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Explore the Culture, Adventure and Impact of Chinese Martial Arts. Take the Martial Art Journey thru history, legends and stories of the practitioners that came before us, Bruce Lee, Ip Man, the Shaolin, and many more. Whether it is Kung Fu for health, combat, show, sport or to have a philosophical structure in your life, join me as we explore it. Sifu TW. Smith


Sun's Theoretical Legacy is More Important than His Martial Arts Legacy : Pt 4  
Sun's Theoretical Legacy is More Important Than His Martial Arts Legacy : KFP 135

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Meet a Fascinating Martial Artists that you don't normally hear about Behind the scenes of the Civil Service Exams ​Sun's Theoretical Legacy is more important than his Martial Art's Legacy


The Myths of Indoor Students and Secret Martial Arts Instruction : Pt 3  
Part 3: Sun LuTang Stand on the Brink of Modernity

Everything in China was on the brink of changing. Very similar transitions were happening in Japan in very same time period. Sun LuTang was a primary catalyst of change due to his knowledge and willingness to exploit every relationship he had.

Modernity and Martial Arts The Purpose of Social Martial Arts Networks The Economic Models of 'Traditional' Martial Arts Instruction The Myth of Secret Instructions and Indoor Students in 19th Century Martial Arts Sun LuTang Exploits Every Martial Relatationship He Has to make the Impact He Wants The New Traditional Martial Arts Student

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Child Abuse Leads Sun LuTang Begging To Learn Martial Arts : KFP 133  

Part 2 of Sun LuTangs Biography 3 Area's We Will Research Sun is being abused as a child, so he finds a martial arts teacher Sun learns from prominent instructors He changes his martial arts perspective, then dies in the very room he was born in.


Changing the Course of Chinese Martial Arts : Pt 1 : KFP 132  

The Chinese Martial Arts served many goals and objectives for centuries, but wasn't really associated with health until the early to mid 1900's. At approximately the same time that Japanese arts were making the same transition.

In part one, we will lay the foundation to this transition and prepare the path for injecting philosophy into martial arts.


Chinese Martial Arts Training Manuals

Transmission of Knowledge in Traditional Martial Arts

Internal Martial Arts Seminar

5 Factors To Consider When Selecting Your Martial Arts School : KFP 131  

During this episode :

I share with you my experience during the Father's Day Weekend Children Cutting Weight for Martial Arts Tournaments 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing A Martial Arts School


3 Pieces Likely Missing From Your Combative Martial Arts Pt 2 : KFP 130  

This is part 2 of the Review of an essay by Jamie Clubb. He is a published Martial Artist and an author. Now a KungFu Podcast, 'Agent of Action'. Someone you can count on in the years to come, to research and share.

You can find his Amazon Books here

During Part 2, We will look at elements 2 and 3, that need to be in your combative martial arts training.


3 Pieces Likely Missing From Your Combative Martial Arts Pt 1 : KFP 129  

Jamie Clubb is a published Martial Artist and Author.

You can find his Amazon Books here

His work has been featured on KungFu Podcasts before and with his consistent work, he has been recognized as an 'Agent of Action', someone that you can look to in the future of civilian martial arts.


5 Sections of Discipline Development in Martial Arts : KFP 128  

2 Questions from Listeners is the Core of this episode.

First a request for : Creative Alternatives to not having a Facility

Second a look into : How do we recognize, learn and develop discipline in the Martial Arts.

Also in this Podcast:

Child Recovery Agency Facebook Page by Karl Thorton

Iain Abernethy's Franklin NC Seminar 2017, and

a 15 Minute Meditation that I recorded for Transforming Confidence


5 of the Baddest in a Hardcore Martial Arts City : KFP 127  

We will learn about the Crime Culture of ShangHai in early 1900's, the adventurous stories that makes legends (but these happened, and the impact that martial arts played throughout this process.


The Impact of Martial Arts on the Development of the Shaolin Temple  

The Impact of Martial Arts on the Development of the Shaolin Temple

In Part 1 we outline the Chen Village, now the Shaolin Temple with a summary of how the Martial Arts effected the people in each, but the locality, local government and national government.

References :The Shaolin MonasteryThe Essence of TaiJiQuan by David Gaffney Ben Judkins at KungFu Tea


Comparing Impact of Martial Arts on 2 Iconic Places : Pt 1 : KFP 125  
Looking at #1 : Chen Village

2 Chinese Martial Arts Spots are thick in stories and their impact on practitioners of martial arts :

ChenJiaGuo (Home of TaiJi Chuan)
DengFeng (Home of Shaolin)

These 2 spots are a short 35 miles apart, even before there were motor vehicles, this was considered short, a day and half on horseback.

For 2 places that are so close in location and for the reasons why they are know.. why have they developed so differently.

The Impact of Martial Arts on the Culture of these 2 places.

References : The Shaolin Monastery The Essence of TaiJiQuan by David Gaffney Ben Judkins at KungFu Tea Webpage KungFuPodcasts.com/125
10 Reasons Not to Miss Martial Arts Practice  

Getting to Practice is the most crucial component of any corporeal activities, and especially so for martial artists.

Based on an article by Antonio Guerrero : 10 Reasons Not to Miss any Karate Training.

This episode a supplemental download and links on the webpage.


The Native Language of Okinawan Karate and Kubodo Martial Arts : KFP 123  

Uchinaaguchi is the historic and native language of the Okinawan people. The Martial Arts Masters of the Ryukyu Islands spoke it regularly till the late 1920's and 30's, when it began to forced about by some, and realistically let go of by others…

Professor Samantha May wrote her dissertation on this language, the martial arts, and dojo's of Okinawa. Her amazing work answers many questions, provides an education perspective and leaves me with a few other questions.

This is a must listen for any martial artist, who may want insight to how their martial arts has evolved.


How is KungFu Podcasts Serving the Martial Arts : KFP 122  

After a couple of years of working on these podcasts, is KungFu Podcasts having an impact?

KungFu Podcasts

Martial Arts Inclusion and Exclusion : KFP 121  

Including All, Excluding Most

TaiJi and the Search for the Little Old Chinese Man : Pt 4

Your Martial Arts Identity will move between these two arcing poles.


Finding Your Identity in Sacred Spaces and Secret Places : KFP 120  

Sacred Spaces and Secret Spaces

TaiJi and the Search for the Little Old Chinese Man : Pt 3

If Your Identity is Alive, then it is Moving. There is no better place to research it, than Martial Arts.


5 Ingredients to a Martial Arts Culture : KFP 119  

The Difference in Elitest Competitions and Martial Arts
Martial Identity vs Cultural Identity
Ip Man and Academics
TuiShou Secrets


The Promise of Every Martial Arts Teacher  

"The Best Martial Arts Book, You Never Read."

Dr. Ben Judkins


Email Reflection : Whats at the Core of Your Martial Arts Training : KFP 117  

I discuss an email that causes reflections as a dad, and martial artist.


A Day at the Chinese Martial Arts Examinations : Pt 3  

What did the Martial Art Participants and Administrators see while they were there?


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