Late Night Live - Full program podcast

Late Night Live - Full program podcast


Long Nights LNL podcast gives you the whole of Late Night Live from start to finish in a continuous mp3 file, as Phillip Adams invites you to eavesdrop on his conversations with the world's brilliant and controversial thinkers.


Is this how democracy ends; Canberra happenings  

How democracy ends. Canberra party games, protests and Derryn Hinch.

30 November 2016  

The controversial Italian constitutional referendum, very rich professors and where to now for voluntary euthanasia legislation.

Latest from the USA; The end of the foreign correspondent? Brandis, Bell group and post-truth politics  

How Castro influenced US politics. The end of the foreign correspondent? Brandis, Bell group and post truth politics.

Jo Cox verdict; Castro legacy continues?  

The lasting impact of the Jo Cox murder on British politics . Fidel Castro died on the weekend aged 90 years old. Ann Louise Bardach discusses Castro's life and political legacy.

Trump's Hindu connections; ICAC; On being shy.  

Trump's Hindu connection. Is ICAC a target? On being shy.

Late Night Live - 2016-11-23  

Anglo-Australian miner , Rio Tinto is embroiled in a new controversy about its mining investments in West Africa:

Bruce Shapiro on Trump's new picks; Abe and the new president-elect; Alan Greenspan, radical economist.  

Bruce Shapiro looks at the line-up of candidates for key positions in Trump's cabinet. Richard Lloyd Parry on Japan's reaction to Trump. How Alan Greenspan went from radical ideologue to the Federal Reserve Chairman - revered by economists until the crash of 2008.

Canberra catch-up; Global energy futures; Crusoe's island  

Laura Tingle reports on the latest news from Canberra. Indian coal company Adani is investing heavily in solar as are all the power companies in India with the Energy Minister planning to stop importing coal into India by 2020. What does this mean for Adani's coal investments in Australia? How Robinson Crusoe explains Brexit.

Dancing and creativity and Stalin's scientists  

When Stalin came to power he wanted his government to be scientific and rational but the program was a bit hit and miss and also exploring the links between dancing and creativity in Australian dance halls.

Australia's national security under Trump, a nuclear free world, the bush is back.  

Australia's national security under a Trump presidency, the UN votes for a nuclear free world, Don Watson explains why the bush is back.

Bruce Shapiro; Nicolas Rothwell  

Bruce Shapiro on the wash-up of Election 2016 - and where the US goes from here. Award-winning author and journalist Nicolas Rothwell, on his latest observations of the human condition, through various landscapes and people.

Trump and US Republican traditions; Bolshoi Confidential; Terry Virts astronaut  

Trump and the Republican tradition. Dark side of the Bolshoi. Rocket Man.

Charles Bean's struggles with the truth  

The history of World War 1 and the creation of the ANZAC myth, as recorded by official war historian Charles Bean, is explored by journalist Ross Coulthard. He found many gaps between official accounts and Bean's private views recorded in his diaries, while writing this award winning biography.

US election special and killercats  

Post election: regrets, recriminations and a red states revolution. Inside the cat wars

Election day arrives in the USA, what is going on in South Korea and Naomi Klein, Sydney Peace Prize winner.  

Election day arrives in the USA, what is going on in South Korea and Naomi Klein, Sydney Peace Prize winner.

Canberra goings on; Russian tales of Colonial Australia: Qld's underbelly  

Goings on in Canberra. Russian tales of colonial Australia. Queensland's underbelly.

What is a refugee and shonks from Australian history  

We find out what we can learn about the management of refugees crises from the past and meet some of the shonks and charlatans of Australian history otherwise known as our national heroes.

Africa and the ICC; Queen Victoria in a new light.  

Countries from Burundi to South Africa say that the International Court has an Africa problem - are they right? Julia Baird's new biography of Queen Victoria demolishes several long-held myths about the monarch - among them that she was created by the men around her.

US election shenanigans; Wildscapes and confronting ourselves  

US election shenanigans. Wildscapes and confronting ourselves.

How United States foreign policy interests shaped the creation and expansion of Middle East studies and expertise. Mark Colvin: my father was a spy.  

The Middle East isn't just a battleground for insurgency, it's also a battlefield of ideas which were developed in the US. Mark Colvin's new memoir traces his growth as one of the country's best journalists - and his discovery of his father's double life as a diplomat - and a spy.

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