Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast

Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast


The best fantasy hockey podcast hosted by two guys who own Erik Karlsson in their keeper pools.


No. 151 - Designing the Ultimate Fantasy Hockey League  

With the free agent frenzy in the rearview mirror, it’s time to take a step back and go over some fundamentals in the Keeping Karlsson 2017 summer series. This week Brian and Elan argu… er… discuss the various decisions that go into setting up a fantasy hockey league. A number of crucial settings are debated, including rotisserie vs. head to head, categories vs. points, auction vs. snake, etc. Along they way they come up with some new crazy ideas that should probably never see the light of day.

This episode also marks the opening of the Keeping Karlsson Ultimate Patron Fantasy League 2017-18 registration. Any listener of Keeping Karlsson can join the ultimate league by becoming a patron of the show. We’ve currently got our summer patronage special on from now til September: become a $1 patron of the show, and you’ll get the full slate of $5 patron perks, including access to the famous patr [...]

No. 150 - Yyyyesquicentennial!  

Welcome to the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast’s sesquicentennial episode!

The free agent frenzy has slowed to a trickle, but we are bursting with takes on how player production around the league will be affected. Of course, our analysis goes beyond just the player that has moved– we go up and down depth charts to scope out roster-wide effects, including the blue lines, top sixes, creases and power-play units in New York, Washington, New Jersey, Dallas, Buffalo, Florida, Detroit, Los Angeles and Toronto, to name a few.

The last couple weeks have also seen plenty of address changes for goaltenders, which means a handful of new tandems and new opportunities for goalies to push and be pushed for playing teams. Elan and Brian name the ‘tenders who are better off for their move, others who should be looking over the shoulder, and still others who could be platooning from the get-go– particularly in Winnipeg and Philadelphia.

Rememb [...]

No. 149 - Robinson KRussell  

With Brian away Elan is joined by staff writer at DobberHockey, and the Canucks Senior Writer/Scout at DobberProspects, Cam Robinson to discuss all of the crazy happenings from the past week in this bonus episode of Keeping Karlsson. 

Elan gets Cam’s take on all of the big trades involving fantasy relevant guys moving to and from Chicago, Arizona, Columbus, the New Yorks, Calgary, Edmonton, Philly and St. Louis. Next they discuss how Vegas did in the expansion draft and which players they expect to be impactful in fantasy for next year and beyond.

Then to end the show Cam breaks down the top players that were taken in the NHL Entry draft as well of some potential steals and blunders th [...]

No. 148 - How You Drouin?  

Welcome to another summer series episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast!

Before we get to the content, you might have heard that our friend Darryl Dobbs (aka Dobber) recently announced that he has been diagnosed with a rare bone marrow disorder. In support, we encourage our listeners to sign up for their national bone marrow registries, or otherwise support bone marrow and blood donor programs. It only takes a few minutes– Canadian listeners can follow this link to Canadian Blood Services’ OneMatch program, and American listeners can head over to Be The Match

Elan and Brian begin this episode by parsing another offseason blockbuster in Montreal, considering whether the change of scenery will be a boon or bane for Jonathan Drouin, and what the short- and long-term prospects for Mikhail Sergachev look like in Tampa. They [...]

No. 147 - Larkin in the Shadows  

Unlike its featured subjects, this brand new episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast doesn’t disappoint!

This edition signals the official beginning of our 2017 Offseason Series, where we dig deep to explore whether you can expect the player trends of 2016-17 to keep trending or trail off in 2017-18.

First on the docket is a group of players who were so off their games, they shouldn’t even be counted on to put the point in disappointment. Elan and Brian pick apart the numbers and consider the context that led to woof-worthy performances from a perennial top ten Flyer forward, a King on an island, an apparently one-handed Coyote blue-liner, a flickering Flames defenseman, a sophomore slumper in Detroit, the no longer heir apparents to the Red Wings and Devils #1 jobs, an undertapped Oiler, and more.

Remember, we’ve got our summer patronage special on from now til September: 

No. 146 - Sens a Snore? / Brooding Stars, ft. Yost and Wilke  

Elan’s away, but Brian’s not alone on this brand new episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast!

This edition of the show kicks off with a conversation with’s Travis Yost in which we touch on each of the conference finalists, including a weigh-in on the merits of the ‘boring’ and ‘lucky’ labels being applied to Ottawa by its detractors. We also talk coaching acumen in Pittsburgh and Anaheim, Duck luck, Nashville’s most important defenders, and some of the PP QB roles around the league that may be open to competition.

Then it’s on to Brian’s chat with FanRag Managing NHL Editor and contributor Carolyn Wilke, in which we go deep on all things Dallas to figure out whether Benn, Seguin, Klingberg & co. are ready for a bounceback next year, and then turn our gaze to the more illuminating performances from this year’s now-concluded world championships.

Remember, [...]

No. 145 - Pageau Face  

Welcome to another episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast!

In early May, small news seems big, and we blow up some of the recent roster changes around the league, including a new number one contender in Carolina, a potential leading scorer in Vegas, a player to be named soon in New Jersey, a freshly-inked blueliner in Toronto, and a new coach in Vancouver.

Elan and Brian then turn to the present playoff rounds to find the players who are hot and not, and then discussing the impact, if any, on their fantasy futures. The list includes a quiet rebound season and the next best players in Anaheim, a skyrocketing C and a pair of mirror-ish images in Edmonton, depth D stepping up in St Louis and Nashville, a playoff hero in Ottawa, the best Rangers to draft next year, a couple of elite but aging Pittsburgh forwards, and the newest member of Washington’s third line.

Remember, we’ve got our summer patronage special on from now til September: [...]

No. 144 - Allen Key  

Round 1 wasn’t over when this episode began, but it was by the time we were done, and we’ve got a whole slate of early lessons learned on this episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast!

Elan and Brian start off by attempting to rationalize all the surprises we’ve seen in the playoffs thus far, including two top teams going out with barely so much as a whimper. Playoff storylines aplenty are raised and dissected, including a couple huge goaltending performances, the emergence of a new member of Pittsburgh’s top powerplay unit, the resurgence of a Cup-winning vet, and the possibility of Mr. Game 7 really being a thing.

There have also been a litany of coaching moves made already, and we take a look at a couple players looking most likely to be affected at this point, including two franchise cornerstones in Los Angeles, a face-saving goaltender in Buffalo, and a pair of first round fantasy picks in Dallas.

This episode also inc [...]

No. 143 - La Crème Nikita  

Well, here we are– the final 2016-17 regular season episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast! (Elan wants you to know that, if you’re a first time listener, this episode of the show is more lightly edited than usual, so expect a few uncharacteristic fumbles and pauses that normally don’t make it to air outside of the live broadcast)

Elan and Brian wrap up regular season business by combing the league leaders lists for a whole bunch of categories and coming up with a few interesting stories from the season to hone in on, including the unveiling of a recent 2nd overall pick’s true star power down the stretch, the same for a slightly less recent 3rd overall pick, an historic season for a goal-hungry rookie, a debate between two Russian forwards who are good for at least 75 points, a Hurricane who broke the 60 point mark, a few goalies who’ve made a solid case for changing tiers, and the other underappreciated Bruin.

Dobber Ho [...]

No. 142 - It’s Not Easy Owning Green  

Are you still in contention for your championship? Or keen on picking up pointers for next year? Or just can’t yet kick the habit of getting your fantasy hockey fix each week? No matter what the reason, we’ve got a brand new episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast just for you!

The huge bulk of this episode is framed by Injuries and Outjuries. Right off the top, Elan and Brian squabble about whether there’s any value left to be had on Long Island with Tavares on the shelf, and get their best told-you-so voices out to comment on the Isles’ goaltending situation. They also chat about he 2nd best Panther to own now that Barkov is out, Florida’s opening night starter in 2017-18 (spoiler: not Reto Berra), and Philadelphia’s opening night starter in 2017-18 (spoiler: maybe Reto Berra??).

The guys offer up some replacement options for a banging and mashing blueline Flyer, celebrate the rise and lament the fall of members o [...]

No. 141 - OKposo Computer  

It’s another make or break week, and so we make another episode that breaks all the latest fantasy hockey news on the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast!

In Outjuries, Elan and Brian delve into the fantasy impact of a return of a top line forward in Buffalo and the suspension of a key blueline cog, as well as temper immediate expectations from a high end Sen, consider upside versus steadiness on the Jets back end, speculate on how two healthy goalies will be rotated in both New Yorks, and lavish 2/3 of Tampa’s top line with praise. Recent call-ups also get coverage here, as the guys fiure out what can be expected from two of the newest NHLers in Vancouver and Arizona.

In Injuries, the Crosby line is hurting badly and looking for replacements, the Leafs may regret letting go of a crease replacement, the Bruins may have to turn to a career backup to carry them down the stretch, we neither endorse nor disapprove of potential moves for a Panthers forwar [...]

No. 140 - Slavin Over a Hot Streak  

For the still alive and the walking dead alike, Elan and Brian bring you the fantasy spin on all the latest NHL news in a brand new episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast!

During your fantasy playoffs, players on the shelf can decrease your team’s shelf life. The guys offer a multitude of ways to fight back against the injury ninja, including a new top line centreman and rookie winger in Chicago, a tenuously successful temporary starter in Anaheim, a blue chip defensive prospect with a bit of an opening in Winnipeg, and the latest whatshisname to skate with the Joes in San Jose.

In this week’s outjuries, we continue to wonder about one top six Penguin but are ready to cease wondering about another, wish for a connection that likely won’t be in Washington while also celebrating their leading goal-scorer, increase the mentions per 60 of a Bruins top-niner, and fret over how low Boston’s goaltending can go.

This edition [...]

No. 139 - Streaky Weal Just a Tease?  

Cross your heart and say your prayers, it’s another cuss-free episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast!

This week, Elan and Brian are feeling just peachy about the healthy returns of an apparent #1 goalie and a top line winger in Detroit, the apparently brief return of the Ducks’ #1 goalie, and the hopefully fruitful return of a top line Canadien.

But doggone it, even more players are off to the infirmary this week. The guys talk about the lineup and fantasy implications of injuries to a Metro starting goalie who was probably in need of rest anyway, a laundry list of Penguins, a struggling Panthers blueliner, a couple key pieces of Ottawa’s top six, and a few key pieces of Tampa Bay’s top nine.

Bless the players whose production we can be thankful for, including a non-squeaky wheel in Philadelphia, several nondescript forwards in Carolina, a promoted hitter in Washington, a pair of persisting depth scorers in Columbus, an [...]

No. 138 - Pet Rangelo Peeve  

Like a new baby being born into the world, Elan and Brian are pushing out a brand new episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast!

This week’s show begins by sizing up most impactful and relevant players who’ve flown the coop since the trade deadline, and the players they may have displaced. This includes a visit to Washington and St. Louis’s even strength and powerplay blueline setups, the blue paint situations for the Lightning and Kings, the top nine in Minnesota and Boston, defensive depth in Pittsburgh, and a couple floaters in Ottawa.

The guys then shed light on those who’ve come out bruised and/or battered, including Florida’s sort-of-but-not-so-much-anymore #1 goalie, a Devil we know, a Sabre that had just gotten rolling, and a Star that never really had a chance. We also pontificate on the healthy return of an Isle blueliner.

Some players are hot this week! They include a lower-key sophomore and a once again [...]

No. 137 - Kings Take Bishop  

This week’s edition kicks off with a quiet trade from earlier this week that saw Patrick Eaves go to AnahBUT BEN BISHOP JUST GOT TRADED AND WE’LL TALK ABOUT THAT, TOO!

We then move onto outjuries, where we’ll review the much-anticipated return of a Colorado defender, followed by injuries to that other Leafs rookie and the usual Penguins defAND MARTIN HANZAL JUST GOT TRADED AND WE’LL TALK ABOUT THAT, TOO!

In this week’s streaks, the hot ones include an entire line on Chicago, a couple Preds d-men who seem to have finally warmed up, a Ranger on the blueline and.. and.. just waiting for that next trade to come down.. nothing yet?… don’t really have an end to this sentence, was hoping for a trade to end it.. maybe if I start typing again? ..still nothing. Ok, so, we also have cold streaks that feature two bona fide superstars who haven’t been doing the things they’re supposed to lately. Still no more trades..

P [...]

No. 136 - Bo-lieve!!  

Elan’s back from New Orleans, 

Injuries may have decimated Ottawa, and the guys begin by seeing how it may impact the able bodied players who can still take the ice. They also tip their cap to a couple d-men who’ve swapped an IR spot in Pittsburgh, and consider whether Claude Julien can bring a staggering Habs roster back to life. Then, a hotly anticipated rookie who couldn’t impress at this season’s outset is back for another kick at the can in Columbus, while teammates around him alternately slump and awaken.

Outjuries double as snoozers, as the merits of activating or jettisoning a returning centreman in Dallas and a blueliner in Anaheim are debated, with a healthy but quiet-til-now Panthers defenseman thrown in for good measure. Meanwhile, the debate over whether a certain Ducks forward can maintain a 55+ point pace appears all but settled, and new lines in Anaheim lead to a depth chart search for fantasy value outside of the usual suspec [...]

No. 135 - Glory Hayes  

Welcome to a special mid-week edition of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast! Listen now, or save it for your usual Sunday night or Monday morning listening– the choice is yours!

Several outjuries are eyeing prime playing spots on their rosters, including yet another mid-six Ranger putting up top six numbers, a couple mid-six Jets with potential to step into a top six role, and a hard-luck Habs winger who would be happy to help spark his squad. The guys also chat about Andrei Markov and what his ceiling for the rest of the year could be.

Hot streaks carry the rest of the main show, as we circle back to a minor league call-up in St Louis that we zoomed past last week, a trio of Isles who may be feeling some of the weight lifted off of their shoulders since a coaching change, a New Jersey forward who is very quietly on pace to post the best numbers of his career, a Colorado rookie finally hitting the scoresheets, a Sabres forward who’s clicking and [...]

No. 134 - Marleau Contraire  

As on any given Sunday, go ahead and pop in your air buds– it’s time for little fantasy giants Elan and Brian to help you remember the titans (and not-so-titans) of this week’s NHL action in a brand new episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast! 

In this week’s injuries, it’s a real case of you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone with a shelved even-strength stud in Pittsburgh, a still underappreciated centreman in Dallas, and a Lightning forward whose absences from the scoresheet are now further assured.

In outjuries, the guys go back to the future in trying to imagine what 2/3 of the Panthers’ first line can offer on offesne, and what that also means for former and remaining members of that top trio. They also head to the desert to wonder how excited it’s reasonable to get about they Coyotes’ likely top scorer, and then move slightly westward for a Kings forward who finally has [...]

No. 133 - 30 Teams, 30 Takes  

On the 133rd episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast, we’re trying something for the 1st time.

With the All Star Break upon us and the NHL schedule quiet, Elan and Brian take the opportunity to do a lap around the entire NHL, serving up one fresh, organic, ethically sourced, fair-trade, handcrafted and piping hot fantasy take for each and every team in the league. 

Streaks, slumps, injuries, controversies, goaltending– it’s all fair game as we put the microscope on one team at a time, pick a pertinent point to explore and reflect upon, and then have at it.

Players discussed on this episode include Sami Vatanen, Cam Fowler, Hampus Lindholm, Radim Vrbata, Martin Hanzal, Alex Burmistrov, Michael Stone, Brad Marchand, Tuukka Rask, David Pastrnak, Evander Kane, Brian Gionta, Johnny Gaudreau, Cam Ward, Eddie Lack, Jonathan Toews, Artemi Panarin, Semyon Varlamov, Calvin Pickard, Cam Atkinson, Brandon Saad, Antti Niemi, Kari Lehtone [...]

No. 132 - Forgot About Ondrej  

The Blue Jackets’ streak is over, but the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast’s streak of appearing in your podcast feed on a weekly basis continues! 

Roster moves around the league kick off this week’s show, as we see an old-but-new #1 option re-emerge once more, an AHL dominator get another crack at a top top six, and the impacts of a coaching change in Long Island.

In this week’s infirmary, we consider the backup options for a goalie who’d just been finding his rhythm, a goalie who hasn’t had a rhythm, a pair of blue-liners who can be trusted to step into high production roles, the Red Wings’ top scorer, and whether or not extended absences in Florida are encouraging or deflating for the fantasy prospects on the rest of the roster.

In this week’s outfirmary: a couple new Rangers who are still establishing their point pace expectations, a dynamic d-man whose gamelog betrays expectations, and a [...]

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