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Kevin Pollak's Chat Show is a podcast and live streaming video talk show seen every Sunday, 3PM PST on YouTube. An award-winning actor, Pollak (The Usual Suspects, Casino, A Few Good Men) was named by Comedy Central as One of the Top 100 Comedians of All Time. Here, he interviews celebrated actors, writers, directors, comedians, and masters of the tech universe. New episodes drop weekly on Tuesdays.


285 Jay Mohr  

Join Kevin as he sits down with actor and comedian Jay Mohr (Mohr Stories, Jerry Maguire). With much conversational digression, Jay chats about painting pictures with words and how never to do an impression of 'them' for 'them'.This episode is brought to you by Casper Mattresses ( ).

284 Michael Ian Black  

Join guest host Samm Levine as he sits down with writer and actor Michael Ian Black (Wet Hot American Summer, Burning Love). Michael chats about his early days in sketch comedy, reads his Seuss-like election results, and how working is his social...

283 Jonah Ray  

Join guest host Dana Gould (Stan Against Evil) as he sits with comedian and actor Jonah Ray (The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail, MST3K). Dana and Jonah chat about the humor in online reviews and how creating art that people respond to makes them...

282 Janet Varney  

Join Kevin as he sits down with actor and producer Janet Varney (The Legend of Korra, Stan Against Evil). Janet chats about being raised on sketch comedy, acting opposite monsters, and constantly wowing her 13-year-old self.This episode is brought to...

281 Pete Holmes  

Join Kevin as he sits down with comedian and actor Pete Holmes (The Pete Holmes Show, Crashing). Pete chats about phoney-balones and doubling down on laughter while mugging to the camera often.This episode is brought to you by Casper Mattresses.

280 Andy Kindler  

Join guest host Samm Levine as he sits down with writer and actor Andy Kindler (Maron, Bob’s Burgers) as they ramble on about their Jewish neurosis interjected with witty one-liners.This episode is brought to you by Fracture.

279 David Harbour  

Join Kevin and company live from LA Podfest as he sits down with actor David Harbour (Stranger Things, Quantum of Solace). They chat inside out about the Upside Down, but mostly about Sheriff Hopper's hat.This episode is brought to you by...

278 Brett Gelman  

Kevin sits down with actor and comedian Brett Gelman (Married, Another Period) as they discuss Brett’s erratic relationship with Hollywood. Brett chats about his Marx Brothers influence, fear of the number 13, and his "Late Night" bar...

277 Shiri Appleby  

Join Kevin as he sits down with Shiri Appleby (UnREAL, Roswell) to chat about her super-Jewish upbringing, calling a 10-27 on set, and Roswell being a crash-course in show business.This episode is sponsored by Fracture.

276 Jason Ritter  

Join guest host Samm Levine as he sits down with third-generation actor Jason Ritter (Another Period, Parenthood). Jason chats about being the independent film darling of the early 2000s, the relief of conquering fears, and avoiding The Noid.This...

275 Derek Waters  

Join guest host Samm Levine as he sits down with actor/writer/producer Derek Waters (Drunk History, Hall Pass). Derek chats about how he strives to be a mix between Chris Farley and Al Pacino but ultimately is the Chris Gaines of David Faustino.This...

274 Wayne Federman  

Join special guest host Marc Evan Jackson as he sits down with comedian Wayne Federman (Legally Blonde, The 40-Year-Old Virgin) to chat about Ted Talks, writing for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and the Wayne Federman International Film Festival.

273 Natasha Leggero  

Join guest host Paget Brewster as she sits down with actress and comedienne Natasha Leggero (Another Period, The Do-Over). Natasha chats about her early days in LA, collaborating with Paget, and her fantasy of the ideal day.This episode is sponsored...

272 James Van Der Beek  

Join Kevin as he sits down with actor James Van Der Beek (Dawson's Creek, Varsity Blues). James chats about his notorious first Conan appearance, causing chaos at his hometown mall, and never landing that Corn Pops commercial.This episode is...

Illeana Douglas (II)  

Join Kevin as he welcomes actress and now author Illeana Douglas to talk about her new book, "I Blame Dennis Hopper", and the effects that film has had on her life and career.

270 David Foster  

Join Kevin as he sits down with legendary musician David Foster. David chats about his career as a record producer, composer, and songwriter to such icons as Whitney Houston, Rod Stewart, and Barbra Streisand.

269 John C. McGinley  

Join Kevin as he sits down with fellow character actor John C. McGinley (Scrubs, Platoon). John chats about his beginnings in New York theater leading to memorable performances on both the small and big screen.

Jenna Elfman  

Actress Jenna Elfman (Dharma & Greg) joins Kevin to sit down for a conversation.

267 John Francis Daley  

Join guest host Samm Levine as he sits down with his fellow "geek," John Francis Daley (Bones, Freaks and Geeks). John chats about his multifaceted entertainment career beginning as a child actor, shifting to screen writer, and now feature...

266 Aisha Tyler  

Join Kevin as he sits down with actress, comedian, and author Aisha Tyler (Archer, The Talk) to discus her vast career. Aisha chats about her beginnings in stand up comedy, directing her first film, and her father’s amusing words of wisdom.

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