Journalism Matters

Journalism Matters

United States

A fortnightly podcast from Press Gazette in which leading journalists and figures from UK journalism provide an insider take on the industry.


Local press journalist who bugged, arrested and spied on by police for doing her job -  Sally Murrer  

Press Gazette editor Dominic Ponsford interviews local press journalist Sally Murrer. In 2007 she was at the centre of a notorious case involving police surveillance. She said she has still not recovered from what Thames Valley Police did to her and explains why it so important British journalists fight to get protection for journalist in the Investigatory Powers Bill currently going through parliament.

Was it the pro-Brexit press 'wot won it'? The Sun's Trevor Kavanagh and Hacked Off's Evan Harris  

Press Gazette editor Dominic Ponsford discusses the extent to which pro-Brexit press coverage influenced the EU referendum result.

Chairman of the Independent Press Standards Organisation Sir Alan Moses  

Press Gazette editor Dominic Ponsford interviews chairman of press regulator the Independent Press Standards Organisation Sir Alan Moses.

News editor of SBTV News and 'millennial' Ash Houghton  

Ash Houghton talks to Dominic Ponsford about how he went from leaving school at 15 to work on building sites, to his role as news editor of youth media brand SBTV News. He also offers some insight on how journalists can connect better with 'millenials' such as himself.

'Dull it isn't' - Duncan Campbell on crime reporting  

Former Guardian crime correspondent Duncan Campbell talks about what makes a good crime reporter, who his favourites are and how to deal with death threats (tape them!). He is the author of: 'We'll All Be Murdered in Our Beds! The Shocking History of Crime Reporting'

London Evening Standard editor Sarah Sands  

Press Gazette's John Reynolds interviews the editor of London's free daily newspaper.

Robert Verkaik - The journalist who met Jihadi John  

Press Gazette editor Dominic Ponsford interviews freelance security journalist Robert Verkaik, the only reporter who met Mohammed Emwazi (who would become known as Jiihadi John).

Episode 2: Empire editor Terri White  

Editor of the UK's best-selling film magazine Empire, Terri White, talks journalism, magazines and why seeing a happy reader is better for her than taking a ride on the Millennium Falcon.

Press Gazette Journalism Matters Podcast episode one  

Press Gazette editor Dominic Ponsford discusses the future of the UK Freedom of Information Act with Heather Brooke, Jonathan Isaby and Rob Evans at City University in London

Journalism Matters - podcast trailer  

This is a trailer for the Press Gazette Journalism Matters podcast

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