KCRW's Hollywood Breakdown

KCRW's Hollywood Breakdown


KCRW’s The Business host Kim Masters breaks down Hollywood's top stories.


Jerry Seinfeld jumps to Netflix  

The comedian is leaving his long-time TV home at Sony to go to Netflix, in a deal that's been rumored to be massively expensive.

How a Trump presidency might affect the AT&T Time Warner merger  

Now that Donald Trump is angry with CNN, is it possible that as president he could try to block the giant merger between AT&T and Time Warner, which is CNN's parent company?

Gearing up for the Golden Globes  

The Golden Globes are on Sunday, and host Jimmy Fallon has promised a fun, light-hearted show. But with Trump's inauguration just days away, is Hollywood in the mood to party?

Looking back at the year in late night  

With Samantha Bee, we finally have a woman hosting a late night show, Seth Meyers delivers cutting commentary and hosts like Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah find their footing.

Producer Steven Mnuchin's varied history in Hollywood  

Trump's Treasury Secretary pick has a hit-and-miss track record in the film industry. 

Fantastic box office hopes for 'Fantastic Beasts'  

The Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is on track for a big opening weekend.

Hollywood in shock following presidential election  

The large majority of people who work in Hollywood, both in front of and behind the camera are walking around in a daze following Donald Trump's win. 

World Series ratings: The Cubs win, and so does Fox  

More than 40 million people tuned in to watch the Cubs beat the Indians in a historic World Series finale last night, making it the most-watched baseball game in 25 years. 

Megyn Kelly contract negotiations: Will she stay at Fox News?  

Megyn Kelly has become a very prominent player in this presidential election. Her current contract at Fox News expires next year, and Rupert Murdoch would really like her to stay.

China beckons. Will Hollywood heed the call?  

The Chinese company Dalian Wanda Group wants filmmakers to come to their massive studio in China, and offering them a 40% production rebate to do so.

Negotiating Billy Bush's exit from NBC  

After leaked footage with Donald Trump making lewd statements about women to former Access Hollywood host Billy Bush came to light, Bush's future at NBC now comes into question. He's hired a fierce litigator and his departure may not be as amicable as once thought.

Embroiled in controversy, 'The Birth of a Nation' opens  

The Birth of a Nation made history with a record-breaking sale at Sundance. But acquitted rape charges from director and star Nate Parker's past have cast a cloud over the film. 

Will there be wedding bells for CBS and Viacom?  

National Amusements, mogul Sumner Redstone's holding company, published a letter it sent to both Viacom and CBS urging the companies to merge back together. It's been a decade since the two media companies first split apart into separate entities.

Upcoming debate expected to bring in huge ratings  

As the first presidential debate approaches, networks are nervous about how best to prepare their moderators in a year where Donald Trump has been determined to make his perceived treatment by the media part of his campaigning process.

The high cost of ending the Roger Ailes era at Fox News  

Earlier this week, news of Gretchen Carlson's $20 million settlement with Fox arrived the same day Greta Van Susteren announced she was leaving. Now that Ailes is gone, it's possible that even more on-air talent will follow. 

The summer of "sequel-itis" and beginning of awards season  

As Labor Day weekend approaches, the summer box office officially wraps up and attention moves to upcoming film festivals. 

Following 'Ben-Hur' disaster, the pressure's on at Paramount  

The very expensive remake of Ben-Hur grossed just $11.2 million its debut weekend. That puts Paramount CEO Brad Grey in a tough spot. He needs to turn the studio around following a string of flops.

Director Nate Parker mired in resurfaced rape claims  

The Birth of a Nation, written, directed and starring Nate Parker, made Sundance history when it sold to Fox Searchlight for $17.5 million. Moving towards awards season, Parker is under scrutiny around the reemergence of an alleged rape that happened while he was in college. Both Parker and his co-writer were tried and eventually acquitted, but that hasn't made the situation go away, especially since it's recently come to light that the woman pressing charges died by suicide in 2012.

Peak TV hasn't peaked yet  

As the Television Critics Association summer press tour wraps up, one thing is clear -- the amount of new TV coming down the pike isn't slowing any time soon. FX's John Landgraf coined the term "Peak TV" at last year's press tour. This year, he spoke again, saying that Peak TV is still happening, and that the bubble won't burst for at least a couple more years.

Warner Bros. hopes to end slump with 'Suicide Squad'  

For Warner Bros., a lot is riding on the DC thriller Suicide Squad, which opens this weekend. The movie is predicted to have a huge opening, but bad reviews may stop it from becoming a true blockbuster success.

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