Late Night Live - Full program podcast

Late Night Live - Full program podcast


Long Nights LNL podcast gives you the whole of Late Night Live from start to finish in a continuous mp3 file, as Phillip Adams invites you to eavesdrop on his conversations with the world's brilliant and controversial thinkers.


One Nation; Syrian architect; Omar Musa  

The second coming of One Nation in Queensland and Western Australia. Marwa al-Sabouni, Syrian architect. Omar bin Musa , poet, author and rapper.

Housing Affordability; History of Fake news; Cambodia, the more things change  

Housing affordability in Australia. The True History of Fake News. Cambodia, the more things change.

The report from Florida, the argument for the universal basic income and Paul Robeson revealed.  

Bruce Shapiro reports on the latest from Washington - or is it Florida, could the idea of the universal basic income be having a renaissance and we find out what made Paul Robeson the most well known American in the world in 1964.

Canberra politics; Two state solution? US pipeline politics  

Laura Tingle's political postcard. A bigger and better deal? Trump and the Palestinians. Pipeline politics.

Romanian demonstrations; Fake news; Trump and the Third Reich  

Romanians live with a level of corruption. But when their ruling party tried to give themselves immunity from prosecution it was the last straw for a new generation. Fake news and real journalism: Allegations of 'fake news', 'or 'alternative news' from the Trump White House are undermining real journalism. Trump Administration and the Third Reich: How accurate are assertions that the Trump Administration resembles the Third Reich?

India's air pollution crisis; Liberal party's identity problems; 75th anniversary of bombing of Darwin  

India's air pollution crisis is now worse than China's. The Liberal party's identity problems in the wake of the Bernardi defection are nothing new. And the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Darwin.

Bruce Shapiro's USA; the man who debriefed Saddam Hussein; policing digital cartels  

Bruce Shapiro on the fallout from Michael Flynn's resignation; the man who de-briefed Saddam Hussein; anti-trust in the digital age.

Laura Tingle on the rise of One Nation; where is the French election going? Clean coal's power politics  

Laura Tingle on how One Nation are splitting the Liberal party. The French election seems subject to all the forces we've become familiar with - a populist mood, anti-establishment anger. But this being France, there are some twists. And, can you dig clean coal?

America's petro-state. What should Australia's defence policy be? Weird dinosaurs.  

As the US prepares to wind back environmental protection agencies, climate scientist Michael Mann proposes fighting back with satire among other means. What's wrong with Australia's defence strategies and what are the best alternatives for a contested Asia? The golden age of dinosaur discovery is upon us.

Laura Tingle on Canberra politics; Trump versus the Federal Reserve; Yemen military raid and its aftermath  

Laura Tingle on Canberra politics; Trump versus the Federal Reserve; Yemen military raid and its aftermath.

The Shapirouette, Iran's missile test and an untold Australian story of an 11 year old spy  

Trump continues his battle with the courts and the media, what is behind Iran testing a ballistic missile and author Ian Townsend joins us to tell the shocking story of an 11 year old boys who was executed by the Japanese in 1942 in Rabaul after being found guilty of espionage.

How legal are Trump's bans?; Paul Mason's guide to the future  

The ACLU is taking on President Trump on several fronts - and along the way its attracting record numbers of new members and donations. Paul Mason argues that to replace unfettered capitalism we need something just as persuasive and just as real. And the key to this new future may lie in the Wikipedia model.

Late Night Live - 2017-02-02  

Britain's vote for Brexit -The process of voting to trigger Article 50 and get Brexit negotiations started has seen British politicians deeply divided. The process is expected to take two years and it occurs during a particularly eventful week, with huge demonstrations around the UK sparked by President Donald Trump's immigration ban, and in outrage against Theresa May's invitation to him for a state visit to meet QE2.

Latest from the US: Nuclear power in Trumpland; 'Tanna'  

Bruce Shapiro reports from the USA on week 2 of the Trump Administration. Nuclear power in Trumpland.

31st January 2017  

What matters to Australians?

US-Mexico relations; Brexit & war on human rights; Reinterpreting the Versailles Treaty  

US-Mexico relations hit new low. Brexit and the war on human rights. Was Versailles really to blame for Nazism?

Dava Sobel on the trail-blazing female astronomers. William Dalrymple and Anita Anand on the fascinating history of the Kohinoor.  

A revolution in astronomy brought a slew of trail-blazing female astronomers to the centre of the drive to find what stars are made of. The Koh-i-noor diamond is a genuine rock star with a long, dramatic, bloody and sometimes tragic history.

25th January 2017  

Yanis Varoufakis on populism in Europe. Graeme Wood on his new book on encounters with Islamic State, The Way of the Strangers and Alan Keenan of Crisis group on the spread of radical Buddhism in Asia.

Bruce is back, Putin sets his own agenda and Protestant missionaries in China  

Bruce Shapiro brings us his impressions of the first days of the Trump presidency, Oliver Bullough brings us up to date on what Putin has been up to and a journey into China after the opium wars when Christian missionaries were first able to get into the Celestial Kingdom.

Intelligence under Trump; the sidelining of the US media  

President Trump is already at war with his own intelligence agencies - and with the country's media. Guests Jeff Stein (Newsweek) and Andrew Solomon (PEN America) talk about what's at stake when it comes to the both the intelligence and media establishments.

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