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Josh Talks


Josh Talks is a collection of remarkable ideas & stories from all across India. From business to stand up comedy to social activism and even space exploration, what you get through our talks is a whirlwind of our country seen through the eyes of some of our most enterprising doers, achievers and change-makers.


An Indian startup’s journey to land on the moon - TeamIndus | Sheelika Ravishankar  

Team Indus is looking to become the first private enterprise as well as the first Indian mission ever to land a rover on the moon. If they succeed, it would be a giant leap for private space research & technology. There is a plan and a schedule. Sheelika Ravishankar shares the startup’s journey. Visit for a better experience of this talk. #Space #StartUp #Inspiration #Crazy #Team #Indus #TeamIndus #Moon #JourneyToMoon

The Mission to end hunger in India in a lifetime | Ankit Kawatra  

As it stands, 20 crore Indians sleep hungry every night and 13 lac children die here every year of hunger related diseases. Ironically, though, India is also a country that wastes food. From production through to lavish weddings, 40 percent of all food is thrown away. These are the numbers that moved Ankit to act. He has a plan. Visit for a better experience of this talk.

How an outsider broke into Bollywood | Anurag Kashyap  

Internationally acclaimed director Anurag Kashyap talks about his journey into films. When he entered the industry, he had neither connections nor money. He was an anonymous boy in his 20s in a cut-throat environment, with an unconventional view on films. The only way he could survive was to adapt. He was forced to look for new pathways, and today he is credited with breakthroughs in film making, casting, marketing, and distribution. A fascinating account of hard choices! #Films #Movies #Bollywood #HindiCinema #Cinema #AnuragKashyap #FilmMaking #Inspiring #Motivational

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