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Design and architecture shape our world. On DnA: Design and Architecture, host Frances Anderton talks to designer, users and critics about the latest in products, fashion, architecture and more, in Los Angeles and beyond. Photo credit: Marc Goldstein


The crosswalks of Bunker Hill are alive with color  

Four crosswalks in front of the Broad in downtown Los Angeles got a colorful paint job this weekend. Local high school students helped paint intersecting diagonal stripes in a design created by 94-year-old Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez. The Broad invited him to re-imagine the crosswalks as part of the city-wide Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA.

Berggruen Institute, 'Condemned to Be Modern'  

Billionaire philanthropist Nicolas Berggruen has likened his planned research center in the Santa Monica Mountains to a secular monastery. Swiss architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron is designing it. What is the Berggruen Institute, and will the building please the neighbors? And in Condemned to Be Modern at LA Municipal Art Gallery, artists from Cuba, Brazil and Mexico examine the legacy of modernism.

Angels Flight soars again  

A downtown Los Angeles landmark returns this week. Starting Thursday, you'll once again be able to ride Angels Flight from Grand Central Market to the top of Bunker Hill and back. The newly-upgraded train has been dark for four years, following a series of derailments and other issues.

Harvey and Houston planning, road diets spark rage  

The City of Los Angeles is trying to slow drivers down. We get perspectives on a road diet that caused road rage in Playa del Rey. And Tropical Storm Harvey is devastating Southeast Texas. While it is the region's worst storm, it is not the first. Has Houston's approach to design and planning made it susceptible to flooding?

Comparing LA's transit system to London and New York  

Los Angeles is hoping to host the 2028 Summer Olympics, and is using its investment in a regional mass transit system as a selling point. How does the experience of riding on LA's subway compare to London, host of the 2012 games, and New York, which has never hosted the games? And what can LA learn from those two cities?

Public art and politics, California design  

Everyone is Californian now, says the co-curator of California: Designing Freedom, a show on display in London. We look at how West Coast design dominates the world. And as cities around the country remove Confederate statues, there's a debate over whether they should be torn down in the name of today's social values, or maintained as teachable moments.

Three changing waterfronts in Southern California  

Developers have big plans to make over older waterfronts in San Pedro, San Diego and Santa Barbara. It’s the next step in the urbanization of these cities. Old world-style fishing villages are out. In are coming designers Bjarke Ingels, James Corner and bigger commercial attractions. Their designs vary and so does public response. How will they affect the character and life of these coastal destinations?

From acid to Apple: a survey of California design  

From the drug-fueled 1960s style of the hippies to the tech-utopian visions of Silicon Valley's founders, California's design sensibilities have had a global reach. The exhibition California: Designing Freedom at the Design Museum in London looks at how the Golden State came to have such a powerful influence on contemporary design.

Future Aleppo, Norman Bel Geddes  

A Syrian boy hand-built a model of what his hometown might look like after the country's civil war, and now Future Aleppo is on display in Los Angeles. Also, do you think driverless cars are a new idea? Just wait 'til you hear about Norman Bel Geddes, an industrial designer decades ahead of his time.

'Columbus' muses on modernism, David Hockney turns 80  

The Los Angeles-based painter David Hockney turned 80 last month and his birthday is being marked with shows from London to LA's Getty Museum. Critics and Hockney talk to DnA about his enduring appeal. And the movie Columbus is set in the small town of Columbus, Ind., a mecca of modernist architecture. The filmmaker, Kogonada, explains why he placed buildings at the center of his directorial debut.

Will Santa Monica's affordable housing goals backfire?  

Home prices keep hitting record highs in Southern California. What’s the solution? Some say Santa Monica – with its recent downtown development and light rail extension – is the model. But a split vote by that city’s lawmakers suggests otherwise.

Designer Camp, Louis Kahn barge, Architectural Imagination  

Pack your bags, we're off to summer camp! But forget lanyards and campfire singalongs. We visit a boutique camp for teen designers. Los Angeles architects take "The Architectural Imagination" to Detroit. Do their dreams offer more hope than grassroots solutions? Louis Kahn's floating concert hall has sent up an SOS. Can a Hudson Valley town save it from the scrapyard?

Border wall breakdown, David Adjaye  

President Trump's border wall project appears to have ground to a halt. Will it ever materialize? And David Adjaye, the designer of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, reflects on the museum's significance, emerging African architecture, and improving social housing.

Is HHH housing getting built?  

In the past year, residents of both the city and county of Los Angeles voted to tax themselves to pay for more housing for the homeless, and for the services needed to keep them in those homes. Local elected officials say those extra dollars couldn't come at a better time. Homelessness is up 23 percent in LA when compared to last year. So what's being built right now, and what's coming down the line?

LA's electric bus future, construction giant Paul Matt  

Los Angeles-based electric bus manufacturing companies aim to meet a growing demand for emission-free urban transit. And it's one thing to design a building, but it's another thing to build it. We pay tribute to the late Paul Matt, the construction giant who realized many Southern California landmarks.

Proterra and the rise of electric buses  

For Swedish automaker Volvo, the combustible engine in a thing of the past. Beginning in 2019 all of the new car models it introduces will be fully electric or hybrids. It's the first major traditional automaker to set a concrete date for phasing out combustion-engine-only models. The trend, however, isn't limited to just car companies. There is a boom in electric bus manufacturers in the U.S. as well, including right here in Southern California.

Freedom sculpture, Henry Rollins, surfboards  

The Fourth of July holiday is a great time to crank up the music and hit the beach. Henry Rollins likes his punk played on a perfect sound system, which he shows us on a tour of his home. And we hear about the enduring tradition of innovative surf design in Santa Barbara. We also mark Independence Day with a look at the new Freedom Sculpture in Century City. Designed by engineer-artist Cecil Balmond, it draws inspiration from the ancient Persian king Cyrus.

Should extremely creative CEOs get away with bad behavior?  

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has been ousted from the company he created. Was this the best way to address the negatives of a highly creative entrepreneur? "Serial entrepreneur" Z Holly and another controversial business leader -- American Apparel's Dov Charney - weigh in.

The $1.2 billion Wilshire Grand finally set to open  

The tallest building west of the Mississippi River will officially open for business on Friday. The Wilshire Grand Center has been years in the making. It rises 73 stories, or 1,100 feet with its spire at the top, and includes a near-900 room InterContinental Hotel. And its architecture tells the story of a changing Los Angeles.

Fire safety in towers, artists and developers, PetSpace  

London's Grenfell Tower fire shows what can go wrong when a high rise building is not designed or retrofitted in accordance with fire and safety needs. Are artists the victims or perpetrators of gentrification? A downtown luxury apartment building will have an "artist-in-residence." Plus, the new private animal shelter PetSpace offers a high-design venue for adopting your new four-legged friend.

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