KCRW's Press Play with Madeleine Brand

KCRW's Press Play with Madeleine Brand

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Madeleine Brand examines the latest ideas and trends that are shaping our world and shaping Los Angeles. Madeleine talks with news makers, big thinkers, and everyday people as we map out our modern world. Monday through Friday, noon-1pm.


The vanishing American dream and the moral responsibility of tech companies  

A new study finds that the opportunities are vanishing for millennials to do better economically than their parents. Jobs are being replaced by automation, so what does Silicon Valley owe workers its technology replaces?

Trump’s EPA pick and consequences for California  

Donald Trump picks a climate change denier and opponent of federal environmental rules to head the Environmental Protection Agency. What will California do to protect its air and water from what will likely be a loosening of federal rules?

Abortion in the age of Trump  

The Ohio legislature passed a bill that essentially bans abortions. It says makes abortion illegal once a fetal heartbeat can be detected. We talk about that bill and other anti-abortion laws being challenged nationwide.

How California Democrats are taking on Trump  

The new California legislature, with its Democratic super majority, has outlined a confrontational agenda with Donald Trump.

In the wake of the Oakland 'Ghost Ship' fire, what happens next?  

An Oakland warehouse fire claimed at least three dozen lives this weekend. The fire broke out Friday night during a concert at a building which housed artists’ studios and living spaces.

Life in San Bernardino, one year after the terrorist attack  

A year ago today, terrorists walked into an office building in San Bernardino and killed 14 people. We look at the last year in San Bernardino, which is now one of the most violent cities in the nation.

California's new attorney general and the state's opposition to Trump  

California Governor Jerry Brown has picked Congressman Xavier Becerra for the state’s open attorney general seat. The position may gain national attention as state lawmakers pledge to fight the incoming Trump administration on several fronts.

What happens to Black Lives Matter during the Trump era?  

We look at the decision not to file charges in the police shooting death of Keith Scott, and how that fits into the larger Black Lives Matter movement. Also, can immigrants facing deportation be held indefinitely or should they be able to post bail?

Peter Thiel's ambitions, and tradeoffs of the gig economy  

Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel went against his industry by supporting Donald Trump. Now he’s part of the president-elect’s transition team. Also, temporary work without benefits accounted for all net job growth from 2005 to 2015, and most of those jobs went to middle-aged workers.

Is an election recount a good idea?  

The Green Party’s Jill Stein is pushing for election recounts in three battleground states. Why and what could come of the effort? Also, a peek into the business of fake news.

Defining the 'alt-right,' and how teachers explain politics  

There’s been a lot of discussion about the term “alt-right,” and some say journalists shouldn’t use the term because it disguises the true nature of who’s behind it. Two Los Angeles teachers share how they’re helping their students navigate life after the election.

Donald Trump's conflicts of interest, and the post-9/11 Muslim registry  

Ethical questions are being raised about President-elect Donald Trump’s business interests. He’s also talked about implementing a registry for some Muslim immigrants, something that was done after 9/11 with the so-called NSEERS program. 

Identity politics and the future of the Democratic Party  

Bernie Sanders urged his supporters yesterday to move away from identity politics, but others say that’s a call to ignore racism, sexism and other forms of bigotry. Identity politics will be key to the future of the Democratic party.

Trump’s picks for Attorney General, CIA Director and national security advisor  

President-elect Donald Trump has selected Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, Mike Pompeo as CIA Director, and Michael Flynn as national security advisor. What you need to know about these men.

Dreamers and Deportation in the age of Trump  

Donald Trump has promised to rescind President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which gives temporary legal status to so-called Dreamers. Trump also cited the Eisenhower era’s Operation Wetback as a model for his deportation plans. Civil rights groups hold up that 1950s approach as an example of ethnic profiling.

Gimme Shelter: Housing the Homeless in LA  

A special live broadcast of Press Play examines the city’s unprecedented homeless crisis from how we got here to what the solutions might be.

Manufacturing and coal aren't coming back  

Manufacturing and coal industries in the US have been hit hard over the past few years. Donald Trump has promised to revive them, but some say that’s unlikely.

Trump presidency: His son-in-law's role, and the media  

Ivanka Trump’s husband, Jared Kushner, is working on Donald Trump’s transition team. He comes from a real estate family whose fortune was built by his controversial father. How will he shape the Trump administration?

Steve Bannon, the Electoral College, and wisdom from an imam  

The incoming White House chief strategist used to head Breitbart News. Critics call Stephen Bannon racist, sexist and anti-semitic -- based on stories he published there.  

The future of healthcare and fighting veteran homelessness  

President-elect Donald Trump wants to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, which has sent many Americans scrambling for answers on what can really happen. Also on this Veterans Day, we look at L.A.’s efforts to house every homeless vet.

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