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One Love One Music  

Listen in as Keshia shares her week of travel and excitement for the upcoming weekend's One Musicfest.  This week Keshia shares her adventures in Tortola, giving back to the kids of the island rior to hurricane Irma.  She made it back to Atlanta just in time.  Also, Jason Carter joins the conversation.  He is the founder of One Musicfest, one of the biggest music festivals of it's kind located in Keshia's hometown of Atlanta.

Love vs. Hate  

It is time for the voice of Love to be the dominant voice. This past week our country watched as Charlottesville, VA became the latest battleground for human & civil rights. Keshia invites friends MoeTown, Arian & James to join the conversation of equality. We are also joined by our Fearless Friday special guest Joy Cho!! Listen is to hear how she is bringing Joy to the world in her own unique way.

Episode 91:  "Entrepreneurs R Us"  

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. However, if Keshia is going to bet on someone it's going to be herself!! Listen in as Keshia talks with Dana Ward & Arian Simone about being a business woman & entrepreneur.

Episode 90:  Equal Work Equal Pay  

In celebration of Black Women's Equal Pay day, Keshia discusses the disparity in income between women of color and their male counterparts in the work place. Keshia is joined by recent Spelman College graduate Kayla. Listen in as the two women discuss how to move past the discussion into action.

Episode 89:  Keshia Talks Social Media  

Keshia and guests talk to fans about their thoughts on social media.

Episode 88:  Fan Friday  

When you open the phone line up to callers you never know who will call!! This week Keshia answers your kandid calls. Also, this week Keshia is joined by Dominique Broadway to share Fearless Financial tips!!  

Episode 88:  Fan Friday  

When you open the phone line up to callers you never know who will call!! This week Keshia answers your kandid calls. Also, this week Keshia is joined by Dominique Broadway to share Fearless Financial tips!!  

Episode 87: The Paynes Are Back!!  

Keshia is joined by her House Of Payne family!! Larramie "Doc" Shaw & Lance Gross catch up with Keshia about old memories and new beginnings.

Episode 86: Family, Fun & Fireworks  

It's always entertaining when Keshia's family stops by!! This week Keshia's cousin Shan & her mom join the Kandidly Keshia discussion. Listen in as they share funny stories and get ready to celebrate the 4th of July!!

Episode 85:  Apples, Boobies & Babies!!  

This week is definitely a candid conversation!! Keshia is joined by her good friend & make-up artist Jason McGlothin. Listen in as they discuss, joke and laugh about everything from Boob jobs to babies!! You never know what will come up when these two get together.

Episode 84:  It's Kamp Kizzy time!!  

Tune in to hear all about what Keshia has in store for her 7th annual camp. Keshia's nonprofit Kamp Kizzy is her heart & very much her passion project. Listen in as she discusses give back & has a special surprise call in guest who makes a generous donation to Kamp Kizzy!!

In The Eye Of The Storm  

This week has been rather eventful for Keshia. After attending the first day of Mr. Cosby's trial, EVERYONE has an opinion about her decision to support. Listen in as Keshia shares her truth... Kandidly of course!!

Episode 82:  Mommy Moment  

Every mom experiences a time when they simply need a mommy moment!! Being a mom is this single most rewarding experience, but sometimes you need a break to reset and recharge. Keshia is joined by Kahlua and Shayla, two of her mommy friends. Listen in as they discuss everything from how to deal with the "Mean Moms" to when you just feel like crying for no real reason... And of course those sweet moments that simply take your breath away!!

Episode 81:  The Graduates  

It's a celebration... It's graduation time!! Keshia is joined by her brother Juwan & God-sister Kayla who continued the family legacy by graduating from Morehouse & Spelman College last weekend. Join us as we congratulate & celebrate all of the new graduates.

The Madear Takeover  

It's always hilarious when Keshia's family stops by Kandidly Keshia!! This week Keshia is joined by her grandma, the "Original MaDear"... And she is just as out spoken and feisty as the one in the Tyler Perry movies!!

Watch Your Nose  

Musician and family friend Kenneth Whalum lll stops by this week on Kandidly Keshia. Keshia is also joined by her brother JP. This week just listen and laugh as the trio discuss current project, reminisce about college and explain the theory of why you need to watch your nose!!!

Silence The Shame  

This Friday is Global "Silence The Shame Day". In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month, Keshia is joined by Shanti Das to diffuse the stigma associated with mental illness.

Episode 77:  My Hair Story  

Healthy hair has always been something that Keshia is known for.  This week Keshia is joined by hairstylist and friend Indra Tobias.  Keshia and Indra answer your questions about healthy hair, the best products and how to get "poppin curls"!!

Episode 76:  Hakim 4 Kids  

This week Keshia is joined by Sakeenah Hakim. She is the Executive Director of non-profit Hakim 4 Kids, who's mission is to give back to kids with incarcerated parents. Sakeenah is also a licensed social worker. Her life's purpose to give back to children and the community was Inspired by her childhood. Sakeenah is the child of a fugitive who was on the run most of her childhood.

Conversations With Keshia  

This week Keshia takes your calls and answers your questions about The Cosby Show, Keshia’s Kitchen Collection, motherhood and more!

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