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Lady Lovin' is a talk show for all of the ladies (and gentlemen) out there dealing with the basic realness of life. No topic is too touchy for these ladies! Join Lo, Jilly, and Greta as they chat about the tales, trials and tribulations of being young women living in New York City. Catch up with the ladies at


#78: Ask a Man with Krispy Shorts  

Instagram video sensation Krispy Shorts chats with the ladies about starting his video career and responds to some of our listeners relationship questions. This week's episode is brought to you by Beach Body and Squarespace!

#77: The Daily Routine  

Jilly, Lo, and Greta chat about the role technology plays in their lives and give you a peak into their real 24/7

#76: Cartoons with But Like Maybe  

We're talking to Cartoonist Arianna Margulis creator of But Like Maybe about breaking into the comic industry, ex boyfriends, and dating apps.

#75: Women Who Rule with Annie Georgia Greenberg  

The girls discuss Annie's role as Fashion Editor at Large of Refinery29, office romance, and how to sext.

#75: Girl Talk with Molly Austin  

Comedian Molly Austin joins the ladies to talk her career, inspiration and shares some relationship advice.

#73: The Frank Body Babes Are Here!  

Hear the start-up story of Frank Body from Jess Hatzis, the co-founder of the trendy coffee body scrub company.

#72 Women’s Health with Meika Hollender  

Meika Hollender comes back on the show to talk all about contraception and the power of being a woman.

#71: Storytelling with Andrew Collin  

Comedian Andrew Collin joins the ladies to share some of his craziest stories from getting stabbed to first loves.

#70: Advice - The Lady Lovin' Girls Answer Listener's Questions  

On today's episode Lo, Greta, & Jilly answer listeners questions that were sent into the show. Covering a variety of topics from making new friends, trust issues, and staying politically active. This week's episode is brought to you by SquareSpace ( for 10% off your first purchase- OFFER CODE: lovin

#69: The Post Apocalypse  

Greta, Lo, and Jilly drop by the HeadGum studio to catch up on bad dates, smart women, and the post-apocalypse! This week's episode is brought to you by Hello Fresh ( $35 dollars off first order with OFFER CODE: lovin and Spring- download the app in the app store or go to ( for 20% off 1st purchase use OFFER CODE: lady

#68: Drinking Wine With Sommelier Hillary Zio  

On this week’s episode we have expert sommelier Hillary Zio on the show to learn about our favorite thing to drink: wine! From Pinot Noir to Sancerre we get the most important and interesting notes to know about the wine we love.

#67: 305 Fitness  

Sadie Kurzban, founder of 305 Fitness, shares the inspiring story behind her business, how she makes fitness fun, and how confidence is everything. This week’s episode is brought to you by Lola ( / offer code: LOVIN) and Squarespace! ( / offer code: LOVIN)

#66: Beauty with Julie Schott  

Elle Beauty Editor Julie Schott joins the gals for a chat about beauty trends and how to feel and look fabulous for 2017!

#65: Girl Talk #2 with Sydnee Washington + Marie Faustin  

Comedians Sydnee Washington and Marie Faustin sit down for some very entertaining girl talk about all things fun and juicy.

#64: Working Hard with Ray Siegal  

Ray Siegal, the digital director for CR Fashion Book, joins the ladies to talk working hard, career paths and gives in-law + relationship advice.

#63: Boys and Beauty with Bob  

Writer and Editorial Director 'Bob' sits down with the girls to talk the psychology of product naming, smelly boys, and getting naughty.

#62: Internet Friends with Kate Hendricks  

Kate Hendricks aka Kate the Wasp sits down with Jilly and Greta to talk her internet persona, starting in comedy and dating.

#61: Girl Talk with Liza Treyger  

Comedian Liza Treyger joins the ladies to chat tattoos, standing up for yourself and how to deal with boys.

#60: Post Election  

Lo, Jilly and Greta discuss their feelings post election and the importance of unity and using your voice.

#59: Jonny Famous Returns!  

Jonny Famous returns a year later to catch up on all the juicy details of his dating life and how he approaches the single life.

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