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King Falls AM centers on a lonely little mountain town's late-night AM talk radio show and its paranormal, peculiar happenings and inhabitants. @KingFallsAM @KingFallsSammy


Episode Thirty-Six: Polter-Heist  

Sammy hangs out in studio with Chet Sebastian as Ben heads to the King Falls Public Library to catch up with some old friends.

Episode Thirty-Five: Dear Diary  

Sammy and Ben get a call from a newcomer to King Falls with an interesting find from her attic.

King Falls AM - Original Podcast Soundtrack: Volume One  

Ben plays us a track from King Falls AM - Original Podcast Soundtrack, available now on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and all your favorite digital music providers!

Episode Thirty-Four: Blind, Deaf & Dumb  

It's a big night in King Falls as Ben moderates the first, and possibly only, Mayoral Debate between Mayor Grisham, Ron Begley & Herschel Baumgartner.

Episode Thirty-Three: E.T., Text Home  

Sammy & Ben don't see eye-to-eye about sending correspondents to Libbydale Farms after reported UFO activity strikes again.

Episode Thirty-Two: Smokey & The Banshee  

A frantic call from Deputy Troy puts Sammy & Ben at the center of some on-air grand theft auto.

News & Website Update  

Sammy delivers some exciting King Falls AM news.

Episode Thirty-One: The Forgotten  

Sammy and Ben clash over Merv's decision to add a weekly weather report, and weatherman, to the show.

Episode Thirty: Bright Lights, Little City  

Ben continues his notebook work; scheduling an interview with a local cemetery groundskeeper while stumbling onto a big lead.

Alt Channel Introduction  

Sammy introduces the new King Falls AM Alt Channel.

Episode Twenty-Nine: Dread, White and Blue  

A political chess match erupts days before July 4th, while Ben continues to surprise Sammy with his notebook's plan of action.

Episode Twenty-Eight: Are You Gonna Go My Way  

Sammy and Ben try to settle back into a normal routine but after an upsetting call from Reverend Hawthorne, all hell breaks loose. #Benemies

A Thank You From Sammy  

A quick thank you from Sammy Stevens to the listeners of King Falls AM.

Episode Twenty-Seven: Cronkite, Brokaw, Ben Arnold  

With Ben still missing in action, Sammy tries to make the best of a bad situation with Chet Sebastian as guest host.

Episode Twenty-Six: A Second-Hand Emotion  

Sammy & Ben are still recovering from the Sammiversary Surprise while breaking news about the upcoming King Falls Annual Bass Tournament.

Episode Twenty-Five: Happy Sammiversary  

Come join Sammy, Ben & friends in celebrating the 1 Year Anniversary of the show & Sammy moving to King Falls!

Episode Twenty-Four: The McGuff Files  

Sammy & Ben are celebrating the memory of Rich McGuff, however Tim Jensen's odd behavior seems to have the town captivated.

Episode Twenty-Three: I Got 99 Problems But A Tim Ain't One  

Ben holds down the fort in-studio as Sammy makes the trek to the Jensen residence for Tim's first public interview.

Zero Tolerance Policy  

Deputy Troy & Emily Potter fill us in on the town's issue with April 1st.

Episode Twenty-Two: Somewhere Under The Rainbow  

The Rainbow Light's continued presence has King Falls on edge and the action heats up at Lake Hatchenaw over what Herschel & Cecil reeled in two weeks ago.

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