Julie Cross Podcast Show

Julie Cross Podcast Show


Welcome to the ‘Julie Cross’ Podcast SHOW! What you can expect when you stop by is that you will be empowered, energised or entertained… or perhaps all three at once. This will happen through the sharing my thoughts, learning and reflections. It will happen through storytelling, sharing both my stories and the stories of others, it will also happen through interviews with people, maybe not famous people but people on the street. It is going to grow and change as we do and as I get to know what you want to hear. But what I can promise you is that no matter the content, my vision will always be take you on a ‘feeling’ journey leave you ‘feeling’ glad that you stopped by. Enjoy! And I look forward to reading your comments and thoughts.


Find YOU and then YOU will shine!  

People are demanding authenticity ... we are all talking about it, so where is it and how do we live it?

Story time - 'Meeting Marjorie'  

It was at a bus stop... a chance encounter that had me 'stop' and be for a moment. Little did I know that in my extending some kindness to a stranger that the gift would actually be for me. We are so anxious to get busy and get to 'work' that so often we forget that every day moments of connection are our 'work'... or work as being human beings!

Mini Motivator - Be Positive  

Mini Motivator - Be Positive

Live - 'When I loved myself enough'  

Yes, I know I always find my way back to this message, but when will we get it? And have we really thought about what it truly means to love yourself and the problems it would solve when we did? Come on, listen in, you deserve this one.

Mini Motivator - Stop Worrying  

Mini Motivator - Stop Worrying

Work - 'Managing Service'  

Great service is easy to talk about but, it would seem, a lot harder to do and to manage... otherwise surely we would see more examples of great service. Still so many opportunities in business by simply improving our service!

Loving with Autism - 'Train Ride'  

Life is a ride ins't it? And Autism a journey like no other. This is about a ride on a train and a journey within the connections we can make with each other when we are not looking for opportunities to be offended. Come along, one thing for sure is it is a fun ride!

Mini Motivator - I'll Be happy  

Mini Motivator - I'll Be happy

Mini Motivator - Get Up  

It's pretty simple - just get up. 


Maintaining a sense of humour when life daily takes you to the edge isn't always easy. But it is possible and it is necessary, well necessary if you want to live a happy, joyful life despite the challenges, and I sure do. A story about that has my son living with Autism in a staring role. And yes, I do say that 'P' word! :wink:

Mini Motivator - How are you today?  

How do you answer when someone asks How are you Today?

My Three Capes Trek Adventure  

My Three Capes Trek Adventure. When you challenge yourself physically you challenge yourself emotionally.

Come along on a journey that was like no other in the mountains climbed and the views enjoyed.

Motivational Monday - Did she say that?!  

Did she really say that. How dare she....

Motivational Monday - Talk yourself up  

Have you given yourself a pep talk today? 

Book Review: Do Less, Achieve More by Chin-Ning Chu  

Book Review: Do Less, Achieve Move by Chin-Ning Chu.

Sometimes you really need to just surrender.

The key is to knowing when.

This is one of the books that constantly inspires me to find the balance between BEing and DOing.

Shift your energy  

Is your energy or mood low today? Just shift your thinking.

Living & loving with Autism  

Living & loving with Autism: An Introduction to the journey that is like no other. There will be laughter, tears and lessons for all that dare to come on this journey with us.

New Year & Daily Resolutions  

Yes, we do that at this time of the year... make those resolutions, but how do we keep them. Let's take a fresh look at New Years Resolutions.

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