Las Vegas Podcast: Five Hundy By Midnight

Las Vegas Podcast: Five Hundy By Midnight


Best Las Vegas Podcast Award Winner — Five Hundy by Midnight, the original Las Vegas podcast, covers all things Las Vegas, including gambling, hotels, entertainment and restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip and beyond. Five Hundy is the Las Vegas podcast by Las Vegas tourists for Las Vegas tourists.


FHBM #579: Mood Swings  

Parking fees come to more Strip resorts, a few details emerge about 18 Fremont construction and timelines, the Army isn't happy about the NHL team name...

FHBM #578: Nibbles and Sips  

Nobody likes the Vegas NHL team name, Flamingo gives Keith Sweat a tryout, Downtown LV gets a comedy festival, Mandarin Oriental sells booze out of an ATM

FHBM #577: Highly Self-Aware  

A bunch of show news and extended thoughts on why one of us now actively hopes Alon fails to be built.

FHBM #576: Iconic and Attractive  

Nevada legalizes weed, high-speed rail plans return, Neonopolis plans a rollercoaster and rooftop wave pool, plus a preview of Lucky Dragon

FHBM #575: Get Your Own Damn Candy  

Rock in Rio's return looks increasingly unlikely, Downtown Cocktail Room announces a new bar within itself, downtown is getting pedicabs...

FHBM #574: Refreshed Memories  

A mid-week bonus show just for some extra Las Vegasy goodness

FHBM #573: Las Vegas Has Pro Sports Fever  

MGM Resorts wants an NBA team, more show and restaurant closings, plus reviews of Freedom Beat, Egg Slut, Beer Park and Happy Feet

FHBM #572: Dry Bar, Dark Bar, Lowering the Bar  

A Five Hundy exclusive about Boyd Gaming selling some downtown land, a bunch of show news, some interesting stadium news and a review of Dry Bar

FHBM #571: VIMFP: Good Times, Bad Decisions  

A drunken shitshow from the Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic

FHBM #570: Is Two Weeks Too Early to Pre-Game?  

Pre-VIMFP festivities include discussion of Park Theater, Gordon Ramsay Fish and Chips, Evel Pie and a bunch of other Vegas stuff. See you in Vegas, bitches

FHBM #569: Larger Than Life  

Absinthe stays at CP, Mariah announces final dates, Backstreet Boys comes to PH, Seahorse Lounge becomes Alto Bar

FHBM #568: Why Am I Still Talking?  

Lucky Dragon sets an opening date, more shows are closing, some new restaurants are opening soon, plus lots of drunk dials. Yay!

FHBM #567: Shitty Mall of America  

Tons of Las Vegas show news, plus thoughts on Alon's chances and some new Cosmo developments

FHBM #566: Everything is Dumb  

VIMFP talk + Tropicana gets a new magic show, Lucky Dragon announces restaurants and Pawn Plaza plans to sell gummy bears

FHBM #565: It Tastes Like Corn  

More Absinthe details, Wayne's show is likely ending, Pawn Plaza flops, Pete Rose exits bar biz, Vinnie Favorito keeps moving, Red nightclub idea is half-baked

FHBM #564: Quads and Anniversaries  

Absinthe moves to Cosmo, Monte Carlo announces The Pub and Andre's closings, Bodies gets a competitor, we review a few slot machines and discuss The Park

FHBM #563: Dingy  

Reviews and observations from our latest Las Vegas trip, including The Cal, The Plaza's shitty maintenance, The D's dwindling video poker...

FHBM #561: Rub Them for Luck  

More shows close, MGM Resorts continues to tighten up benefits, rumors about Cleopatra's Barge and Jennifer Lopez adds dates

FHBM #560: What Happens to the Seahorses?  

Trop expands, kills Rock Vault, never say gossy again, Caesars renovates Seahorse Lounge, The Cromwell ads more cheap options, MGM tries mobile tournaments

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