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Kristi Lee steps out of the shadow of the Bob and Tom Show where she can start a new venture, beginning with this show, Kristi Lee Uninterrupted. This show will bring you interviews from people you may have heard of before and people who you may not know, but all of them have a story. Plus Kristi will touch on some news stories, as that is what she's known for. If you have something to add to the show or would like to contact Kristi, find all the contact information at


Ghostly Stories with Shaun Burris  

In honor of Halloween my guest today is Shaun Burris star of the A&E Special “Extreme Paranormal” and the co-host for the past 10 years of the Ghostman and Demon Hunter Show podcast. Shaun calls himself “a collector of strange experiences” in the realm of the paranormal. He shares stories of growing up in a haunted house that he and his family shared with a “woman” spirit. That experience led him on a journey of many haunted houses and spooky places across the Unites States.

He has visited and “felt” paranormal activity in Octagon Hall in Kentucky where he spent the night with “ghosts”. You will hear stories of Voodoo when he talks about visiting Manchac Swamp in Louisiana and the legend of The Curse of Julia Brown. The most “haunted” place he has ever encountered is revealed as the New Mexico State Penitentiary In Santa Fe, NM. We discuss reincarnation, aliens, monsters and more; However, the most compelling story involves a close call for his family after a discussion on his radio show/podcast of the Haunted Dybbuk Box. It is so scary I was afraid to even google Dybbuk Box.

A chilling, hair raising show for the Halloween holiday. Enjoy but maybe do so with the lights on!

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Until next week: Be Kind!

All in the Family with Ex Husband Adam Ritz and Dr. Will Miller  

Even if you are not a divorced parent I can bet you know one or two. We live in an age when divorce is almost the norm for many parents and children. I brought my ex-husband Adam Ritz and Psychotherapist/Emotional Wellness Expert Dr. Will Miller in to discuss how to coparent more effectively.

I do not claim to be an expert on this topic but I am not afraid to say that Adam and I have done a pretty good job raising our two daughters in a “non-traditional” home situation. I hope we may be able to answer some of your questions. Dr. Will touches on topics like, bringing in a new partner, the knowledge of extended family members, and the importance of putting KIDS FIRST!

I admit we barely scratched the surface on this topic and I hope to have another show with the three of us again. I would also like to recommend a book that helped me tremendously when I divorced. EX-Etiquette for Parents by Jann Blackstone-Ford and Sharyl Jupe. You may have to look for it since it’s been around for awhile but I can’t tell you how many times I referred to this book. I have also given it too many of my divorcing friends.

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Rudy and Hoosiers with Angelo Pizzo and David Anspaugh  

30 years ago a little film about high school basketball in Indiana made it to the big screen. No one could have predicted the impact the movie “Hoosiers” would have on moviegoers to this day not even the two men responsible, Emmy award winning Director David Anspaugh and screenwriter/producer Angelo Pizzo. The 1986 classic went on to garner two Oscar nominations one for Dennis Hopper for Best Supporting Actor and for Best Original Score for composer Jerry Goldsmith.

I traveled to Mr. Anspaugh’s lovely home for this comfortable conversation. Amongst his wonderful movie memorabilia we discuss how the end of Hoosiers could have been very different or not at all. Plus the cameo appearance of David Anspaugh in another of the duos great films "Rudy". We discuss the art of filmmaking from both David and Angelo’s point of view. Find out how the movie Hoosiers is still inspiring and influencing people today. (hint: Michael Phelps) And let’s not forget the revelation that Angelo Pizzo was once in the ballet! All in all the hour scratches the surface of a wonderful friendship and working relationship that has lasted some 50 years.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you!

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Pete the Planner  

You may be an avid reader of his column in USA Today. You may have seen him on Good Morning America. Heck, maybe you have read one of his TEN books! Pete the Planner is a seriously funny guy about a serious topic...finances! He makes often dreaded and scary topics such as 'financial security' and 'saving for the future' fun and interesting to discuss...which is precisely what he did with Kristi Lee.

This 'reformed slacker' will be the first to admit the money makes people jerks and can cause them to feel vulnerable. In fact, one of the most controversial topics he ever wrote about was 'adult children living with their parents.' Many listeners can likely relate to this. It struck a nerve he wasn't expecting.

Branding has been critical to his success. He and Kristi chat about his family, his visit to the Bob & Tom Show that he left concerned he might have melanoma, and their joint love for being an emcee at charitable functions (they mutually agreed no cussing or drinking).

Kristi hopes to publish a book someday. The advice Pete gave was simple...write like you talk. I think that would be a pretty great book to read.


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Comedian Bob Zany  

Bob Zany is a legend in the world of comedy. He began his career at the tender age of 15 when he auditioned for the Gong Show and he hasn’t looked back.

As a teen he became a non paid regular at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles working on perfecting his stand up. He also worked in radio at the legendary KLOS in LA one of THE top stations in the country all before his 22nd birthday; however, comedy was his first love and he eventually put down the headphones and pursued his dream.

He has made quite a career, from co-hosting the MDA Telethon with Jerry Lewis, working 2 years with Rodney Dangerfield, acting in movies with the likes of David Spade & Matt Damon, being the subject of a Documentary about his career called “Close but no Cigar” to touring the country with The Bob and Tom Comedy Tour and performing stand up in every state of the union.

Bob Zany has been there done that. And we are lucky enough to hear stories from these remarkable milestones and more....

Without further ado, lets chat with my good friend Bob Zany....Baybee!

Speed Chalk Artist with ADHD  

Ben Glenn not only had a difficult time sitting still in school but concentrating on what his teachers were instructing. As a young boy, he was mis-diagnosed with Dyslexia and other learning disabilities. It wasn't until he became a young adult that the picture became clearer...he had ADHD! He struggled consistently through school (until he took an art class), and finally left a college basketball scholarship to pursue his love of art and public speaking.

He has traveled internationally as an advocate and inspiration to thousands of young kids and their parents. Ben's message is powerful, and his success a testimony to how the diagnosis can be a blessing depending on how it is handled. While he was wriggling in his seat, Ben shared with Kristi Lee, the tools he has learned after years of living with and studying ADHD, as well as overcoming adversity, into creativity.

Chris McKinney and the Irsay Collection  

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay has one of the most impressive collections of Rock n Roll memorabilia. The man with the distinct honor of taking care of and adding to that collection is Mr. Chris McKinney.

Chris joins me on the podcast today to talk about some of the legendary rock guitars that make their home in the office of Jim Irsay. There is Jerry Garcia’s one of a kind "Tiger" which is displayed in a glass case behind the Colt’s owners desk. Quite a few Beatles guitars are in the collection, including George Harrison’s 1964 Gibson SG, and a 1963 Gretsch Chet Atkins that belonged to John Lennon. And that’s not all.
The Bob Dylan Goes Electric Guitar is also featured. Plus my favorite, Ringo Starr’s Ludwig 3 piece Oyster Pearl Drum Kit with the original Drumhead from the Ed Sullivan Show!

Chris McKinney has some amazing stories to tell about all of these instruments and more plus the musicians who played them! So join me on this amazing adventure into Rock n Roll history! Thank you Jim Irsay for allowing us to share your treasures!

Edwin the Duck  

If you enjoy watching Shark Tank, if you love hearing how big ideas started out small, if you can appreciate the hard work and tenacity of an entrepreneur, then you will LOVE the podcast with the creators of Edwin the Duck, Matt MacBeth and Don Inmon.

The yellow rubber duck may be an internationally recognized toy but Edwin is one-of-a-kind. In fact, Matt and Don created an entire new category of toy that has never existed. Edwin is curious, intelligent. At his simplest he is a waterproof floating Bluetooth speaker. But he has been the answer to many tired, worn out moms. Bring Edwin to the bath and he can report the temperature of the water. Edwin can be placed in a crib at bedtime for a child to find comfort in. Mom with the help of the Edwin app (free to download on iTunes) can manage the sounds and light illuminating from the duck. A familiar heartbeat sound for an problem. A soothing lullaby for a weepy toddler, they have it covered. You can even record your own 'shushing sound'!  Edwin tells stories and has his own band with sing-a-long songs too!

This Indianapolis-based company is taking the technology and toy industry by a storm. They have won multiple awards at the highest levels. And, Edwin can be easily found at Best Buy, Apple and Target. Kristi Lee appreciates the dedication it has taken these former Klipsch employees to bring Edwin to life for many families across the U.S.

Secrets with Al Jackson and Kristi Lee  

In exchange for a ride to the airport, Comedian Al Jackson sat down and dished on the podcast. We find out how a man with a graduate degree and about to go to med school decided on a life of comedy. He reminisces about the early days at the Miami Improv that shaped him into the awesome talent he has become. We learn a secret that both Al and I share.... and we talk prom, famous friends including Hannibal Buress and Jim Jefferies, and Al’s hidden talent! Al Jackson is currently featured on Comedy Central’s “The Meltdown” and “This is Not Happening” as well as the host of the BBC’s “Officially Amazing”. Our visit took place in the comfort of my living room so grab a couch and join us!

Shit with Britt 4  

Can you ask a guy out? Sex on a first date? What weird things has Britt done since we last spoke with her? We find out in this episode of Shit with Britt.

Also, big shout out to Producer Brad who McGuyvered the wine bottle open when lacking the proper corkscrew.

Josh Arnold the Latest Edition  

Let’s get to the know the newest member of The Bob and Tom Show, Josh Arnold!   After "guest hosting" for the past few month it’s official, comedian Josh Arnold has been hired full time to round out the cast of The Bob and Tom Show which also consists of Tom Griswold, Chick McGee and me, Kristi Lee.

This St. Louis native stuck around in the studio after a recent show and talks about how he landed this coveted job. We delve into his career as a standup. (which began with his first joke being told in kindergarten!)  His detour to teach English in South Korea for a few years.  His interest in Horror films and Romantic comedies.  His writing skills which has led him into screenwriting and the making of The Impersonators written by and starring Josh.

There is also the more serious side of Josh.  Both he and his father suffer from Panic Disorder or Panic Attacks.  He explains how that affects his life and how he deals with it on a daily basis.

And although he claims NOT to have a hidden talent we do find out that Josh is teaching himself to play the harmonica!

All in all, I think you will agree that while Bob Kevoian will NEVER be replaced, Josh Arnold is a wonderful addition.  We are lucky to have found him.

Olympic Dreams with Samantha Peszek  

2008 Silver Medal Olympian. NCAA All-Around Champion. Hoosier turned UCLA Bruin. And now...a sports commentator. There isn't much Samantha Peszek can't do. She is a compact ball of energy that has a bright future ahead of her.

Samantha grew up in Indianapolis as an elite gymnast. Once she was done competing at the elite level, she packed her bags, headed west to the University of California at Los Angeles where she killed it as a Bruin. The school recently surprised Samantha by retiring her leotard. While her heart and family remain in Indiana, she loves the healthy lifestyle that California provides from both a nutritional and fitness perspective.

We sat down at Deveau's Gymnastics, the gym where she grew up, to chat with Samantha before the Olympics. She discussed overcoming mental blocks, some of her predictions for the Olympic games, and what is in store for the future. For those Instagram fans, she and Olympic teammate, Alicia Sacramone, recently launched The Gympire ('thegympire') to inspire people to keep moving.

Samantha is well-articulate and smart. It was an exciting interview for Kristi Lee and Tiffany Stoner...two enormous gymnastics fans.

Mike Jacki and Non Traditional Sports  

If nothing else, Mike Jacki, is an all-around interesting guy. And, considering he hails from the elite gymnastics world, an 'all-arounder' is quite an accomplishment.

Mike was not only the President of the United States Gymnastics Federation (now USA Gymnastics) but he's had his hand in sports across the spectrum, including X-games and even parkour development. Some would argue this Hall of Famer was instrumental in digging the gymnastics federation out of significant debt to paving the way for what the national programs are today. The U.S. dominates in gymnastics but in the early-90s that was certainly not the case.

Mike's hot button for all success in sports is early developmental programs and providing safe environments for kids to progress. Long-time friend, Kristi Lee, and co-host Tiffany Stoner, could talk gymnastics all day but had to limit our time during the podcast. We hope to have Mike on again as Rio is quickly approaching.

WTF, It's Marc Maron  

WTF! It’s Marc Maron. Yes, that Marc Maron. The one who has had many ups and downs in life and now is on a BIG up. I sat down with Marc in a hotel room in Bloomington, IN where he was performing at the legendary Comedy Attic. We chat about the stand up process, how this whole comedy thing started, and happiness.

As one of the most successful podcasters in the business we delve into how that came about and some of the famous guests he has talked with in his garage studio in California. He shares what led up to one of the most famous podcasts of all time, the The President of the United States, Barrack Obama. And let’s not forget his semi auto-biographical show that just ended on IFC, Maron. After four seasons Marc decided to put an end to the comedy, we find out why.

All of this plus Carnegie Hall! How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Listen now to Marc Maron and find out. Enjoy!

2 Chicks and a Hammer of HGTV’s Good Bones  

Back in June I had the pleasure of sitting down with the mother-daughter house rehab team 2 Chicks and a Hammer consisting of

Karen E Laine and Mina Starsiak that star in their own show on HGTV called “Good Bones”. Their first season ended in May, and

they are working hard now on season two. During our chat we talk about how they started in the rehabbing business, how HGTV

got involved, the dynamic of working as a mother-daughter team and more.....

When we spoke Mina was preparing for her upcoming wedding. (not sure if she is going by her new last name

professionally....guess I should ask her) and the pair were just getting started on their latest “project”. We also talk about their love

of going into older neglected neighborhoods....where they both live by the way.....and making changes for the good!

I was so excited to meet and speak with Karen and Mina and I hope you enjoy it too!

Jerry Connor and the Art of Brewing Bier  

If you are a beer drinker or have just wondered what the fuss is about all the new “craft” beers out there, this show is for you.  We talk to Jerry Connor the co-founder of Bier Brewery In Indianapolis.  Jerry along with his son Darren the brewmaster have managed to create quite a stir in the Craft Beer world.

At the recent World Beer Cup awards presented by the Brewer’s Association at the 2016 Brewers Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Bier Brewery took home TWO Gold medals.  Only one other brewery in the world won two gold medals this year.

Bier Brewery won gold for their Sanitarium, Belgian Style Qaudrupel and for ESB, English Style Extra Special Bitter.  We taste test these beers and more and learn about the different styles and what sets Bier Brewery apart from other craft brewers.

Jerry and his son Darren have only started the company 5 years ago but immediately wowed customers with a variety of true to style, traditional biers.  If you are traveling to the Indianapolis area Bier Brewery is worth a stop.  They are located at 5133 E. 65th St. on the NE side of Indianapolis.  You can also contact them at
So sit back, pour a cold one and let’s talk bier!

Shit with Britt 3  

Britt returns to shake things up on Kristi Lee Uninterrupted. We talk about dating and shenanigans of all sort. Take a listen and enjoy the wisdom, or sometimes lack thereof, of Britt "you freshman bitches".

Smokin' Interview with Tony Stewart at His Home  

If there is something out there that can be driven my guest has probably driven it and done it VERY VERY well. He has 3 Nascar Sprint Cup titles to his name, An IRL IndyCar Series Championship, 4 USAC Championships which is landing him this year into the USAC Hall of Fame and many more as a car owner!

Tony Stewart will retire from NASCAR at the end of the 2016 season as a driver. He will however continue on in the sport as one of the co-owners of Stewart-Haas Racing.

As most of you know, Tony just won his first race of the year ending an 84 race drought in dramatic fashion over Denny Hamlin in the last few turns of the Sonoma Road course. Fortunately for me I had the chance to visit with Tony a few weeks ago following his 7th place finish in Michigan at the Firekeepers Casino 400. I traveled to his incredible log home in southern Indiana for an enjoyable summer evening on his screened in porch with his dog Max and some wonderful conversation.

We discuss his upcoming retirement. You will hear the complete story about how he injured his back in a sand buggy back in January that kept him out of the first 8 races of the season. We talk about the idea and design for his amazing log home. Which comes complete with a 1600 cubic ft fresh water aquarium that flows into an indoor trout stream. You might be surprised who did the decorating. (here’s a hint, it was NOT Tony) The home also contains, a bowling alley, movie theater, bar, workout room, poker room, and one of my favorite features a hibachi grill! There is plenty more to explore on his 414 acre Hidden Hollow Ranch and Tony reveals some big plans for his property. Also find out about his new obsession with learning to fly! His wonderful work with the Tony Stewart Foundation and his love of pets. Plus hidden talents, bucket list items, (line up ladies) and the fact that he has never ever done laundry!

President Mitch Daniels of Purdue University  

On June 15th George Will of the Washington Post wrote an op-ed piece on how “Purdue has the President that America needs”! Many agree. I happened to have the honor of sitting down with the 12th President of Purdue University and 2 term former Governor of the State of Indiana, Mitch Daniels, just about a week prior to that article.

We talk politics a bit in a roundabout way. We learn about Mitch Daniels rise to political greatness. His advice to college students. Balancing our nations budget. The surprising committee he co-chaired that looked into the viability of humans living in space. And the wonderful technological advances that are happening on Purdue’s campus. Plus even the former governor/university president has a hidden talent!

It’s no wonder so many wanted Mitch Daniels to run for President of the United States.  Unless you attend Purdue then you are probably glad he has politely declined and will continue as President of the University for many years to come.

Gotham's Drew Powell Live with Kristi at Indy Pop Con  

Drew Powell, "Butch" from the hit TV Show "Gotham", is live with Kristi Lee at Indy Pop Con, a pop culture convention bringing movie, tv, youtube, comic books and more together under one convention.


Drew takes us on the journey of how he landed his role on Gotham, how he got his start in TV and what to expect in season thee of Gotham. We talk about working with Jada Pinkett Smith and Robin Lord Taylor (the Penguin). We also talk about his work on Malcom in the Middle and Bryan Cranston.


We take a look at Drew's vocal talents and his web series Man Jam. BTW, don't go to looking for the web series, but do go to if you're looking to hang with men.


We also talk about Drew's family, his friendship with Kristi, his hidden talent, and how his Dad's words have shaped Kristi's views and her signoff to the podcast.

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