KCRW's UnFictional

KCRW's UnFictional


KCRW's newest program highlights the work of radio producers around the country, including short documentaries and compelling stories. It's radio designed to grab the listeners' attention and keep it. It's all part of KCRW's initiative to promote the work of media producers of all kinds: video, photography, visual arts, not just radio. We're aiming to be a clearing house of creativity.


Eyes Back on the Highway  

Scooter Tramp Scotty has been drifting for twenty years, dipping in and out of people’s lives along the way. The road has become his home. As far as he's concerned, living life the way it should be lived.

Solo Man  

When Erden Eruç set off to circumnavigate the globe, rowing alone across three oceans, he didn’t know just how much the trip would change him – and his relationships with his friends, family and wife. The story of an epic journey by bike, foot, and boat. And of what is, perhaps, the biggest challenge of all: coming home.

Unfictional Holiday Special 2016  

A whole year's worth of the best UnFictional stories packed into one hour. It's the UnFictional Holiday Special.

What Jacob Heard  

When Jacob was a kid, he was a devoted member of his local Pentecostal congregation. But as he got older, he realized that the church he loved so much might not love him back.

The bar girls of Angeles  

On November 8, 2013, the Philippines was ravaged by the strongest typhoon to make landfall in recorded history. This week, we're partnering with WGBH's GroundTruth to tell the story of the aftermath, from the place where climate change and sex trafficking meet: at a bar, in a town called Angeles.

The animal inside  

We live with them. We feed them. Sometimes, we even clothe them. And sometimes, it all comes back to bite us. This week, trying to care for the animals in our lives – and inside ourselves.

No such thing as luck  

Those with experience know that things happen for a reason -- or they don't happen at all.  (Repeat)

Bilal's Calling  

There's a fine line between taking a principled stand and being stubborn. Follow Tyreek Bilal as he struggles with his mosque and with his own attempts to live a godly life in a harsh world.

Graffiti Paint and Protest  

They do it under the cover of darkness, on buildings and storefronts and the walls of alleyways. Can breaking one law help change another? This week, we hear from street artists about graffiti as political protest, as art, and as an addictive, inimitable high.

Terri and Clifford  

Clifford Clinton lived a very public life in Los Angeles. He opened high-profile cafeterias – Clifton's among them – and launched a campaign to rid the city of corruption and other vices. BUT, he also lived a private life as a sexual pioneer who may have kick-started the swinging 60s.

The Missileers  

Go down into the silo with the "missileers." Their hands are on the nuclear keys, and they practice the end of the world over and over. (Repeat)

Looping Swans  

In Soviet Russia, when the TV started playing Swan Lake, it meant something had hit the fan.

A shock to the system  

Sometimes, all we need is a good, hard push over the edge. This week, four stories of people who got a shock to the system – sometimes, literally.

Joe Frank: Thief  

Another story from broadcasting legend Joe Frank. (Repeat)

Joe Frank: Thief  

Another story from broadcasting legend Joe Frank. (Repeat)

Love me  

The messiness of human connection.

24-hour Radio Race 2016  

The winners of KCRW's fourth annual 24-hour radio race.

Faster and Faster  

"If everything seems under control…. you’re not going fast enough." - Mario Andretti

We are not alone  

There's a place in the desert where people gather. They have different beliefs. But when they look into the night sky, they all share one idea.

Hearing Hiroshima  

What an atomic bomb leaves behind.

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