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Lady Lovin'

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Lady Lovin' is a talk show for all of the ladies (and gentlemen) out there dealing with the basic realness of life. No topic is too touchy for these ladies! Join Lo, Jilly, and Greta as they chat about the tales, trials and tribulations of being young women living in New York City. Catch up with the ladies at


#90: ADVICE!  

Lo, Jilly and Greta answer your questions! Dating, divorce, sex + more!

#88: Impatient Foodie with Elettra Wiedmann  

Foodie, Author and Model Elettra Wiedmann comes on to talk all about her new cookbook Impatient Foodie, her modeling career, education and bringing food into the bedroom.

#87: Women Who Rule with Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton  

Taste The Style + Chillhouse founder Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton joins the ladies to talk starting your own business, finding inspiration and keys to a happy and healthy marriage!

#86: What's Your Sign with Rosebud Baker  

Comedian and astrologist Rosebud Baker joins the ladies to chat all about their signs, relationships and sex.

#85: ADVICE! We Answer Your Questions!  

Jilly and Greta are joined by Emily Titelman (Greta's amazingly wonderful sister) to give advice and answer our Lady Lovin' listeners questions!

#84 Stay Fit with Akin Akman  

Trainer, Model, Master instructor at Soul Cycle & creator of Akin's Army joins the girls to chat about how to stay fit by changing your mental state and the importance of challenging yourself and your body.

#83 Boy Crush with Bowen Yang  

Comedian and Podcaster Bowen Yang comes on the show to talk our favorite TV shows, family relationships and getting freaky.

#82 Cycles and Sex  

Cycles and Sex founders Lauren Bille and Ashley Spivak come on to talk about getting educated about menstrual cycles, body politics and more!

#81 Carly Aquilino  

Carly Aquilino (MTV's Girl Code) drops by to talk about going to the club, taking a relationship break, and John Mayer's relationship status!

#80 Lady Lovin' Live  

Lo, Jilly and Greta recorded their FIRST live episode taping from Caroline’s on Broadway! A interactive recording with the audience about friendship, dating apps, office romance and more!

#79: Girl Crush #4 with Phoebe Robinson  

New York Times Best Selling Author, Comedian and Podcaster Pheobe Robinson joins the ladies to talk about her book, podcasts, Oprah, Kevin Bacon and more! We also answer some of your sexy questions!

#78: Ask a Man with Krispy Shorts  

Instagram video sensation Krispy Shorts chats with the ladies about starting his video career and responds to some of our listeners relationship questions. This week's episode is brought to you by Beach Body and Squarespace!

#77: The Daily Routine  

Jilly, Lo, and Greta chat about the role technology plays in their lives and give you a peak into their real 24/7

#76: Cartoons with But Like Maybe  

We're talking to Cartoonist Arianna Margulis creator of But Like Maybe about breaking into the comic industry, ex boyfriends, and dating apps.

#75: Women Who Rule with Annie Georgia Greenberg  

The girls discuss Annie's role as Fashion Editor at Large of Refinery29, office romance, and how to sext.

#74: Girl Talk with Molly Austin  

Comedian Molly Austin joins the ladies to talk her career, inspiration and shares some relationship advice.

#73: The Frank Body Babes Are Here!  

Hear the start-up story of Frank Body from Jess Hatzis, the co-founder of the trendy coffee body scrub company.

#72 Women’s Health with Meika Hollender  

Meika Hollender comes back on the show to talk all about contraception and the power of being a woman.

#71: Storytelling with Andrew Collin  

Comedian Andrew Collin joins the ladies to share some of his craziest stories from getting stabbed to first loves.

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