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Kill Me Now with Judy Gold

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Kill Me Now is a weekly podcast hosted by award winning comedian and writer, Judy Gold. Since Judy always seems to be pissed-off about something, she thought why not interview celebrities, family, friends and neighbors about what makes them angry - from the extraordinary to the mundane. Whether it's your cheap friend who always gets up from the table when the check comes, to injustices such as inequality & equal pay, Judy and her guests vent with wit, humor and passion while you laugh your ass off.


108: Eliot Glazer  

Eliot Glazer, writer and comedian, joins Judy Gold in studio.

107: Robert Klein: Part II  

Robert continues his conversation with Judy, Hennessy, and Lenny Marcus.

106: Robert Klein  

Stand-up comedian, singer, and actor Robert Klein joins Judy and co-host Hennessy along with guest Lenny Marcus in studio. Robert is joined with his son Allie Klein. 

105: Eddie Brill Part II  

Writer, comic, seasoned-opener and booker Eddie Brill(iant) honors Judy Gold's Kill Me Now podcast as guest.

- Intergalactic: From running his own comedy club called 'The Paper Moon' to opening and booking for David Letterman, Eddie has made it his life's purpose to help comics succeed.

- Sabotage: Eddie's morals, character and feminism were unexpectedly put on trial by Jason Zinoman, a New York Times reporter who published a misquoted, misrepresented-version of an interview he'd done with Brill - erasing his reputation, ending his long career at The Late Show with David Letterman and ruining some friendships.

- Girls!: In a business with a male majority, Eddie has fought to shine a light on comics who are female and bring them into mainstream comedy as equals. Even through the testing of his strength and integrity, Eddie strives to live as an ally to women, cultivating great comedy and great comics.

104:Eddie Brill  

Eddie Brill is a comedian, writer, and actor. He was previously the warm-up comedian and comedy talent coordinator of Late Show with David Letterman.

103: Patty Roborough Part II  

Comedian Patty Rosborough continues her conversation with Judy and Hennessy.

102: Patty Rosborough  

Meet the comic that Judy GOld opened for!:

Comedian Patty Rosborough joins Judy & Hennessy at the Kill Me Now studio.

'Gay Dracula' - Patty's first NYC gig was an underground off-Broadway play where she fended-off vampires with her bare breasts.

'Gay 'Ol Time' - Who gets into comedy for money? Patty does!

'Gay-Dar' - Patty knew who was gay before they ever came out, Also, a call from Judy's partner Elysa.

'Gay Married' - Patty marries a gay man and has children with him.

101: Bruce Vilanch Part II  

Bruce Vilanch joins Judy Gold on 'Kill Me Now'!

Adopted into a family of performers, Bruce was doomed for stardom.

From his years working at the Chicago Tribune to writing for Bette Midler to closing out the end of the 'variety show era,' Bruce has his handprints all over television history.


100: Bruce Vilanch  

Bruce Vilanch is a six-time Emmy Award-winner. He is best known for his four-year stint as a clelebrity participant on Hollywood Squares. Vilanch has been the head writer for the Oscars, as well as being a featured writer for the Tonys, Grammys, and Emmys.

99: Bill Persky Part II  

Bill continues the conversation with Judy and Lenny Marcus.

98: Bill Persky  

Bill Persky is an American Emmy Award-winning director, screenwriter, producer, and actor for television.

97: Jessica Kirson  

Jessica Kirson joins Judy Gold and Hennessy on Kill Me Now!

- Never "Fugettaboutit": Jessica Kirson began comedy in 1999. 9/11 happened 2 years later. Just saying.

- Hells Bells: Every time a bell rings, Jessica has a flashback of fat-camp.

- Freudian Flip: Jessica's mother was a therapist. Her father didn't believe in therapy.

- Once paranoid on cocaine, Jessica stared out of a peep-hole for 6 hours straight.

96: Laurie Kilmartin Part II  

Laurie Kilmartin is back in the house with Judy and Hennessy as she talks about comedy, her new special, live-tweeting her father's death and being a shitty mom. Find out what "kills her" the MOST and whether or not she is on anti-depressants. Place your bets!

Twitter: @anylaurie16



95: Laurie Kilmartin  

Laurie Kilmartin is in the house!

Join the fabu stylings of Laurie Kilmartin. Laurie talks about being on Last Comic Standing, her years of being on the swim team and the national scandal involving her long-time swim coach. 

Twitter: @anylaurie16



94: Cathy Ladman  

She was in the comedy class right before Judy’s, and Johnny Carson’s favorite female comedian.
Her standup has broken taboos and inspired many.
Cathy Ladman joins Judy Gold along with Cathy’s sister, Leslie Popkin in this epic episode!

93: Keith Malley Part 2  

Keith Malley continues his conversation with Judy and Hennessy.

92: Keith Malley  

A pioneer of podcasting, comic and co-host of the legendary 'Keith and The Girl' show Keith Malley joins Judy Gold and Hennessy in studio!

*Blessed be Thy Game* Keith talks about how his Catholic priest father quit the church to marry his mom.

*Growing Pains* Keith's dad falsely incriminated his kids in order to punish them by doing the housework he didn't want to.

*Paying Dues* Judy is annoyed that Keith only does standup comedy once a year.

*Podcast Pioneers* Keith and The Girl celebrate over a dozen years of podcasting.

91: Kevin Allison Part 2  

Kevin Allison of the Risk! podcast is back in the studio with Judy and Hennessy to continue sharing his stories.

90: Kerry Butler  

Tony nominee, actor, singer and former-Judy Gold-costar, Kerry Butler joins Kill Me Now.

- Never Forget: Kerry's hit cult-musical 'Bat Boy' was ended early because of the 9/11 attacks.

- Anything You Can Do: Judy and Kerry argue over who's dressing room was messier during 'Clinton The Musical'.

- Baby Mine: Kerry talks about her adoption process, visiting Ethiopia and her lovely children.

89: Kevin Allison  

Kevin Allison of the Risk! podcast and live storytelling show joins Judy and Hennessy in the Play.It studios!

- Godspell: Kevin tried his best to hide his sexual-identity in his Catholic, Ohio hometown, despite starring in all of the high school musicals.

- Skit for Scat: Kevin is part of hit 90's MTV sketch-series, The State but fails to bond as one of the group members.

- Something an old cast-mate said to Kevin made him take a big risk - and his hit podcast was born.


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