Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald

Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald


Heather loves juicy scoops, topics and guests and that is just what she'll be delving into each week on her podcast. Much like the very missed Chelsea Lately, that Heather wrote and appeared on since it's inception, Heather will tackle the juiciest and most controversial topics that are in the Zeitgeist. Heather will not hold back on her opinion on anything or anyone and when talking to guests ranging anywhere from actors, to comics to reality stars, Heather will ask the questions you were always wondering about yourself.


Juicy Scoop - Ep - 142 - Sex, Prostitutes & Billionaires: Confessions of A Las Vegas Madam  

Sex, Prostitutes & Billionaires. Jami Rodman, Las Vegas' most infamous and successful Madam, reveals how "Sin City" is built upon the backs of prostitutes. These "Ladies of the Night" keep the city that never sleeps running with drugs, booze and sex. Jami tells Heather of Saudi Princes renting dozens of women at one time, pimping out an Olympic Athlete, and why a midget mistress was in such high demand! Dozens of unbelievable and titillating tales about forbidden sex acts, betrayal, broken dreams and redemption.

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 141 - Tamra Judge Talks New Season of Housewives & What It's Like Without Heather Dubrow  

Live from the OC, Tamra Judge joins Heather McDonald on stage for a live taping of Juicy Scoop. Tamra gives us exclusive insight into a series people are calling "the best f**king season ever." Will it top the "Brooks has cancer saga?" It's looking like that may be the case. Plus we'll hear what it's like without Heather and Terry Dubrow on the show and we'll find out if the second time is the charm for returning cast member and god fearing housewife Lydia McLaughlin. Will her strong faith and devotion to Christ keep her on the path of righteousness, or will the same hellfire and sinful behavior that has consumed so many other Orange County housewives drag her to purgatory?

Juicy Scoop Ep - 140 - Filthy Married Millionaire Serial Dater  

Heather hit the jackpot with this episode thanks to Jacqueline Yadger, a divorced single mother who was looking for love and stumbled upon the man of her dreams. Her shining White Knight was the head of one of the largest banks in the world. He was rich and powerful.... but not that good-looking (hey we can't always have everything). Slowly Jacqueline started to get the feeling that something was wrong and that's when she started doing a little investigating and confirmed her worst fears. Her not-so-attractive White Knight was really a Filthy Married Millionaire Serial Dater!

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 139 - Sexual Misconduct Halts Bachelor In Paradise Filming  

Trouble In Paradise? ABC has announced that it has suspended filming of the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise after star Corinne Olympios complained that she was so drunk that she didn't consent to having sexual contact with fellow cast member DeMario Jackson, and that producers should have intervened on her behalf, but instead chose to keep filming! After getting through all the Bachelor drama Heather talks to Kevin Dickson & Jack Ketsoyan, two of the most infamous and feared gossip reporters in Hollywood. They reveal a lurid Hollywood landscape of drugs, drama and Hollywood A-listers with below average penises.

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 138 - Shiva Safai, Stepmom to Gigi & Bella Hadid & Star of 2nd Wives Club  

Who could possibly be hotter than Gigi & Bella Hadid? Their future stepmom Shiva Safai, that's who. The "Persian Princess" tells Heather what it's like being engaged to Bella and Gigi's father, Mohammed Hadid, what it's like to live in a house so big you don't even know how many rooms there are, and why she's much happier starring in E!'s Second Wives Club rather than being a cast member on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Plus Heather almost dies of an aneurism as she impersonates all 7-cast-members of Real Housewives of New York City while reenacting last night's episode.

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 137 - Serial Dater: When Ben Met Cassie, And Cassie Met Meredith, And S**t Got Real  

There's only one thing worse than unknowingly sharing a man with another woman, and that's unknowingly sharing that man, and the same sex toys, with THAT other woman. Two scorned and hygienically compromised women reach out to Heather to reveal their horrifying relationship with a ginger-headed gigolo who dated these two women at the same time and didn't even have the common decency to buy each of them their own set of sex toys! Ewwwwww! Plus we have the second half of Corey Feldman's interview. Heather uses her superhuman powers of persuasion to dig deep into this polarizing child star's shattered psyche to find out why and when everything went wrong.

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 136 - WTF Is Going on With The Real Housewives of New York?  

WTF is going on with the Real Housewives of New York. Heather gives us a blistering blow-by-blow of this week's episode and reveals that thanks to her Reality TV street cred, she might have some behind the scenes insight. Plus Heather hints that there may be a New York Housewife or two stopping by the podcast soon to reveal what and who is rotten in the "Big Apple."

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 135 - Corey Feldman Reveals How He Survived Rape, Drug Addiction & The Death of Friend Corey Haim  

Tears, Tragedy & Triumph! Former child star Corey Feldman reveals that underneath the glitz and glamour of Hollywood is a dark, dirty and seedy world that is no place for a child. It's a place where parents steal money from their kids and then pimp them out to Hollywood execs when the bank account is running low on funds, drug abuse is rampant, and an overwhelming amount of bright young child actors end up broke, destitute and psychologically shattered.

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 134 - The Saddest Housewives Stories  

Ben and Ronnie from Watch What Crappens join Heather on this episode of Juicy Scoop to reveal some of the saddest stories of Housewives after they've been ejected from their shows. From porn, to selling ugly hand crafted jewelry at swamp meets, Heather takes an unflinchingly and painful look at life after Housewives.

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 133 - Chris Franjola On Leonardo DiCaprio's Odd Sex Habits, Anthony Weiner's Illegal Sex Habits, & Why The Current Bachelorette Contestants Are Losers  

Chris Franjola joins Heather on this Thursday episode of Juicy Scoop to talk about disgraced congressman Anthony Weiner joining Subway's Jared Fogle in the pedophile wing of a maximum security prison, WTF was Jessica Simpson on during her bizarre Ellen appearance, and why Leonardo DiCaprio won't have sex with a woman unless he has condoms, a pair of Beats headphones, and a signed non-disclosure-agreement.

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 132 - Sarah Colonna Talks About Ryan Seacrest's Secret War Against Kelly Ripa & Beyonce's Fake Pregnancy Belly  

Is Ryan Seacrest waging a secret war on Kelly Ripa to take control over her show? Does Tom Cruise have a violent Scientology vendetta for his former co-star Jamie Foxx for dating his ex-wife Katie Holmes? Is Beyonce really pregnant with twins, or is she wearing the same fake belly she wore when she was "pregnant" with Blue Ivy? Join Heather and Sarah Colonna as the dynamic duo comb through stacks of tawdry supermarket tabloids to find the truth and deliver you the "Juicy Scoop." Help support Juicy Scoop by visit our sponsors at: www.patreon.com/juicyscoop www.audible.com/juicy www.bloomthat.com/juicy www.ziprecruiter.com/juicy

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 131 - Kelly Osbourne talks about her feud with Christina Aguilera & Burning All Of Her Bridges  

Kelly Osbourne tells Heather about burning all of her bridges growing up, spitting on Christina Aguilera's car after the singer caller her a fat B**ch, & the real story behind her supposed feud with Lady Gaga. Help support Juicy Scoop by visit our sponsors at: www.patreon.com/juicyscoop www.audible.com/juicy www.bloomthat.com/juicy www.ziprecruiter.com/juicy

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 130 - Letters From A Bad-Ass B**th" - Kelly Osbourne  

Heather grills Kelly Osbourne on her book “Letters From A Bad-Ass B**th” and gets the dirt on her fame.  Kelly spills the juicy scoop about her wild childhood; from seeing a goody-two-shoes pop star do drugs in a rock bar on Los Angeles’ famed Sunset strip to backstabbing Hollywood b**ches who are out to sabotage everyone else’s careers. Help support Juicy Scoop by visit our sponsors at: www.patreon.com/juicyscoop www.audible.com/juicy www.bloomthat.com/juicy www.ziprecruiter.com/juicy

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 129 -  "How I Escaped A Billionaire's Middle Eastern Harem" - NY Times Best-Selling-Author Jillian Lauren  

"I escaped a Middle Eastern Harem!" That's the story of today's guest, Jillian Lauren. The NY Times best-selling-author reveals how she was whisked away to Brunei just after turning eighteen to be a member of the billionaire Prince of Brunei's royal harem. Jillian tells Heather how her steamy love affair between the Prince of Brunei, and his older brother, the Sultan, could have torn the kingdom apart, the wild sex parties, and the moment she feared she was going to be "retired" from the Prince's harem by being thrown off a skyscraper.

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 128 - Heather Goes Deep Undercover Into The Wild Hollywood Lesbian Scene  

After years of hearing about the wild Hollywood Lesbian scene Heather has decided to get the scoop from the Hollywood Lolita Lesbian herself, actress and radio host Heidi Hamilton. Heidi gives Heather her thoughts on if Ellen DeGeneres is thinking about banning her current wife, Portia, from their palatial Montecito estate to Van Nuys, California to live along former flame Anne Heche in a rundown duplex. Heidi also reveals what it's like to be a Lesbian in Hollywood and if a chance encounter with a man and his micro penis may have led to her turning her back on men forever.

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 127 - Chris Franjola Talks About His Hot Encounter With Salma Hayek, Craigslist Call Girls, & A Hooker Killing Serial Killer  

Rejoice Juicy Scoopers! Chris Franjola is back! The hunky Italian Stallion delves deep into the seedy side of the San Fernando Valley and opens Heather's eyes to Craigslist Call Girls, Bartenders who pimp women and sell cocaine, and a Hooker Killing Serial Killer.

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 126 - EXCLUSIVE: Vanderpump's Scheana Comes Clean About Drugs, Cheating & Her Failed Marriage  

Vanderpump Rules' Scheana gives Heather and exclusive interview in which she comes clean about her former husband's drug problems, his cheating heart and failed marriage. Scheana tells Heather about catching her ex-husband Michael Shay cheating on her, his insatiable drug habit that led to him cleaning out her bank account & how and why he disappeared for weeks at time when she needed him most after a tragic death in her family. This "juicy scoop" is a world exclusive that you'll only hear on this podcast.

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 125 -  Jill Zarin Tells Ramona "The Gloves Are Off You F***ing B**ch!"  

RHONY's Jill Zarin tells Heather "The gloves are off" when it comes to "that fucking bitch" Ramona on this live taping of Juicy Scoop. Jill's fed up with Ramona's double talk and jealousy issues that cost her a 300k business deal, and tells Heather who she thinks may have leaked the news that Ramona's husband was cheating on her. Plus Wells Adams from the Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise reveals some juicy secrets behind the infamous fantasy suite and tells Heather it's filled with condoms, viagra and booze... maybe even some sex toys.

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 124 - Eden Sassoon Talks Cocaine Blizzards & Who's The Daddy Of Her Frozen Embryos  

Eden Sassoon rocks Heather's world with revelations that she was once a cunning cougar who stalked actor and boy-band member, Jesse McCartney, a young man 13-years her junior. She says the two had a hot and heavy relationship that culminated with her eggs fertilized by Jesse and put on ice in case they decided to tie the knot at a later date. Eden also gives her honest and very blunt opinion about her Beverly Hills cast-mates. It's oh-so juicy!!!

Juicy Scoop - Ep - 123 - Spencer Pratt Talks Lauren Conrad Sex Tape, Spending 100k On Crystals & Losing Everything  

Spencer Pratt is back in part. 2 of his explosive interview with Heather. The Hollywood Hell-raiser talks about a Lauren Conrad sex tape, how the producers of the Hills turned his sister against him, and why losing everything was the best thing that could have ever happened to him.

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