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False Impressions  

Mark asks if using tech tricks to make new productions look like old films is a good thing.

My Top Five Ken Loach Films  

To mark the release of his new film I, Daniel Blake Mark picks his top 5 Ken Loach films

Limited Release  

Mark discusses documentary 13th, a film released in just one London cinema

No laughing matter  

Mark looks at the great dramatic performances in film by comedians

The Ab Fab Effect  

Mark reveals the effect that the Absolutely Fabulous movie had in some British independent cinemas

Oscar Shocker  

Mark talks about Under The Shadow - the British entry for the Foreign Language Oscar category

Warcraft Take 2  

With Warcraft out on DVD next week Mark appeals to critics to reassess the film.

Celebrity News  

The papers are full of the news about Brad and Angelina's breakup. Here is what I think about their impending divorce...

The Truth About Blair Witch  

Mark looks back at the audience reaction to the original Blair Witch Project. Did people believe it was real?

Jason Singh and The Drifters  

Mark talks to vocal artist Jason Singh about his live beatbox accompaniment of John Groerson’s 1929 documentary Drifters.

Musical Montage  

Mark talks to filmmaker Kim Longinotto and musician Richard Hawley about their collaboration on Love Is All.

United Kingdom  

Mark previews Amma Asante's new film A United Kingdom - chosen to open this year’s London Film Festival .

Animation Domination  

After Finding Dory and Sausage Party, Mark observes the dominance of animated films at the summer box office.

Proops On Film  

Comedian Greg Proops talks about his film club and film curation in the modern age.

Gene’s Genius  

Mark remembers the career of Gene Wilder who died this week aged 83.


Mark previews the new version of the Hollywood classic Ben-Hur .

Mark Cousins  

Mark talks to writer, director and former Moviedrome presenter Mark Cousins

Proops On Point Break  

Comedian Greg Proops and Mark talk about their guilty pleasure - Point Break

Women In Love  

Mark reviews the BluRay release of Ken Russell’s controversial classic Women In Love

Alex Cox In Conversation  

Mark talks to director and ex-Moviedrome presenter Alex Cox

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