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Jordan, Jesse, Go! is a hilarious mix of the intelligent, silly and profoundly vulgar. Jesse Thorn (NPR's Bullseye) and Jordan Morris (@Midnight) talk about feelings, sex, culture and miniature donkeys. An iTunes staff pick and one of Rolling Stone's ten best comedy podcasts.


Ep. 451: Hulk Hoagie with Jonathan Ames  

Writer Jonathan Ames joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Jonathan's history fencing, the specifics of Hulk Hogan's sex tape trial, and the new Nintendo Switch commercial.   

Ep. 450: Autumnal Nip with Kyle Kinane  

Comedian Kyle Kinane joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of craft services at Jordan's work, airplane boarding order, everyone's childhood cool teachers, and costume options for Halloween this year. 

Ep. 449: Sipowicz Butt with Allan McLeod  

Actor Allan McLeod joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of showing your butt on TV, Allan's desire to smoke weed with his dad, and the surprising amount of dog movies that Dean Cain has starred in.

Ep. 448: Throw the Dog with Bill Corbett and Allie Goertz  

Writer and comedian Bill Corbett and comedian singer songwriter Allie Goertz join Jordan for a discussion of Jordan's cousin Bubba's jet ski, Allie's attempt at watching a movie every day for a year, and relationships with brands on Twitter.

Ep. 447: Live at MaxFunCon East with Robin Thede and Kevin Avery  

Comedians and writers Robin Thede and Kevin Avery join Jordan and Jesse live on stage at MaxFunCon East.

Ep. 446: Under the Sea with Solomon Georgio and Ricky Carmona  

Comedian Solomon Georgio joins Jesse and guest host Ricky Carmona for a discussion of baseball players with surprising athleticism, reasons they can't enjoy camping, and Solomon and Ricky's love of DJing.

Ep. 445: The Plop with Louis Virtel  

Comedian and writer Louis Virtel joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of early sexual education experiences, how great Dolly Parton is, Jim Carrey's comedy legacy, and rental car companies "upgrading" to worse cars.

Ep. 444: Kept Doofus with Cameron Esposito  

Cameron Esposito joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of straight white men using the word "daddy," Jesse's trip to his new cabin, and Jordan's experience taking a sound bath in the desert.

Ep. 443: Horse Dick on a Pony with Dave Shumka  

Dave Shumka joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Steve Urkel's catchphrases, Jordan's experience getting insulted by a hotel worker, and Ivanka Trump's ex-boyfriend – socialite Bingo Gubleman. Plus, Dave explains the 90's Dork-folk Revolution in Canada and the guys decide which Maroon 5 member they like most.

Ep. 442: The Scorch Trials with Hal Lublin  

Hal Lublin joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of what JJGo's logline should be, Jesse's reaction to dropping Simon off at Kindergarten, and the best sequel subtitles. Plus, the guys do another round of Patrick Warburton impressions.

Ep. 441: We Love This Stuff with Travis McElroy  
Podcaster extraordinaire Travis McElroy joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion Jordan's life-long goal of being on the local news, Travis's showbiz childhood, and the fear of living with someone after developing weird alone habits. Plus, Jesse Whiplashes Travis into being a better podcaster and it's Anal August!


Ep. 440: Murder Kroger with Steve Agee  

Comedian and actor Steve Agee joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of the dangerous grocery stores of Atlanta, what characters make up the Suicide Squad, Steve's Comic Con appearance for Guardians of the Galaxy, and Jordan's nightmare about his Amazon Echo.

Ep. 439: Cavemen Around a Campfire with Danielle Radford  

Danielle Radford, one of the hosts of MaxFun's new wrestling podcast Tights and Fights joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Danielle's visit to the Showgirls strip club, the truth behind animal segments on talk shows, and which appetizer is best for dipping.

Ep. 438: Summertime Atrocities with Calise Hawkins and Monika Scott  

Jordan welcomes comedians Calise Hawkins and Monika Scott to the show for a fun romp through three new summertime malt beverages, a discussion of the personalities of flights around the US, and a rundown of Jordan's trip to Alaska.  

Ep. 437: Ghost Pie with Mike Eagle  

Rapper Open Mike Eagle joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of everyone's favorite pies, Jordan's upcoming trip to Alaska, Jeff Goldblum's attractiveness and Jesse's growing VHS collection.

Ep. 436: Pocketful of Hot Wings with Dave Holmes  

Fan favorite Dave Holmes joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Dave's experience at Slimmins with Richard Simmons, Jesse's Summer Boi trip to the Berkshires for the Fourth of July, and the true meaning of James Taylor's song Fire and Rain. Plus, Jordan pitches a new name for Macklemore's friend Ryan Lewis and everyone weighs in on pool chilling vs a trip to the beach.

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Ep. 435: Orange Crying with Alison Rosen and Jenna Kim Jones  

Alison Rosen and Jenna Kim Jones join Jordan for a discussion of reality TV obsessions like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules and Bar Rescue, Jordan's transformative trips to Las Vegas, and the joy of eating carbohydrates while you're pregnant.  Spoiler alert: Alison is pregnant!

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Ep. 434: Turtle in the Spelling Bee with Bridgid Ryan  

Comedic songstress Bridgid Ryan joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Bridgid's email correspondence with Bridget Ryan, Jordan's story about his carbon monoxide detector going off early one morning, and which Bazooka Joe character names are perfect names for a pet hamster.

Ep. 433: Dos Nuts Tho with Brian Heater  

Writer Brian Heater joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of virtual reality porno, Brian's visit to a murder hotel, and Jordan's new update to the Summer Boi protocol.  Plus, the guys make a new dank meme and cater to the ASMR community.  

Ep. 432: Buzz Compartment with Daniel Van Kirk  

Comedian and writer Daniel Van Kirk joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of what it's like to do whippets, visiting amusement parks as an adult, and new words like "plurnt" and "woke".  Plus, Daniel brings a new definition of the word "chode" and the guys start a political movement: #NotAllChodes.

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