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King Falls AM centers on a lonely little mountain town's late-night AM talk radio show and its paranormal, peculiar happenings and inhabitants. @KingFallsAM @KingFallsSammy


Episode Forty-Eight: Mo Money, Mo Problems  

Sammy & Ben are at Public Access Channel 3 pulling a double and hosting a telethon fundraiser for their mutual BFF, Deputy Troy. #CoBestFriend

Episode Forty-Seven: Burger King of Kings  

Ben brings Sammy up-to-date on a political situation brewing in King Falls and the boys get an unexpected call from an old friend.

Episode Forty-Six: True Detectives  

Ben & Agent Spears spar a few rounds over possible criminal activity in King Falls until Deputy Troy calls with an open and shut case of his own.

Episode Forty-Five: Will The Real Tim Shady Please Stand Up?  

It's been a rough couple weeks for Ben but the boys pull it together for an interview with Tim Jensen. But which one?

Episode Forty-Four: Sweet Dreams & Flying Machines  

Sammy goes it alone tonight at the station as Ben's Notebook comes to an end live on-air.

Episode Forty-Three: Rumor Has It  

Ben puts the finishing touches on his master plan while Sammy seems to know the reason behind the strange weather patterns that have plagued the town the past few weeks.

Episode Forty-Two: A Little Help From My Friends  

Not invited to the 8th Annual Best Small Town in America Celebration, Sammy & Ben are taking listener calls. Just not about the Rainbow Lights over Libbydale please.

Episode Forty-One: This Little Light of Mine  

Sammy & Ben ring in the new year with Rainbow Lights coming from Old Man Libbydale's Farm.

Episode Forty: A King Falls Christmas Story  

Sammy & Ben lack the holiday spirit during this year's Tree Lighting ceremony, until receiving a call from an unlikely townsperson.

Message From Management  

Important Message - December 15th Episode

Episode Thirty-Nine: Take a Look, It's In a Book  

A slow night comes to an exciting end as Sammy & Ben try to beat out Channel 13 on a last minute scoop at the Beauregard Estate.

Episode Thirty-Eight: Democracy Derby  

Sammy & Ben report live outside a polling station while awaiting the run-off election results for the King Falls mayoral race.

Election Special: Rock The Vote  

Sammy & Ben cover the mayoral election results in this special edition of King Falls AM.

Episode Thirty-Seven: In a Row?  

With a week to go until the biggest election in King Falls history, Sammy & Ben are taking your calls with election questions.

Episode Thirty-Six: Polter-Heist  

Sammy hangs out in studio with Chet Sebastian as Ben heads to the King Falls Public Library to catch up with some old friends.

Episode Thirty-Five: Dear Diary  

Sammy and Ben get a call from a newcomer to King Falls with an interesting find from her attic.

King Falls AM - Original Podcast Soundtrack: Volume One  

Ben plays us a track from King Falls AM - Original Podcast Soundtrack, available now on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and all your favorite digital music providers!

Episode Thirty-Four: Blind, Deaf & Dumb  

It's a big night in King Falls as Ben moderates the first, and possibly only, Mayoral Debate between Mayor Grisham, Ron Begley & Herschel Baumgartner.

Episode Thirty-Three: E.T., Text Home  

Sammy & Ben don't see eye-to-eye about sending correspondents to Libbydale Farms after reported UFO activity strikes again.

Episode Thirty-Two: Smokey & The Banshee  

A frantic call from Deputy Troy puts Sammy & Ben at the center of some on-air grand theft auto.

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