K-LOVE Encouraging Story of the Day

K-LOVE Encouraging Story of the Day

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Every weekday the K-LOVE Morning Show features an encouraging story. Hear more stories on this podcast


Episode 48: God, do you hear my prayers?  

Share your encouraging story with us anytime, morningshow@klove.com.

Episode 47: Church & Easter  

Today's stories are all about church & easter. Share your encouraging story with us - morningshow@klove.com

Episode 46: Messengers from God  

God sends his message to us various ways, including a person in the check-out line at the grocery store! Hear the story of how Howie responded to the word that he only had a few months left to live!

Episode 45: Hand It Over To God  

Stories to encourage you and bring you closer to God. Do you to K-LOVE at work? You never know who might be listening. Share your encouraging story with us - morningshow@klove.com

Episode 44: Get ready for some goosebumps  

God said "Do It." You've got to hear this story. We’re also sharing one of the most intriguing stories we've ever shared on this podcast! Share your story with us, morningshow@klove.com


Episode 43: Reunion 40 Years Later  

A daughter reunited 40 years later with her biological mother! Going to college can test your faith, hear a story from Sarah that will encourage you.  Share your story with us, morningshow@klove.com.

Episode 42: K-LOVE Helped Start a Church?  

Hear a story how people listening to K-LOVE help to start a church! Also a story that Amy loved and touched her personally.  Share your stories weekday morning - call the studio at 800-900-1300

Episode 41: God Has A Lost & Found  

Have you ever lost something of importance to you? This story is for you! Is your church dealing with some struggles? Don't lose hope! Share your story of hope with us - morningshow@klove.com

Episode 40: Flexing His Faith Muscle  

Stories to give you hope and encouragement this week. Share your story by calling us each weekday morning at (800) 900-1300.

Episode 39: The Grace to Forgive  

"All my life I've felt like the thorn, God has shown me I am the Rose" - Stories to encourage you today! Share your encouraging story with the K-LOVE Morning Show - morningshow@klove.com

Episode 38: God Will Provide  

Stories of encouragement to brighten your day. In this episode we have a story about the power of a small gift in one women's life.  A praying wife shares how her husband got saved recently!  Share your encouraging story, email us: morningshow@klove.com

Episode 37: 5 Stories of Hope  

5 stories of God doing great things in K-LOVE listeners' lives! 

Episode 36: Fake it til' you make it?  

Fake it til' you make it? Is that in the Bible? We've also got a story about how the little ones in your car are listening closely! Share your encouraging story with us, morningshow@klove.com.

Episode 35: Relationship advice  

Listen to a story & advice that will help you in your relationships when you deal with conflict.  Do you struggle with your faith? We've got a story to encourage you!

Episode 34: God's Mysterious Ways  

Hear an amazing story how a young man was saved at Wal-Mart.  We also hear a story how a mans heart stopped 5 times, but God spared his life. Want some chills down your spine? Hear how the gospel was shared with one of the FBI's most wanted! These stories of God working in your life are such an encouragement to us.  Share yours, email morningshow@klove.com

Episode 33: God's Healing  

A first hand account of how amazing God is at healing our bodies and a story of how 2 friends guided their friend back to Christ after 25 years of bitterness. Share your encouraging story to morningshow@klove.com.

Episode 32: Facebook Activates Kindness & Hope  

Sometimes the greatest wisdom comes from the tiniest voices! Find out what a 7 year old told her Mom that brightened her day! We have a story about a Mom who used Facebook to activate kindness and hope for her son! A beautiful story to encourage you.  

Episode 31: How a server changed a mans life  

Megan's story touched our heart this week. Hear it again in the podcast and be encouraged as a parent.  Have you been afraid to give in the past? We've got a story that will inspire you to give. You can never out give God!  Share your encouraging story with us - morningshow@klove.com.

Episode 30: "I think Jesus is in my heart!"  

We are blessed everyday hearing how God uses K-LOVE in the lives of so many going through tough situations this season.  Hear how a woman going through chemo treatment was encouraged by K-LOVE. Your heart will be warmed when you hear what a little girl told her Daddy in the car while listening to the radio.

Episode 29: I am overwhelmed, but not overcome  

Going through a rough time? We've got some stories to help give you encouragement.  Why is crying a good thing? And you've got hear about this little 5 year old who gave up recess? You have to hear this heartwarming story!  

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