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KEXP Live Performances Podcast

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Every week KEXP hosts live performances from our studios and now you can take them with you. With roughly 200 performances each year, KEXP boasts an impressive line-up of guests. Go to KEXP.ORG for a list of upcoming performances.



The Michigan outfit Heaters took the “space rock” tags that were put on the band after their debut to heart, naming their sophomore outing, Baptistina, after the asteroid that was once presumed to have ended the dinosaur. Doubling down on the heavier, more gauzy elements of their music for their second album, Heaters expand the KEXP studio a swirling, acid-lined universe in session with Cheryl Waters. Recorded 09/09/2016 - 4 songs: Dali, Elephant Turner, Centennial, Ara Pacis

Courtney Marie Andrews  

Courtney Marie Andrews isn't out of her twenties yet, but she's spent more time on the road than most musicians ever will. Yet the inspiration from her newest album, Honest Life, came from her experience getting off the touring circuit and bartending in a small town, and the results are some of her most affecting songs to date. Courtney joins Greg Vandy in the Roadhouse to discuss the characters that inspired the songs and learning how to live on and off the road. Recorded 09/07/2016 - 4 songs: How Quickly Your Heart Mends, Irene, Table For One, Rookie Dreaming

My Bubba  

When My Bubba entered the studio for their third LP, this year's Big Bad Good, they didn't have any songs, but the Swedish-Icelandic duo didn't take that as a reason to not craft a new set of tunes on the spot. Joining DJ Morgan in the KEXP Studio, Guðbjörg Tómasdóttir and My Larsdotter share four songs from Big Bad Good and a short history of the perpetually-traveling group. Recorded 07/30/2016 - 4 songs: Big Bad Good, Charm, Carolina / Going Home, Ghost Sweat

Michael Franti and Spearhead  

Michael Franti will, without hesitation, say that his 20-plus year career was built on one thing: tenacious optimism. And even if you can't see it in the room, Franti's optimism radiates just as brilliantly through the songs of his new album Soul Rocker as anything else in his catalog. Franti, along with his band Spearhead, join Kevin Cole for a semi-acoustic session of songs and emotional stories from both the artist and the host. Recorded 09/02/2016 - 5 songs:Get Myself To Saturday, Good To Be Alive Today, I Got Love For Ya, Crazy For You, My Lord

Xenia Rubinos  

Xenia Rubinos' evocative, electrifying voice is a singular one to say the least, and in her sophomore album, this year's Black Terry Cat, she has a set of songs that have just as broad of a musical spectrum. Painting with a hard-to-categorize set of sounds drawing from R&B to punk, Rubinos' return to KEXP is an engaging and rhythmic gem that vividly captures the musical and social experiences of the Brooklyn songwriter's Afro-Caribbean heritage. Recorded 09/15/2016 - 4 songs: Lonely Lover, Black Stars, Mexican Chef, Don't Wanna Be

Margo Price  

One of 2016's breakout artists, Margo Price has been hailed as a champion for traditionalist country, but that tag doesn't do her justice. The songs on the Illinois-via-Nashville songwriter's 2016 album Midwest Farmer's Daughter certainly have echoes of her predecessors, but the songwriting is too affecting and the performances too sharp to try and box Price in with the past. Joining Greg Vandy in the KEXP studio, Price isn't afraid to look back, but she's clearly set on moving forward. Recorded 09/04/16 - 5 songs: Tennessee Song, Hands of Time, This Town Gets Around, Four Years of Chances, No Expectations

Explosions In The Sky  

The music of Explosions in the Sky has always lived up to the expectations set by the band's evocative name, and on their seventh studio album, The Wilderness, the Austin, Texas outfit continues to create singular, cathartic, and often breathtaking instrumental compositions. Joining host Troy Nelson during Bumbershoot 2016, the post-rock titans play five of the most expansive and, in every meaning of the word, epic songs that the KEXP studio has seen to date. Recorded 09/03/16 - 5 songs: Wilderness, Infinite Orbit, The Ecstatics, Colors In Space, Disintegration Anxiety


Brooklyn band Caveman continues to evolve on their third album, updating the harmonic indie-folk of 2011's CoCo Beware and the expansive space-prog of their 2013 self-titled LP for a larger, more atmospheric, '80s-steeped pop-rock sound. While the concept story behind Otero War is vaguely sci-fi, the songs traverse more human terrain lyrically, focusing on existential topics like relationships and personal satisfaction. Whatever you take from them, there's no doubt that Caveman, in-studio at KEXP, sounds all too real. Recorded August 12, 2016 - 4 songs: Lean On You, Never Going Back, Life Or Just Living, All My Life

Those Pretty Wrongs  

Those Pretty Wrongs frontman Jody Stephens was a key member of the seminal Memphis band Big Star, but while he was behind the drum kit in that outfit, he's front and center on his new project with Luther Russell (The Freewheelers). In this acoustic performance, Stephens and Russell's songwriting takes center stage, riding the line between intimate and expansive with its rich melodiousness. The band performs four songs from their self-titled debut album and discusses the virtues of starting band practice early in the day in this session with DJ Troy Nelson. Recorded 07/09/16 - 4 songs: Ordinary, Lucky Guy, Thrown Away, Never Goodbye


If Thao and the Get Down Stay Down and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were related and they had a uniquely uncompromising third sibling it would be vocal-and-guitar-wailing Weaves. The Toronto four-piece isn't afraid to push the envelop in an free form, experimental effort to expand their own style of indie rock. Having been a band for two years and just released their self-titled debut album this summer, Weaves have already struck it rich in music scenes around the world with their mercurial song arcs, devious display of offbeat distortions, and playful panache. Watch as they play it up, live in-studio at KEXP with DJ Cheryl Waters. Recorded 08/16/16 - 4 songs: Birds & Bees, Sentence, Hulahoop, One More

Peter Bjorn And John  

Swedish rockers Peter Bjorn and John have been proselytizing their pro-60s pop prowess since 1999, but the trio really took the indie world by storm back in 2006 with their dance-floor hit “Young Folks.” Ten years later, they're still artfully writing their whistle-catchy songs like the title track to their latest album, Breakin' Point. Live in the KEXP studio, Peter, Bjorn, and John hammer out four bright, upbeat songs and chat gregariously with DJ Cheryl Waters about a “secret society of Swedish pop” and the four years of trials and tribulations in making it to Breakin' Point. Recorded 08/31/16 - 4 songs: Breakin' Point, Do Si Do, In This Town, Dominos

Israel Nash  

Monday afternoon may not be the ideal time for a loud, full-force rock show, but it is, however, the perfect setting for a set of winding, country-colored jams, which is what the audience received when Israel Nash and his band took the stage. The Dripping Springs, Texas musician's lush, almost psychedelic desert jams reached a new peak on his latest LP, 2015's Israel Nash's Silver Season, but nothing captures the loose, free-flowing energy of Nash's best work like snapshots of his live sets like this one recorded at the Triple Door on a breezy July afternoon. Recorded 07/25/16 - 7 songs: Rexanimarum, Mansions, LA Lately, Lavendula, Parlour Song, Rain Plans, Isn't It A Pity


CHVRCHES' synth-powered anthems took the Glaswegian trio from basement Soundcloud phenoms to festival-conquering stars in the span of about 18 months, so it's to their credit that they withstood that rapid rise and channeled that velocity into their catchier, denser, and overall sharper sophomore effort Every Open Eye. More dynamic than ever as an onstage unit, the group join Stevie Zoom in the KEXP studio for a set of reworked tracks from Every Open Eye and the single that started their meteoric climb. Recorded 07/24/2016 - 4 songs: Never Ending Circles, Leave a Trace, Afterglow, The Mother We Share

Wolf Parade  

Montreal-formed band Wolf Parade, now mostly based in Vancouver, make up for 13 years of not performing live on KEXP with an extra-long set in our new studio, covering their entire 2016 EP plus two classics harking back to their very first recording. Co-songwriters Spencer Krug and Dan Boeckner, drummer Arlen Thompson and multi-instrumentalist Dante DeCaro have never sounded better than they do in this howlingly great performance. Recorded August 8, 2016 - 6 songs: Floating World, C'est La Vie Way, Automatic, Mr. Startup, Modern World, Dinner Bells

Twin Peaks  

If the Rolling Stones had started their career in 2014 Chicago, they might have been called Twin Peaks. The warm, laid-back chemistry exuded by this crew of bluesy rockers is so over-the-top fun to watch that it's almost hard to not want to just shoot the breeze with them all night over drinks instead – almost! Recorded 06/16/2016 - 4 songs: Butterfly, Getting Better, Walk To The One You Love, Wanted You

Beth Orton  

During the Norwich songwriter's four-year gap between releases, Beth Orton took the biggest stylistic leap of her career, springing from her most traditional folk album to her most electronic LP, 2016's Kidsticks, with seamless, deft splendor. Orton and her band join Cheryl Waters in this session highlighting two tracks from Kidsticks and two Orton classics. Recorded 06/23/2016 - 4 songs: Moon, She Cries Your Name, Wave, Stolen Car


Channeling sounds both neon and nocturnal, NAVVI's precisely languid take on electronic pop tempers its dark undercurrents with a subtle pop sensibility. The Seattle duo of Brad Boettger and Kristin Henry perform four songs from their debut, 2016's Omni, and explain the genesis of the project on this session on Audioasis with DJ Sharlese. Recorded 07/15/2016 - 4 songs: Polychrome, In Gold, What Reason Do We Need?, Close

The Jayhawks  

  Even though there was no explicit goal in mind when Jayhawks frontman Gary Louris started work on the songs that would eventually make up the Minneapolis group's ninth album, Paging Mr. Proust, he ended up with a set of songs that rank among the band's most gorgeous tracks. In their latest KEXP session, Louris and co. join their longtime friend Kevin Cole to showcase four songs in semi-acoustic fashion and discuss the path to their latest album. Recorded 07/19/2016 - The Devil Is In Her Eyes, Lovers Of The Sun, Comeback Kids, Stumbling Through The Dark


  With three album released in the span of 13 months across 2014-15, there was a lot of musical ground for Wand to cover when they made their KEXP debut in July 2016. But across four songs and countless crushing riffs, the Los Angeles outfit ran through the rapidly-expanding "story of Wand”, as Cheryl Waters puts it, in this ferocious, career-spanning set. Recorded 07/20/2016 - 4 songs: Fire on the Mountain (I-II-III), Floating Head, Lower Order, Growing Up Boys

Boss Hog  

For a glorious sixteen minutes, Boss Hog's garage rock fever barely stays on its rails, with Jon Spencer's guitar twisting and turning at every whiplashed step. Touring behind their first music in 16 years (this year's Brood Star EP), Spencer, frontwoman Cristina Martinez, and the rest of the band enter KEXP's studios for a wild, frenetic session that features an impromptu solo from DJ Troy Nelson as a result of Spencer leaving the room and handing off his guitar to the unsuspecting host. Recorded 07/12/2016 - 4 songs: Wichita Grey, Winn Coma, Fix Me, Disgrace

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