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K-LOVE Encouraging Story of the Day

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Every weekday the K-LOVE Morning Show features an encouraging story. Hear more stories on this podcast


Episode 23:  Praying for your future spouse  

Have you tried praying for your future spouse? You've got to hear this story and learn more how Kank & Amy also prayed for their future spouses! If you're single, this story will encourage you. If you've listened to the morning show  - you know we don't believe anybody calls our show by accident. Hear how a K-LOVE Morning Show listener is now using the calls from wrong numbers as a ministry.

Episode 22 - TobyMac the matchmaker?  

TobyMac the matchmaker? You've got to hear this story!  We also have a story of the calming effect of Christian music during a storm.  A thankful parent shares the power of a song in her child's life.




Episode 21: Seperation to Restoration, A Marriage Restored  

There is nothing too dirty for God. God can turn any situation around. Hear how a couple's marriage was restored.  We've also got a story how a women came to Jesus after the loss of her 10 month old son.  She is starting to heal and now realizes she is never alone.  Share your encouraging story with us - email morningshow@klove.com

Episode 20:  Tell Your Heart To Beat Again  

Do you believe in guardian angels? We've got a story how a women should have been in a tragic car accident. We always love hearing how a song heard on K-LOVE changes a life. Hear a story how a little girl repeating the lyrics from Danny Gokey's song "Tell Your Heart To Beat Again" gave hope to a mother and family.  Share your encouraging story, email us morningshow@klove.com

Episode 19: Easier to Praise  

Episode 19 features stories to encouraging you! Listen to a miraculous debt payoff story.  We also hear from a woman who has turned her drive into work into a praise & worship session and a handicap man explains why it's easy for him to praise!  Share your story with us - morningshow@klove.com

Episode 18: A miracle during the Louisiana floods!  

The encouraging story happens every day on K-LOVE Radio. Listen weekday mornings 6am-11am Eastern at :40 after each hour!  In today's episode hear how the 30 Day Challenge changed a couples life!  We also hear a story from a Special Olympics athlete who bonded and made memories with his Dad at a recent event. You've got to hear another incredible story & miracle that happened in Louisiana during the recent floods!

Episode 17: The feeling after becoming a follower of Christ  

Have you ever lost someone you loved dearly? You will be inspired by a families story of losing their child..  You've got to hear how John felt after he became a Christian. And a story about how a community gathered around someone who need a double lung transplant! Share your encouraging story with the K-LOVE Morning show - morningshow@klove.com

Episode 16:  Was Kank encouraged by this episode?  

Stories about miracles, forgiveness, K-LOVE music changing a life and more! 

Share your story with the K-LOVE Morning Show at 800-900-1300 weekday mornings between 6am-11am EST.
Episode 15: Reunited with a son  

Listen to the amazing story of a mother being reunited with her son she gave up for adoption 33 years ago!

Episode 14: Organ donor saves a life and shares Jesus  

Sharon shares how she helped save a life with an organ donation and she did it in the name of Jesus! You'll also hear a story of true forgiveness & a story how Matthew West's song "Do Something" inspired a K-LOVE listener to make a difference in her community!

Share how God is working in your life - email us, morningshow@klove.com

Episode 13: Goosebump-worthy stories  

Have you ever asked God, "I just want to be used by you" - this story will encourage you! Share your encouraging story with the K-LOVE morning show - morningshow@klove.com and be sure to let us know what phone number to call you back at.

Episode 12: Averted suicides  

God loves you! God has a plan for your life and it's to live it out! Amazing stories of suicides averted along with stories of lives changed and saved. Share your encouraging story with the K-LOVE Morning Show - email us, morningshow@klove.com  - If you're feeling hopeless right now, we have pastors here to talk with you. 800-525-5683

Episode 11: Conquering Addiction  

This episode features stories of people conquering addiction and trusting Jesus.  Hear an incredible story of how prayer healed a man from his smoking addiction.  Curtis shares how a year ago he couldn't walk, today Jesus is in full control of his life!  Share your story with the K-LOVE Morning Show - Email morningshow@klove.com and include a phone number we can reach you at.  Let us know what you think of the podcast. Leave a review and rating.

Episode 10: YOU with Christ can do it!  

A disabled veteran calls in and shares what God put in his heart back in 2003 that has prepared him for today! What a testimony! Share your story, email us at morningshow@klove.com

Episode 9: Praying for a baby  

Avis shares how she's dealing with the news that she and her husband cannot have children. Her story is encouraging many and God is using her story.  Share your story with the K-LOVE Morning Show at 800-900-1300 weekday mornings between 6am-11am EST.

Episode 8: You plant the seed, let God do the rest  

When we step out and follow the Holy Spirit, amazing things happen! Stories to encourage you in your faith. Share your story of following the prompting of the Holy Spirit in your life! Email us morningshow@klove.com and include your phone number so we can call you back.

Episode 7: Following Jesus affects others  

Stories about how following Jesus affects those around us!  Share your encouraging story, email us morningshow@klove.com and include your phone # so we can call you back.

Episode 6: There is power in the name of Jesus!  

A story of how God is using the songs you hear on K-LOVE to make a little girl feel safe and the theme of adoption in the Bible!  Subscribe and never miss the Encouraging Story of the Day. Share your story with the K-LOVE Morning Show at 800-900-1300 weekday mornings between 6am-11am EST. Or email us, morningshow@klove.com

Episode 5: Miracles still happen  

Listen to a story that will remind you that miracles still happen. We are continually humbled how God uses the ministry of K-LOVE to change lives. This week we have 2 stories of how the right song at the right time saved two listeners lives. Be inspired hearing this week’s stories and share yours at morningshow@klove.com.

Episode 4: God never let me go  

Hear Encouraging Stories from the past week with additional commentary, plus exclusive stories available on on the Podcast.  There’s new episodes every week.

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