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Illegal border crossings are down  

Unauthorized crossing are down at the US-Mexico border. President Trump wants credit. Plus, Bill O'Reilly is out at Fox News.

President Trump changes his mind  

Will the new normal stick? 

Strikes in Syria  

Trump authorizes strikes in Syria after a chemical attack.

Flynn wants to testify on Russia in exchange for immunity  

Senate hearings on Russia, Flynn wants to testify, and the crisis of Trumpism.

Lacking votes, House GOP pulls healthcare bill  

President Trump suffers his first big legislative defeat.

Standoffs escalate with North Korea and Great Britain  

President Trump sent a budget to Congress that cuts back many federally funded programs, while enhancing the military.

Is it Obamacare lite?  

The House Republicans present a healthcare bill. 

Trump speaks to Congress. Who spoke with Russia?  

Jeff Sessions recuses himself from investigations into Russia connections.

Trump leaks, announcing the #IgnoreMiloTour  

President Trump has had it with leaks from his administration.

Live from New York, it's Left, Right & Center!  

LRC travels to NYC, President Trump's hometown. Thursday, February 23 at 7pm

Stop the Flynn-sanity  

Why can't Trump fill the NSA position? Also, ICE raids.

Should Trump criticize the judicial branch?  

President Trump's travel ban gets slapped down in court.

Donald Trump's first week in office  

Building a wall along the Mexican border.

The Inauguration from the Left, Right & Center  

How much will Donald Trump's posture shift now that he is president?

A Frankenstein monster government and a wrecking crew?  

A dubious dossier, cabinet nominees and repealing Obamacare.

Intelligence briefings & reforming Obamacare  

Trump gets intelligence briefings, and Republicans get Obamacare cold feet.

It's New Year's pundit accountability time  

A year ago pundits were laughing off Donald Trump. Now who's the joke?

Attack in Berlin and ending Medicare  

Donald Trump says attacks in Berlin and Turkey prove him right about Islamist terrorism.

Aleppo is falling; Trump's State Department pick  

Is the US doing what it should in Syria? 

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