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Lady Lovin'

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Lady Lovin' is a talk show for all of the ladies (and gentlemen) out there dealing with the basic realness of life. No topic is too touchy for these ladies! Join Lo, Jilly, and Greta as they chat about the tales, trials and tribulations of being young women living in New York City. Catch up with the ladies at


#63: Boys and Beauty with Bob  

Writer and Editorial Director 'Bob' sits down with the girls to talk the psychology of product naming, smelly boys, and getting naughty.

#62: Internet Friends with Kate Hendricks  

Kate Hendricks aka Kate the Wasp sits down with Jilly and Greta to talk her internet persona, starting in comedy and dating.

#61: Girl Talk with Liza Treyger  

Comedian Liza Treyger joins the ladies to chat tattoos, standing up for yourself and how to deal with boys.

#60: Post Election  

Lo, Jilly and Greta discuss their feelings post election and the importance of unity and using your voice.

#59: Jonny Famous Returns!  

Jonny Famous returns a year later to catch up on all the juicy details of his dating life and how he approaches the single life.

#58: Staying Sexy with Alexia Elkaim  

Creative Director of MIAOU, Alexia Elkaim joins the ladies to talk brand inspiration, finding confidence, staying sexy and of course boys.

#57: Let's Get Intimate  

The girls chat about Lo’s new business, Love Wellness - a new women’s wellness and hygiene line.

#56: Guys We Fucked  

On this week’s episode we have the co-hosts of Guys We Fucked on the show telling us their tales of podcast stardom.

#55: How To Make It In Fashion  

Today the gals chat with Danielle Prescod, a NYC fashionista with a huge social following who has held just about every job in the fashion industry,

#54: Matchmaking with LadyLovin  

On today's episode the girls speak with Brooke Wise, a high-end matchmaker about how the business all works.

#53: Instagram Queen with Katie Sturino  

Katie Sturino joins the ladies to chat all about the world of Instagram - from running the account of her famous dog Toast to starting her body positive style account The 12ish Style - Katie knows all!

#52: Go Behind The Scenes on the campaign trail with Hillary For America  

On today’s episode, join the gals as they get direct access to Hillary for America with Adrienne Elrod, the Director of Strategic Communications for Hillary for America!

#51: Ask A Man Featuring: Will Winner  

Comedian and the most amazing man Will Winner sits down with the ladies to give a man's perspective on some of their most asked questions.

#50: Lady Lovin's One Year Anniversary!  

Help the girls celebrate the one year anniversary of Lady Lovin with their 50th episode! Today they answer listeners most pressing questions.

#49: Livin That Plant-Based Life  

Today the gals have the founders of Sakara Life on the show, a plant-based food delivery service that promises health and wellness through their healthy and creative meals.

#48: How to Take Care of Your Hair  

We have the founder of Nutrafol, a hair growth supplement on the show this week to do a deep dive into the science behind fabulous hair.

#47: The Coveteur  

Co-Founder of The Coveteur, Stephanie Mark, joins Lo, Jilly, and Greta to talk business, personal style and being fancy in the bedroom.

#46: Modern Relationships  

Lo, Jilly, and Greta get together to discuss the state of relationships in 2016.

#45: Meet Dr. Angela - Our Favorite OBGYN!  

On today’s episode, wonderful OBGYN Dr. Angela answers all of our pressing vagina questions!

#44: Women who Rule with Jess Levin, the founder of Carats + Cake  

This week the girl’s here from super entrepreneur Jess Levin as she explains how she built Carats + Cake and how she has turned the wedding industry on its head!

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