Julie Cross Podcast Show

Julie Cross Podcast Show


Welcome to the ‘Julie Cross’ Podcast SHOW! What you can expect when you stop by is that you will be empowered, energised or entertained… or perhaps all three at once. This will happen through the sharing my thoughts, learning and reflections. It will happen through storytelling, sharing both my stories and the stories of others, it will also happen through interviews with people, maybe not famous people but people on the street. It is going to grow and change as we do and as I get to know what you want to hear. But what I can promise you is that no matter the content, my vision will always be take you on a ‘feeling’ journey leave you ‘feeling’ glad that you stopped by. Enjoy! And I look forward to reading your comments and thoughts.


Take your 'why' to work with you now!  

Don't wait for your 'why' to show up... start loving what you do and owning the stage you have and take your 'why' to work with you... and then you will attract work that is more about your passion and your 'why'.

Don't seek, BE!  

So many people are 'seeking'... seeking happiness, seeking joy, seeking success. Perhaps it is time to stop seeking and start being! :)

Find YOU and then YOU will shine!  

People are demanding authenticity ... we are all talking about it, so where is it and how do we live it?

You can choose!  

We can not control what other people say and do and how they say and do it, but sometimes we forget that we CAN choose how we respond and react to what they say and do and how much we let it affect us! We need to make more choices!!

Are you ready for success?  

Are you really ready for success... because the more exposure you get the more exposed you will be!

It's a rant!  

Remember when service used to be out the customer... And now it seems it is about anything else but. And why are we all trying to do a little bit of everything instead of focusing on serving our customers in what we do best. 

Making a house a home  

There are gifts in delayed gratification and turning a house into a home! 

That election  

That election... it is what it is, so what is the message and who are we in all of this and who will we become. Let us make sure we grow through all situations into the very best version of ourselves.

Negotiating the Ocean of Grief  

11th of the 11th, 8 years ago since my husband passed away. So let's talk about grief, how do we negotiate the ocean of grief, and how do we know when we have done it?

Do sweat the small stuff (Julie & Waz)  

A chat with Waz on small stuff.

Maybe the small stuff really does matter?

Because maybe it is by sweating the small stuff that we can move onto handling some of the bigger stuff in our lives. Maybe we actually need to practice on the small stuff, maybe?

Keep it simple not complicated  

A chat with Waz on how complicated it can get. Let's stop overcomplicating the simple. Simple as that... or is it?

To carers we applaud you  

It is National Carers Week... so to all those unpaid carers looking after loved ones in their homes... we applaud you. They won't get the recognition that our 'famous' actors get or the applause our sports people get both they demonstrate love in action and are the glue that holds a community together.... National Carers Week #carers2016

Waz's opinion of the poem  

Now let's get a mans opinion and perspective on that poem and what men want, women want and what men think women want and women think men want! 

Being single  

Being Single.  Well I really didn't expect to find myself single at my age, it wasn't in my life plan but sometimes life has other plans. And like all ages in our lives and in the different stages there are observations made, lessons to be learnt and a sense of humour to be maintained. So here is a bit of all of that from this 'single' girl/women/widow/spinster! Hehe

r u ok_ - 6-09-2016 12.34 pm  

I know we have just had R U Ok day... but this is an important message for everyday!

Let's chat not just about how important it is to ask the question, but also how important it is that you are prepared to answer the question honestly, because that has to be the first step.

Hello Warrick, who the hell is Warrick?  

Love you to meet my mate Warrick, otherwise known as Woz... he will be joining me now and again to talk about man stuff, girls stuff and explore some stuff from a mans point of view!

Women Poem  

I wrote this poem when my son Jack came up to me one day and asked,

"So Mum, just what do women want?"... good question Jack and it just may be worth exploring because we have been on quiet a journey trying to find out what we want. 

Rant - Excuses  

Oh I get so tired of listening to myself sometimes, listening to myself make all those damn excuses about why I didn't do it, why I didn't exercise, why O don't eat right... and I go on and on and think up all the reasons why it is not my fault. And then I stop, give myself a good talking too, because maybe it is not all that complicated and I simply need to stop with the excuses! Enough!

Customer Service... just add more of you!  

Sometimes we just over complicate things. Awesome customer service really is very simple. It is not necessarily about better computer systems and more high tech innovations. In a high tech world we need to be high touch. It really is simply about adding more of YOU into all that you do. 

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