Jules and Sarah The Podcast

Jules and Sarah The Podcast

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Jules Von Hep and Sarah Powell bring to you fun, lighthearted & predominately nonsense driven podcasts to uplift, sooth & essentially amuse ones ears. Tune in and giggle along. Jules and Sarah are based in London and can be reached through Twitter - @julesvonhep @thissarahpowell


Jules and Sarah with The Yoghurt Smuggle  

Next week the pair celebrate their 1 Year Podcast Birthday! You can watch AND listen to their Anniversary Party Podcast Edition! Subscribe to youtube.com/julesvonhep to make sure you don't miss the fun! Write into Jules and Sarah! Go on... PO Box 66747 London NW5 9GH. Who knew Wagamamma held such dating stories for the duo? What a kick off! After the saga of The Pink Coat continues, and an appreciation of national (and local) art gallery gift shops and Jules' obsession with all-in-ones, Jules recalls tales of mechanical (and sandwich) woe on a recent trip back from Newcastle. Post correspondence, the pair tell tales of Ken's recent fell climbing and brush with drunkards and June's packing fiasco for an upcoming long haul excursion and her beauty extender discovery.

Jules and Sarah with or without Pat  

Write into Jules and Sarah! PO Box 66747 London NW5 9GH. A wondrous surprise dinner fuels the pair straight into the potential podcast Strictly Come Dancing CURSE - hench your bets Port Salut Crew! After discussing (and business planning) around bins, and Jules' new slinky all in one outfit Sarah endures a bad retail experience, is THIS the end of her online retail refusal?! The new selfie style shot craze has been discovered and yet again, that PO Box has been brimming, has your correspondance been read out? Ken discovers the wonderful world of Whatsapp whilst June enters turmoil at dinner time. News from the North involves toilets, cockerels and a missing peacock and Jules is challenged once more in Would You Rather. Join the Port Salut Crew and smile from ear to ear.

Jules and Sarah with The Northern Belle  

Write into Jules and Sarah! PO Box 66747 London NW5 9GH. Post new age text speak and after overcoming yet another blister crisis the duo enlighten you - The Port Salut Crew, to an in depth discussion on current garment choices, get-up-and-go footwear decisions, and Jules meeting his outfit twin before discussing Sarah's potential career as a (muted) backing singer. June, Kerry, Tina... a train, tartan and a smoked salmon parcel this week sits nicely alongside Ken's recent haircut and his review of Strictly Come Dancing. News from The North depicts vandalism and discrepancy. A gem of a podcast. KR.

Jules and Sarah: Introducing The Port Salut Crew  

Write into Jules and Sarah! PO BOX 66747 London NW5 9GH. As Jules hobbles into the cab office this week (suffering with major foot injuries) Sarah unveils her blister fighting home remedies as well as recalling a recent act of sartorial guidance as she sat ringside at dinner. The pair dive into an in depth chat on the etiquette of the nations much loved chippy before Jules debuts his true vocal range. Ken's recent 60th birthday plans appear to have ruffled some feathers whilst June has hell on with a park and ride affair. News from the North this week sees the closure of a beloved craft store and a rare (possibly made up) canine. Tune in, buckle up and eat cheese if you must.

Jules and Sarah with all the salad  

Write into Jules and Sarah (please) PO Box 66747 London NW5 9GH! 100% definitely absolutely... maybe(?) the pair feasted on an organic gluten-free spelt dairy-free dusted by angels salad this week and in no way had a pizza the size of a tractor wheel. Is Jules off the shred?? Join in the laughter and relive tales from the wedding of weddings from Jules' weekend as well as Sarah's recent trip to the seaside, and into the ocean she went! The pair read the glorious comments from their recent YouTube video before launching into Kens fiasco holiday booking and June's birthday gift to Jules finally reaches him. News from the North involves traffic lights and a wing walking Gran and the pair close on a corker Would You Rather. Don't forget to tweet the pair @julesvonhep @thissarahpowell

Jules and Sarah with The Hangover Debrief  

Write into Jules and Sarah! PO BOX 66747 London NW5 9GH • Post Jules' 30th celebrations the pair do what any friends would do after a big night out - revel in reliving tales of shame. The dancing, the food, the hangover. Ken joins Jules in a trip to the bank while June writes her own tales from a recent pork pie disaster. The pair indulge in some on air cheese tasting and Would You Rather leaves Jules stumped. Tune in and die laughing. Literally.

Jules and Sarah with Jules’ Birthday Spesh  

Send Jules birthday love!! (and cheques) PO BOX 66747 • London • NW5 9GH • This episode is quite simply a celebration to mark Jules’ 30th birthday. Expect bubbles, cheese and a lot of giddiness. BE WARNED: News from the North does featuring swearing, sorry about that.

Jules and Sarah Pining for The North  

Write into Jules and Sarah (dare you) PO BOX 66747 • London • NW5 9GH • This week Sarah is finally ready to talk about her recent trip to Edinburgh and the unexpected (and rather drastic) hit of Gatwick Dad Syndrome. Jules has been North. The wine bar, the door, Kens news and even a foam party - it's all happened. June has a below average spa visit with The Nans and News from the North features sport and religious affairs. Tune in for quite the show.

Jules and Sarah sitting ringside with(out) terrine.  

Write into Jules and Sarah! PO BOX 66747 London NW5 9GH. Hyper and delirious the pair move swiftly into wedding etiquette as Jules faces a sartorial dilemma. Together they chat ring side seating in restaurants with a strong warning on the world of terrine. Dragging the conversation into the gutter, the duo move onto the art of eating a Calippo and Sarah downloads the latest car report from Jules. Correspondence has ANOTHER celebrity angle this week, Ken and Shelagh have gone AWOL and June opens up about a skip trauma.

with No More Balls  

Write into Jules and Sarah and have your correspondence read out - PO Box 66747 London NW5 9QA. Bedraggled, hot and full of halloumi, this week the pair mourne the loss of their beloved balls restaurant. After Jules pines for his favourite Olympic sport, the ribbon twirling the duo move into serious shopping territory - Sarah's new bra. Correspondance this week involves some VIP mail and Ken and Shelagh announce the second favourite reonvation - the door whilst June enthralls in an unexpected pilgramage. News from

Jules and Sarah: The Drinking Game  

Write into Jules and Sarah (with a quill if preferred): Po Box 66747 London NW5 9GH. Post Wilderness festival Jules struggles to stay sane…. And on the shred. After talking festival etiquette (or lack of) the pair move onto Sarah’s desert surprise and her potential launching of a Speak French audio tape. Sarah has endured a fly tipping saga and the pair reassure listeners that it is A OK to laugh alone in public. Ken and Shelagh had a wilder weekend than Jules and June goes rogue and off radar - as well as emailing through CHEESE news. News from the North headlines a grandma with a career change and an event Jules and Sarah will definitely attend in future. The joy!

Jules and Sarah with Bucks Fizz  

Write to Jules and Sarah! PO Box 66747 London NW5 9GH. Fuelled by halloumi, our pair embark on this week's podcast where scampi fries, odd dreams and dog etiquette are all discussed. There's a panic from Jules about fox ears and his impending 30th and Sarah's been on a wild night out. Elsewhere, Shelagh's had a bump in the night and June's had a run in with a frog. Of course there's News from the North which includes a rogue swan and the weekly round of Would You Rather as well as your correspondence. Pop your cork and get ready for a laugh.

Jules and Sarah with The Recovery  

Write into Jules and Sarah - PO Box 66747 London NW5 9GH. This week the pair both play catch up as they deal with hangovers. Sketchy and delirious the couple somehow end up on being frisked, and the surprising joys of security. Sarah unveils the comedy gold and sheer appreciation from the wedding she attended the day before and Jules has a disclaimer involving bananas. Shelagh hosts quite the heatwave of a dinner party as June feeds back the latest tales from her cruise. News from the North this week talks of how one establishment is dealing with the recent heatwave and yet again they touch on more key transport news. Hot, sketchy and nonsense babbled - the pair wont let you down.

Jules and Sarah's Friday Night Showdown.  

Pick up your quill and write into Jules and Sarah! PO Box 66747 London NW5 9GH. This week the pair record this episode on a Friday night, thus may have had one too many Babycham's at dinner. Together the (somewhat giddy) pair open up into one hell of a show, kicking off with Sarah's recent joyous shopping experience. Post Croatia Jules relays tales of dancing in the sun and an almost punch-up over gelato. Correspondence hits the chicest of highs this week and Shelagh revels in the joys of a skip whilst June discovers whatsapp. News from the North talks of local culinary skills and village decoration. Tune in and listen to a belter.

Jules and Sarah with Cod Liver Oil  

Write into Jules and Sarah! PO Box 66747 London NW5 9GH! Holy baloney buckle yourselves in for one hell of a giddy podcast. After Jules relays his laundry bin drama, Sarah retells a recent incident involving her Nan, and a missing cod liver oil capsule. The duo then retell stories of their grandparents meeting. This week Shelaghs back (wahoo!) after her recent first aid course and June undergoes another culinary trickery. News from the North this week is all about a balloon discovery, and a new must-go to place on Whip Ma Woo Mar Gate.

Jules and Sarah with Damson Jam  

Write into Jules and Sarah! PO Box 66747 London NW5 9GH! This week an overly emotional Sarah gets excited about gig merchandise while Jules experiences a cheese crime scene. There's new plans for Sarah as The Face of Feta the pair plan their much anticipated cookery book. Elsewhere, Ken's B&B reviews are in while June is using stealth methods to get her way. News from the North features surprise twins and BREAKING baked bean news. Get a glass of fizz and prepare to howl.

Jules and Sarah with Ken  

Write into Jules and Sarah! PO Box 66747 London NW5 9GH. Sarah simply must have a snack before the pair head out for dinner this week. Jules keeps her well within the realms of The Shred. After an overshare of Jules' thirst, and Shelaghs taps (not a euphemism) the duo unleash a new way to their millions: Shelaghs Vasse and tyre spinning. After a discussion of the appeal of a padded cell and Jules' recent ear test - the pair then move onto news from June... and Ken. News from the North involves a birthday and a surprise stow away (leading to an on air promise from Sarah) and Would You Rather tests the vocal ranges. Get ready for a giggle!

Jules and Sarah with Shelagh finding out (kind of)  

Write to Jules and Sarah! PO Box 66747 London NW5 9GH. It all kicks off this week with a true British commentary on the muggy (and rather vile) climates of June - the month not Sarah's mother. Jules has embarked on an out-of-town supermarket experience whilst Sarah reveals a new hair do (Hair by Juan naturally). As always the pair reminisce on the old and revel in the new - this week being the Hostess Trolley vs The Trailer Fridge. June enters new heights in entertaining as Sarah tells tales of her charity raffle and party as Jules lovingly remembers a gorgeous weekend with Shelagh... until an idol let slip. News from the North (and around) involves a Canal Boat, WI ladies and a of course seagull. Boil the kettle, sit down and get ready to chortle.

Jules and Sarah with The Musical  

Write to Jules and Sarah! PO Box 66747 London NW5 9GH. This week Sarah (finally) strips for Jules as she embraces a pre-podcast spray tan. After the pair have overcome such nudity, Jules relays tales from a recent hen do - including a huge love in for Mums on the Run. The double act then proceed onto an in depth chat over their super hero alter egos before diving into your correspondence - LETTERS. A throwback into 90s cartoons triggers a disturbing memory for Jules before Sarah opens up about a secret love affair with maternity garments. June's post Antique Roadshow news is shared before the show airs and Shelagh begins a serious wet room investigation. This week News from the North enters culinary tales before Would You Rather hits octave ranges. Get yourself ready for quite the show stopper!

Jules and Sarah with the Anorak Gang  

Write to Jules and Sarah! PO Box 66747 London NW5 9GH. This week the pair, whilst displaying quite the skill of vocal accents, over-engage (accidentally) in their love of trains. Sarah has a brush with a fidget whilst Jules unveils the joys of train bingo. A sudden swerve into the scaffolding of high waist jeans and the launch of a new age gusset and the pair are no sooner back discussing hen do's aboard the all to familiar choo choo. Shelagh has news post local wine bar opening as June overshares on her corn plasters. News from the North involves (you guessed it) trains and... Wales. The pair close with an oddly timed Halloween challenge, in June. Tune in and get ready to board the LOL train.

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