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Kandidly Keshia

Kandidly Keshia

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"Kandidly Keshia" is an intimate discussion and look into life, love and happiness. Keshia Knight Pulliam has grown up as America's Sweetheart playing characters from Rudy Huxtable to Miranda Payne. Now the audience gets to experience Keshia the person... And very candidly!! Keshia is an actor, philanthropist, foodie and lover of life!! The conversation covers a wide variety of topics, but always with the authenticity that is uniquely Keshia. Each podcast will have friends, family and celebrities share their perspective and join the conversation. Every week listeners are invited to share in discussions that empower the spirit, provide a unique outlook on life and share this amazing journey called life.


Episode 56:  My Vagina  

There is so much about motherhood people do not tell. Keshia is joined by special guest, Angela Simmons. Hear them share their stores and opinions of pregnancy and motherhood!

Episode 55:  Guilty Pleasures  

Everyone has that one thing that brings them joy or pleasure, whether it's innocent or taboo, but should you feel guilty for it? Listen as Keshia is joined by her good friend Carl Anderson also know as the crazy Jamaican and Chardé. Hear them discuss fetishes and adult guilty pleasures. This is definitely an adult only candid conversation with Keshia!

Episode 54:  Dating  

Keshia has her whole crew of friends and familiar guest on, so you can really hear how candid their conversations can get. Keshia is joined by her good friends: Monyetta, Tracy, Tobey , and Carl. Hear them talk about the ins and outs of dating! When they start sipping Morning Juice all their filters go away and everything is exposed! Keshia is still giving away gifts so listen in!

Episode 53:  The Gifts of Giving Back  

Keshia continues her favorite things with her friends Monyetta and Tracy.  Hear these ladies discuss children, fashion and many hilarious stories.  Keshia announces her winner and gives away more gifts!

Keshia's Favorite Things  

Keshia's feeling generous and sharing some of her personal favorite things! Keshia wants you to share in the experience of her favorite things so she's giving them away to listeners for free!! Listen in for your chance to win!

Episode 51:  What They Don't Tell You  

Hear Keahia and Charde discuss the things people do not tell you about pregnancy! It would not be Kandidly Keshia if Keshia was not candid and honest about her personal life and experiences.

EP 50:  Random Sidebar  

Keshia and Charde talk about life as a pregnant woman!  Keshia lets us know how she's doing as the time is drawing near!

EP 49:  Ludacris!  

Keshia and Ludacris go way back.  Listen to some amazing stories from Ludacris...only on Kandidly Keshia!

EP 48:  #AskKeshia Part 2...and a big announcement!  

Keshia is once again taking your questions with Charde.  Listen for Keshia's big announcement!

Episode 47:  #AskKeshia  

Keshia answers questions from her fans! Her fans get real personal in their questions and Keshia definitely does not disappoint with her honestly in her answers. Listen to see if your questions get answered!

Episode 46:  New Ventures of Food  

In cooking there is always more to discover, create and develop. Keshia is joined by her good friend, Chef G. Garvin. Listen in to their amazing, simple tips on cooking, family, and business. Find out the inside scoop on their partnership in the food space.  You do not want to miss this TREAT!

Episode 45:  Keshia sets the record straight!  

Keshia has been in the news and wants to set the record straight and move forward.  A can't miss episode!

Episode 44: Oh Baby... It's A Girl!  

Yes it's true! Keshia is expecting her first baby and it's a girl! Keshia celebrates along with her family the joys of pregnancy. Hear her share about her big reveal and experience of finding out the gender of her baby. Also hear the many truths about pregnancy that people do not tell you. Do not miss out on the start of this beautiful journey of pregnancy because there is more to come!

Episode 43:  Toya Wright  

Keshia and Toya, old friends, talk about life and family.

Episode 42:  Online Dating  

It's Happy Hour Friday on Kandidly Keshia! Listen as Keshia pops the champagne and chats it up with her close friends Khalilah, Monyetta, and Tobey. Hear these ladies tell their dating experiences and the hilarious situations of online dating. In this current time, where do you go to meet other single people? Login and listen to the thrills of online dating and get advice on how to get a life so the right significant other will come!

Episode 41:  Politics  

This is not your typical political discussion. Listen ask Keshia discusses the current presidential election and many trending issues. This hilarious insider discussion on politics will give you a whole new outlook and opinion on the American Government.

Episode 40: Being Authentically You with Bevy Smith  

Keshia is joined by television personality and business woman, Bevy Smith. Listen in for an intimate discussion and glimpse of Bevy's life. Both ladies share how being your authentic self is key to being successful and making money. Hear the many lessons and joys of their journey to success.

Episode 39:  Laughter is Healing  

Laughter can always bring joy and make any situation better. Keshia is join by one of her close friends Tobey, owner of Faux Pro. Listen as these ladies discuss and show how real women empower one another and not compete with each other. Success is nothing without your friends and family there for support and to help bring joy along the way. Hear these ladies' hilarious stories of success and the family and friends that have kept them grounded.

Episode 38:  Life is Comedy  

The greatest comedy comes from real life. Keshia is joined by comedian Ronnie Jordan, as they laugh and discuss the comedy of life. You do not want to miss Keshia and Ronnie's hilarious commentary. You have two choices, either cry or laugh about it and you just might do both!

Episode 37:  Life's Journey  

Friends are the family you choose! Keshia is join by one of her best friends, Shayla. Listen as these ladies discuss life and the many twist and turns it has to offer. Life is what you make it, so make it amazing!

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