds, and hearts - as well as ways we can experience healing.

3 Categories of Adventure  

Bart Hansen reveals the unique ways God invites men into a life of adventure.

An Examined Life  

Are you hungry for this year to be different? Morgan and Allen discuss how to approach 2017 with the singular goal of seeking Jesus above all else.

A New Year with God  

John, Morgan, and Allen share ways to intentionally invite God into this new year - from consecrating your calendar to listening to His advance words for what is to come.

The Week After Christmas  

In this interlude between Christmas and the New Year, John and Stasi discuss how to intentionally fill your days with grace and mercy.

The Week After Christmas  

In this interlude between Christmas and the New Year, John and Stasi discuss how to intentionally fill your days with grace and mercy.

Consecrate Your Christmas  

John shares how to consecrate your heart this Christmas by inviting Jesus to bless what you have while also coming into your unfilled longings and expectations.

Your Heart At Christmas  

John and Stasi offer ways to care for your heart during the non-stop rush of holiday demands, expectations, and longings.

Heaven Actually Comes to Earth  

The more clear your understanding of heaven is, the more hope it brings. John discusses the coming renewal of all things and what we will experience in the new earth as he shares from his next book, All Things New. 

You Have Something to Offer  

What does it look like to be involved in your community as a mentor? Stasi Eldredge and Lisa Beck reveal how to speak into the lives of others - regardless of our age or stage of life.

Parenting Adult Children  

Stasi Eldredge and Lisa Bech discuss ways they pursue the hearts of their kids during the early adult years.

Conversational Intimacy with God  

We can trudge through life on our own or we can walk with God. As in, learn to hear his voice. Really. In this podcast, John and Allen revisit the themes and message of Walking With God, now in an expanded edition.

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