A Visit to Normandy - Part 1  

John and Stasi share the profound orienting that occurred during their recent pilgrimage to Normandy.  

Interpreting Your Life - Part 4  

John and Craig offer insights for rightly interpreting your story in this final session from their 2014 conversation.

Interpreting Your Life - Part 3  

How do you interpret your calling? In this 2014 conversation, John Eldredge and Craig McConnell share ways to contend for and consecrate your current circumstances - as well as your dreams for the future.

Interpreting Your Life - Part 2  

As this series from 2014 continues, John  Eldredge and Craig McConnell discuss the high cost of misinterpretation.

Interpreting Your Life - Part 1  

We constantly interpret the events of our lives - but is it the right interpretation? Join John Eldredge and Craig McConnell in this transformative conversation from 2014.

Ready for Anything  

Morgan Snyder and Alex Burton discuss the process of initiation that God invites us and our children into.

Ready for Anything  

Morgan Snyder and Alex Burton discuss the process of initiation that God invites us and our children into.

The Female Body  

Women face unique struggles with their body image. In this message for women AND men, Stasi Eldredge and Stacey Burton reveal how to see ourselves as God does. 

Hope in the Desert  

Stasi Eldredge invites Stacey Burton to share her personal story of surviving cancer and embracing hope in this conversation of hard times and healing in the midst of the unknown.

Mid-Year Check In  

John, Sam, and Allen reflect on the advance words God gave them for 2017. As we start the second half of the year, discover how to hear and pursue God's unique words for you.

The Story of With - Part 2  

We get so busy doing things for God that we can miss life with God. In the second half of this series, John and Allen reveal how our creativity and dreams can lead to deeper intimacy with God.

The Story of With - Part 1  

When we approach our creativity and life with God, we experience deeper intimacy, identity, and imagination. John and Allen discuss how to pursue gifting from an awakened heart.

Envy - Part 4  

In this final session, John and Blaine share ways to break agreements with offense and restore a culture of admiration.

Envy - Part 3  

The breeding ground for envy is "The Triumph of the Offended Self". John and Blaine Eldredge reveal the power of choosing love over the self-life.

Envy - Part 2  

Envy aimed at you and your family is a form of spiritual warfare - but rarely seen that way. Discover how God's love can overcome it.  

Envy - Part 1  

John and Blaine Eldredge begin a four-part series on a little understood evil – Envy — and its toxic effect on our soul, joy, and gifting.

Fog of War - Part 2  

In the series conclusion, John, Alex, and Allen share practical ways to overcome the fog of war.

Fog of War - Part 1  

When you lose passion for what matters, feel isolated, or no longer sense God's presence, you're likely experiencing "Fog of War". John, Alex, and Allen describe this spiritual haze in the first of a two-part conversation.

The Millennial Generation  

Sam and Blaine discuss the misunderstood generation of men in their twenties and the resources they are producing - like the new AndSons Podcasts - to reach them.

A Sustainable Life - Part 3  

In this last session, John, Stasi, and Morgan reveal how divine intrusions and supernatural provisions factor into a sustainable life.

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