Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast

Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast


The best fantasy hockey podcast hosted by two guys who own Erik Karlsson in their keeper pools.


No. 126 - Eichel, Jack’s In  

Want to know what’s on Brian’s shelf? Well, you’re in luck: the 126th episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast tells you that, and more! With the “more” being cutting edge and deeply informative fantasy analysis on the most important hockey news of the past week.   Big things are expected from this week’s outjuries, as it’s October in December for poolies who have Jack Eichel or any of his linemates. How much can he do for them? Same question for high-end forwards returning to boost top sixes in St Louis, Winnipeg, New Jersey, Pitsburgh and Calgary.   In a brand new segment this week, entitled Appendectomies and other Injuries, Elan and Brian discuss whether Scott Darling is the de facto number one on the league’s top team while Corey Crawford is out, or whether that title can’t possibly be bestowed on Chicago if Crawford’s not in their lineup (not to mention [...]

No. 125 - Leisure Suit Cammalleri  

Welcome to the quasiquincentennial edition of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast!   Injuries open this week’s episode, as Elan and Brian get into who’s out of the lineup, and who’s moving up the depth chart as a result. We take a look at the top six in Pittsburgh, a nail in the coffin in Carolina, an unheralded shooting wizard moving on up in Nashville, a de-railed PP1 coup in Washington, and open doors to creases in the Pacific and Atlantic. There’s also movement in the F corps in Toronto, Philadelphia and New York.   Outjuries follow, with the guys taking stock of several players returning to lineups already in progress. A pair of Kings enter an ace lineup, a top six forward in New Jersey that Brian urged you to pick up last week does heavenly things for himself and others, a Sabre tries to sharpen his team’s shooting, and depth Panthers and Blue Jackets may only be drops in larger buckets.< [...]

No. 124 - Wards of Warning  

Erik Karlsson’s engaged, and we hope you are, too, throughout this entire brand new episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast!   This episode kicks off with a list of injuries to star players that might just be the kick in the pants their healthy teammates need to finally get going. We pore over the depth charts in Tampa Bay, New Jersey, Calgary and Washington to figure out who might be ready to pick up the slack, with a particular nod to a Devil you know from last season.   Elan and Brian then go the other way to outjuries, considering whether the heretofore top line right winger in Dallas might finally get bumped, marveling at an entire top lin [...]

Bonus Episode: Top 10 Projection Blunders with Chris Wassel  

We’ve got a fun mid-week bonus episode for you today; hopefully it will be enough to cheer you up after all the major injuries that have occured since our last show.   Elan is joined by Chris Wassel, senior fantasy hockey writer at and daily fantasy writer for FanVice, where they discuss Chris’ top 10 projection blunders so far this season. There are a lot of players who are currently well below what the experts projected, and a few that have been pleasant surprises.   Are any of the players on your fantasy team one of the players in Chris’ top 10 blunders? Have a listen to find out!   * * *  

No. 123 - Skjei My Name  

 Another episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast, another argument about Steve Mason!   Elan and Brian butt heads right off the top over whether a fresh injury to Michal Neuvirth lays out a road to recovery for Steve Mason’s 2016-17 season. There’s less contention as they unpack the consequences of injuries to bluelines in Carolina and Columbus (btw, is Nick Foligno for real??), and thinner-than-you’d-think top sixes in Los Angeles and Colorado.   Outjuries and cold streaks are one and the same this week, as Evander Kane, Hampus Lindholm, Jacob Trouba and former shootout specialist Jus [...]

No. 122 - Color Me Ladd  
Is patience a virtue? This week’s episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast is all about the players who are are most likely to be testing your tolerance with early-season slumps. Elan and Brian are here to help you decide whether to grant a stay of execution to these heretofore snoozers, or to cut your losses and move on.

You’ve been asking all week for permission to let go of several skaters after watching them struggle to score for ten-plus games. Can a new Islander make more of a dent towards gaining back the 134 points sent out the door in the offseason? Is a young Panther centreman able to produce without his left-hand man? Were we fooled by an early-season surge by a perennial tease in St. Louis? Do two of three triplets deserve to survive on your roster? Will a Calgary forward’s stat l [...]
No. 121 - Dzingel All The Way  

Will Mikko Rantanen meet high expectations in year one? Has Radko Gudas metamorphosed into an offensive force? Can the league’s best five-on-five goal-scoring team continue being that after losing their best player to injury? Is there a chance for the newly-signed Hampus Lindholm to actually do anything on a crowded Anaheim blueline? How are Talbot, Dubnyk, and Rask doing so well? Is it time to rename the Habs’ powerplay after one of its featured players? Hanifin or Matheson or Severson? And what about Carlson and the other slumping superstars in Washington? And Nashville!?

No. 120 - Werenski or Die  

Afraid you’ve missed a single hockey news item or note from the past week? Or that you’re misreading the numbers while trying to make sense of the outlandish player performances to date? Let this brand new episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast be your antidote!
Pearson-mania all over again? Matthews a top ten scorer? Is there an impressive Canuck? Is Brouwer a more interesting human being than fantasy own? Do we have a Jack Campbell sighting on the horizon? Time to panic about Panik? Jimmy How-muchlongercanhepos [...]

No. 119 - Auston Translation  

Boxscores! Line juggling! On-ice events! Terrible goaltending performances! They’re all finally here after a long season of waiting, and the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast is here to catch you up on all that you need to know about the first five days of NHL regular season play.
First off, what the heck should you do with your team post-draft? Should you tinker with adds/drops or stand pat? Elan and Brian dish out some advice on early season management strategies, describing how they evaluate and react to the first handful of [...]

No. 118 - Dinged Crosby  

Two sleeps until the NHL regular season begins, but the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast is already in full swing with a new episode jam-packed with all of the latest hockey news and fantasy spin. 
We start with two awful real-life injuries that have an urgent fantasy impact, suggesting which Penguins and Panthers may get or take a bump while Crosby and Huberdeau are on the shelf.

Bonus Episode: Prospects Talk with Peter Harling  

Yet another pre-season bonus episode of Keeping Karlsson to lead up to the start of the season which is less than 2 weeks away!
Elan is joined by Peter Harling, managing editor of Dobber Prospects and co-host of the Dobber Prospects podcast, to discuss a tonne of rookies and prospects going into this season. A must-listen for anyone in a deep keeper league and even for people looking for a sleeper pick with the potential to make an impact as soon as this upcoming s [...]

No. 117 - Sold (The KKUPFL Auction Incident)  
On this week’s episode Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast, we try something different, giving you a behind the scenes, unedited and uncut look at the Keeping Karlsson Ultimate Patron Fantrax League’s Championship Division auction draft.

Elan and Brian have a quick chat to open the show about lessons they may or may not have learned from their super competitive auction draft experiences. We then share the live broadcast of the KKUPFL Tier 1 auction draft, hosted by Elan and Jeff Good, which Brian repeatedly tries to join only to have to suddenly leave when players he wants get nominated. We laugh, we cry, we talk about the fantasy value of players as they’re drafted, we heap criticism upon Brian’s real-time decisions whenever possible.

No. 116 - Fancy Fantasy 2016: Which ‘Advanced’ Stats Can Help Me Win My Hockey Pool?, plus Not-so-intangibles with Stefan Wolejszo  

As called for by annual tradition, it’s time for the 2016 edition of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast’s Advanced Stats Primer!
‘Which advanced stats are the ones that’ll give me a leg up in my pool?’ is one of the questions we get most often, and this is the episode where Elan and Brian run down the list of new-ish numbers that the [...]

No. 115 - The Hazy Projector  

This eternal offseason rolls on, as does the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast!
But Elan and Brian have plenty more to bring to the table for you to mull over while we wait for the fantasy season to kick into gear. On this episode, they submit their list of players whose projections differ wildly across various sources, and help settle the scores on these skaters in dispute using all the data on hand.

No. 114 - Smörgoåliesbord!! 2016  

The episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast you’ve been waiting all summer for: it’s Smörgoåliesbord 2016! *kermit-style wildly waving arms and hands motions*   Elan and Brian tell you all about goalie tiering: what it is, why you need to do it for yo [...]

Bonus Episode: What are Goalies?, with Nick Mercadente  

It’s another bonus episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast!
Are goalies really the Papa Shangos of the NHL? Hockey-graphs contributor and goaltending analyst Nick Mercadante joins Brian for an hour-long chat to try and demystify hockey’s masked men. The two of them review the pitfalls of conventional goaltending evaluation, the benefits of Nick’s new goalie evaluation metric adjGSAA/60 (aka Mercad/60), goalie ageing curves, and projecting goaltender performance. 

No. 113 - Draft Prankings 2016  

Dear Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey,
We here at the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast really appreciate your pre-draft rankings. Not that we have any intention on following them! But we do enjoy ripping them to shreds, and then balling them up like newspaper to feed our fantasy analysis fire. 

Bonus Episode: Projecting Projections with Neil Parker  

It’s another bonus episode of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast!
This time around, Brian brings DobberHockey and Rotowire scribe Neil Parker on the show to talk about how the projection sausage is made, this year’s DobberHockey fantasy guide, using advanced stats to make decisions, and to debate the merits of a whole mess of projections for players around the league.

No. 112 - Elite No More?  

On last week’s edition of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast, Elan and Brian chatted about players on the verge of becoming must-pick guys in the first couple rounds of your draft. This week, they have a look at the other side of that coin: players who no longer deserve the honour of those early round draft picks.
The show kicks off with your fantasy spin on the latest news from around the NHL, including the thrilling conclusion of VeseyWatch and its implications [...]

Bonus Episode: Auction Draft Strategies Part 2 with Jeff Good  

With the summer series coming to an end we’ve decided to squeeze in a bonus episode before we go back to our weekly format. Back on episode 74 Keeping Karlsson Patron and auction draft expert Jeff Good came on to share some of his auction expertise. With drafts fast approaching we decided to have Jeff back to build on last year’s discussion. There’s definitely lots of useful information here for anyone interested in participating in an auction draft at some point.

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