KCRW's Martini Shot

KCRW's Martini Shot


Veteran TV writer and producer Rob Long shares his behind-the-scenes look at Hollywood life on "Martini Shot". A contributing editor for the National Review and Newsweek International he was a co-executive producer of 'Cheers' while still in his 20's and is the co-creator of a string of (cancelled) sitcoms: George & Leo, Men Women & Dogs etc. Rob is also the author of 'Conversations with my Agent,' the cult classic about real life in Hollywood as well as its recently published sequel, 'Set Up Joke, Set Up Joke.'


Call you back  

Silence, as we all know, is the most effective and cutting way to raise your voice....

Place to Park  

This is Rob Long and on today’s Martini Shot I spend most of my time talking about the second most talked-about thing in the entertainment industry, which is, where on the lot do you park? The most talked-about thing is, of course, when did you buy your house, and what did you pay for it.

Bad real person  

Rob laughs at a couple of very famous people's physical misfortunes, and then feels bad about it because he's told they're real people, which is something he often forgest, because he's not totally convinced it's true.

Is that out?  

The secret of appearing like an insider: whenever anyone delivers surprising or unexpected news, just sigh and say, "Oh, is that out?"

Damn millennials  

Rob takes all of those clichés about Millennials and flips them upside down, because A) that's a more accurate picture and B) he doesn't want to anger the young people

Not You  

Rob tries to pace eating his lunch with a friend who is eating his lunch, but then he eats his cookie and Rob gets ice cream. And, yes, there is a metaphor about life in there somewhere.

Friend, Me?  

Rob tells you the exact number of your friends who don't like you as much as you like them. He doesn't tell you who they are. You just have to figure that out for yourself.

Forty Share  

Rob break his rule and talks politics, just for a moment, and just the only way he can: by talking about show business first.

Hear the News  

Rob tries to step around the nasty arguments on Facebook without stepping in any of them, and still ends up having to scrape some of them off his shoe.

Cos Play  

Rob tries to talk about Comic Con the way it should be talked about -- as a giant promotional event that's all business and no play.


Rob shakes his fist at progress like an old, deranged man -- in other words he talks about Pokemon Go, and Hollywood, and how one is going to eat the other.

Flipped Ghostbusters  

Rob takes a simple, successful movie franchise and extends its financial value by rebooting it, then reversing it -- which means he never has to come up with another original movie idea again.


Rob dresses up as a famous movie character and beats the stuffing out of someone dressed up as another famous movie character, and they keep doing it until they get sued. 


Rob makes a series of painful confessions surrounding politics, Interstate 40, Hollywood pettiness, and trying to be happy for other people's success. He more or less pulls it off.

The Boss  

Rob helps actors with their headshots and writers with their pitches and even executives with their office politics. He says to stop worrying about the boss, because the boss is only worried about the boss one level up.


Rob sends you a LinkedIn request to join your professional network and then endorses you for your many skills and then we both get lots of push alerts and notifications and we both wonder why we're on LinkedIn.


Rob discovers that recaps are a really great way to get out of watching television.

Make It Funny  

Rob talks about DC and Marvel, Sunni and Shia, and whether cancer can be funny -- all in three minutes. Yes, it's a stretch, but that's sort of the point. 

The Marquis  

Some people just like choosing from among available options.

Find It  

Rob on how hard it can be to direct actors, who are hypersensitive and ego maniacal and in that respect resemble everyone else in your life and on the planet, and that's: make them think it's their idea.

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