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Ladies Who Lunch lets you sit at the table and explore topics often left out of polite conversation with YouTubers Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdes. Write in to join their dialogue about sex, relationships, social phobias and more as they approach life's dilemmas with compassion and a sense of humor. New episodes every week.


Break the Habit of Lying  

In this week's episode, we sort through the many factors of lying. Why do people lie? Are there situations when too much honesty can be cruel? How do you stop lying? We also compare compulsive liars vs. pathological liars, explore lying as a coping mechanism, and help a listener forgive herself for being untruthful about her sexuality. Confessing the facts is often followed by guilt, shame, and pain. But accepting a life of deceit is a lie to yourself, which can be the most dangerous of all. Will you overcome the fear and take a chance on the truth?

The #Debate  

In this episode, we jump into the storm of the 2016 presidential debate. Are Trump's obscene comments justified as common "locker room talk"? As feminists, could we ever empathize with Trump supporters? What topics do we want them to discuss in the next debate? We also share our political evolutions from conservatives to liberals, Clinton's biggest weaknesses, and our greatest fears about a Trump presidency. Neither candidate is perfect, but take a good, long look at the options. Do you want a president who breaks societal barriers and actually understands federal policies? Or a racist who perpetuates violence and sexual assault?

The Female Orgasm  

This week, sex educator Laci Green joins us to clear up the fog surrounding the female orgasm. What are the different ways to have an orgasm? How can you overcome the stigma around women having orgasms? We also debunk the worst media myths about sex, share the details of Ingrid's most intense orgasm ever, explore the female sexual anatomy, and explain how to effectively communicate to your partner to achieve an orgasm. Since this topic has often been considered taboo, the confusion can make it difficult to climax. How will you break down these walls to get the orgasm you deserve? P.S. This episode is brought to you by Casper. Thanks Casper!

The Complications of Cheating  

In this episode, we dip into the murky grey waters of cheating. What pulls people into infidelity? Can that betrayal ever make the relationship stronger? How can you tell if you're walking down the path to cheating? We also debate if a cheater should always confess to their partner, investigate human nature in monogamous relationships, and share the dilemmas of being "the other woman." Although we're quick to blame cheaters as bad people, there are often underlying reasons why someone would enter a tangled situation. What's really keeping you involved in this toxic triangle? P.S. Thank you to Smile Direct Club for supporting our podcast! Get 50% off your $95 evaluation fee by visiting

Period Problems  

This week, we explore one of our favorite topics - periods! As a bonus, Cora founder Molly Hayward joins us to help answer some menstruation mysteries. How is your poop affected during this time of the month? What is the one period color that you should worry about? How can your period make sex more exciting? We also share our most horrifying period stories and guide a listener through tampon 101. Nowadays, there's a huge variety of products to suit all types of comfort levels. But there's still a ton of progress we can make, both nationally and globally. How will you open up the conversation and help erase the taboo? P.S. Thank you to HelloFresh for supporting Ladies Who Lunch! Go to and use the code lwl to get $35 off first week of deliveries.

Protection Against Toxic People  

This week, we explore the different tools to handling toxic people. What are the red flags of a toxic person? Should you confront them about the situation or just let it go? We also discuss getting involved in a friend's toxic relationship, depersonalizing someone's projected negativity, and protecting yourself from a loved one who is constantly unstable and unsupportive. There are plenty of ways to deal with these types of people, whether it's by establishing boundaries or killing them with kindness. What will you do to stop their poison from seeping into your life? P.S. Thank you to Glossier for supporting Ladies Who Lunch! Get 20% off your first purchase at by using the promo code lwl.

Are You Racist?  

This week we sink deep into the topic of racism - not an easy conversation, but undoubtedly a necessary one. How do you know if you're racist? Are ignorance and silence harmful? Can we ever be completely free of prejudiced thoughts? We also explain why the term "white privilege" perpetuates a racist mentality, why good intentions don't excuse discriminatory behavior, and how to confront someone you love about their bigoted remarks. It may be 2016 but there's still a lot of progress to be made. How will you be active, bring about awareness, and combat the sugarcoated reality our society uses to deal with racism?

Breakups, Part Four: Dating Your Ex  

For this bonus finale of our breakup series, we debate the dilemma of getting back together with an ex. How can you tell if you actually want to rekindle the relationship, or just be friends? How much time should pass after the initial breakup? Even though the good times might convince you to get back together, you both need a mutual understanding about the ugly times, too. Can you acknowledge the past, forgive your partner, and start anew? P.S. Thank you to ELOQUII for supporting this episode of Ladies Who Lunch! To receive 50% off your first item and 40% off any additional items, go to and use the promo code LWL at check out.

Breakups, Part Three: Friend Breakups  

In the third installment of the breakup series, we dig into the sometimes more painful, more awkward predicament of the friend breakup. How do you know when you should deactivate a friendship? How did we prevent our own conflict from ruining our relationship? We also share how to minimize the drama in a friend group, and help a listener who is skeptical of her ex-friend's intentions for returning to her social group. Even though it's easier to walk away and quietly let a sour situation die, some people are worth fighting for. Are you willing to confront the issue, communicate the problem, and heal your broken friendship?

Breakups, Part Two: The Rejectors  

Our second episode of this breakup series delves into the dilemma of being the rejector, the one to call it quits. How do you know if there's a right time to break up? How can you break up with someone by being direct, and without being an asshole? We also compare the pros and cons of taking a break, and discuss how pressure from society may convince us to stay in an unwanted relationship. Debating a breakup is often riddled with guilt for hurting your partner and fear of never finding "the one." But honestly ask yourself - Do you really want that person? Or do you just want the relationship?

Breakups, Part One: The Rejected  

We kick off our breakup series with a topic that floods our inbox: rejection. How do you deal with the heartache of getting dumped? Is it ever healthy to stay in touch with your ex after they break up with you? What do you do when you have the urge to obsessively follow your ex on social media? Surviving the emotional aftermath of a breakup is complex and exhausting. How do you move forward with seemingly unbearable heartache?

Freedom From Regret  

Regrets -- we've all had a few. This week, we explore the different ways to handle those situations that didn't quite end in our favor. What have we regretted the most? Is it possible to have no regrets? Can you ever overcome the remorse that results from your decisions? We also share how Ingrid's second grade haircut spiraled into regrets over friendship, how to use FOMO to your advantage, and help a listener who can't shake a life-changing loss. When we dwell on the "what ifs" that could've been, it's natural to feel ashamed, disappointed, or even hopeless. But if that paralyzes your ability to move on, you might be in trouble. How will you climb over the barriers of regret and embrace the life that is yours?

How We Turned Our Hobbies into Careers  

This week, we discuss the ebb and flow of using passion to pay the bills. How do you deal with judgment and criticism from friends, family, or reputable companies? We also talk about the pros and cons of working for yourself, the fear of selling out, and the anxiety around career paths that come with no guarantees. How do we navigate times of uncertainty in a world that demands self confidence and doesn't always embrace the humbling moments of mediocrity we all experience?

An Honest Look at Friends With Benefits  

Entering the friends with benefits situation is like stepping into a pool of honey - it's sweet at the moment, but it can get real sticky real fast. So why do we seek these types of relationships? Can you ever go back to "just friends"? We also discuss the pros and cons of being FWB with your ex, and the fear of losing a best friend once that label is gone. These relationships can be fun, but if you aren't honest with yourself and your FWB partner, someone can get really hurt. What can you do to prevent this can-be complicated friendship from becoming a big mess?

A Prescription for Loneliness  

In this week's episode, we investigate the spiral into loneliness. Why do we feel alone even when we're surrounded by people? Is the internet contributing to our feelings of isolation? It's common to feel withdrawn from the world around us, but if we blame others for not understanding who we truly are, we only fall further into solitude. What changes can you make to reconnect with the world and cultivate genuine relationships?

Listener Letter Faves  

Sharing your stories has been such a valuable part of this show. So this week, we honor you guys by bringing you some of our favorite moments from letter time - the fear of being forever alone, last name debates, and Greek god bods. We'll be back next week with more episodes, so join our conversation by emailing

Own Your Shame  

In this week's episode, we investigate the dark, haunting feeling of shame. What moments have been our biggest source of shame? Why and how do we hide behind it? We also investigate why society is quick to blame victims, how to stop people from making you feel unworthy, and why it's important to share your shame. If we let the heavy weight of shame drag us down, it only makes it harder to climb out of the black pit of self-hatred. How will you free yourself from the chains of shame? P.S. Thank you to LOLA for supporting Ladies Who Lunch! For 60% off your first order of tampons, visit and enter LWL when you subscribe.

Unpacking Personal Identities  

This week, we take a long reflection at our ever-evolving identities. How have our personal identities changed the most? How can you overcome an identity crisis? We also examine how our families and mixed backgrounds have impacted our individual growth, why we feel pressured to label ourselves, and why we feel like failures when those labels no longer apply. Personal identities almost never stay the same - it's scary, but also just part of life. How will you accept this change and own the freedom to be your genuine self?

Justifying Jealousy & Envy at PlayList Live  

In this Playlist Live special, we explore the complications of jealousy and envy. What's the difference between these two emotions? How can you be less jealous in relationships? We also discuss why we have these feelings, how to stop comparing your friends' success to your own, and how to tell your significant other that you're jealous. We all experience jealousy and envy at some point. But how do you know if it's okay to act on it?

Dealbreakers: The No-No's of Relationships  

This week we spill about dealbreakers - the nah-nah-nah's, the romance ruiners. What are our biggest dealbreakers? Should cheating always result in breakups? Would we pick unconditional love over a million dollars? We also examine how our lists of red flags have evolved, discover why Cat is still single, and help a married listener find the balance between compromise and conformity. Of course, no one is perfect. But when your significant other does something that you absolutely cannot stand, are there other options besides change your views or get out? P.S. Big thanks to Audible for supporting our show! For your free 30-day trial, check out

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