Late Night Live - Full program podcast

Late Night Live - Full program podcast


Long Nights LNL podcast gives you the whole of Late Night Live from start to finish in a continuous mp3 file, as Phillip Adams invites you to eavesdrop on his conversations with the world's brilliant and controversial thinkers.


Late Night Live - 2017-04-27  

Do mountains cause warfare? The other cane toad invasion. Saving the world one mushroom at a time.

Bruce Shapiro; UK Labour and election 2017; Values and virtues in politics  

Bruce Shapiro reports this week on Donald Trump's first 100 days as President. Is UK Labour heading for electoral disaster under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership? Vague and relativistic, values can be co-opted to mean almost anything.

Finding Fibonacci; Europe's first great Queen - Isabella  

Finding Fibonacci. Europe's first great Queen - Isabella of Castille.

Canberra report; French election results; Fair go nation?  

Laura Tingle's Canberra. French Election: first round results. A 'fair go' nation?

Jakarta has a new Governor, the real price of gas production and can the Aral Sea be saved?  

What role did religion play in Ahok losing the race for the Governorship of Jakarta, the environmental and economic cost of producing gas for electricity and saving the Aral Sea, is it possible?

Bruce Shapiro; British general election; Libya  

Washington report card. Why is the UK having the election it wasn't supposed to have. Is partition Libya's future?

Laura Tingle's Canberra; Assad's empire; Programmed Inequality  

Laura Tingle's Canberra report. Will Bashar al-Assad become Donald Trump's nemesis in the way Assad's father was for all US Presidents since 1970? How the British lost their early lead in computing by discarding women computer workers.

How is the Pope doing?  

As Pope Francis enters his fourth year as the Bishop of Rome, Phillip asks two Vatican watchers how he has fared with reforming the Curia, dealing with scandals and making concrete changes to the institutional Church.

Late Night Live - 2017-04-13  

President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, is under pressure after his latest cabinet shuffle has resulted in a South Africa's credit rating falling to junk levels. The seemingly capable and incorruptible finance minister of South Africa has been sacked by the President Jacob Zuma.

French elections; Climate change and Great Barrier Reef; Colonial Businesswomen  

Another long election campaign is nearly over, but whatever the result, France is in for a shock. It's estimated that the economic cost of damage to the Great Barrier Reef could be as much as $1 billion and 10,000 jobs.

Report card from the US; Dealing with North Korea; How the bunny shaped Australia  

Washington report card. A full range of options: dealing with North Korea. How the bunny-rabbit shaped Australia.

Canberra report; The battle for Syria; Vale John Clarke  

Laura Tingle's Canberra. The Battle for Syria. Vale John Clarke.

When Xi met Trump; how helping women brings world peace; Henry Lawson's wife  

After publicly deriding China for months, President Trump now comes face to face with its leader. Countries which treat women badly are also likely to be countries which are involved in conflict - so should the better treatment of women be a matter of international security? The story of Henry Lawson's wife casts a different light on an Australian icon.

Basic Income; Word processing and literature; A.C Grayling on war  

Arguing for Universal Basic Income. How word processing technology has influenced modern literature and philosopher A.C. Grayling on his new book, War, an enquiry.

Bruce Shapiro; Fear of abandonment and Australian foreign policy; return to Afghanistan.  

Word from Washington. Fear of abandonment and Australian foreign policy. Returning to Afghanistan.

Laura Tingle reports from Canberra, the destruction of Hillary Clinton and the evils of empathy.  

Laura Tingle tries to explain why Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's victories never seem sweet, what was the real reason behind Hillary Clinton's loss and the dark side of empathy - yes there is one.

Late Night Live - 2017-03-30  

It appears that the effects of Cyclone Debbie could further devastate the reef, already in grave danger from coral bleaching.

Dictators without borders; Hollywood versus Netflix  

Each of the five Central Asian states, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan is home to consolidated authoritarian regimes and poorly governed states. After more than two decades of independence from the Soviet Union, entrenched regimes and enduring patronage machines have short-circuited the transition to democracy. Media and entertainment conglomerates have always been challenged by newcomers. But what's happening in the entertainment industry now is different from previous technology based threats, and it's threatening aging business models and investment.

Bruce Shapiro, is Australia more than Anzac? Australia's nuclear boycott.  

Bruce Shapiro's America; the Honest History Book challenges the dominance of the Anzac myth in our history. Why Australia is boycotting a nuclear disarmament conference for the first time

Laura Tingle on Canberra; David Marr on Pauline Hanson  

Laura reports on what is the talk of Canberra; David Marr discusses his latest Quarterly Essay on Pauline Hanson

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