Laughing Dead

Laughing Dead


In comedy, there are at least a thousand ways to die on stage.  LAUGHING DEAD is a podcast where comedians talk candidly about their worst ever gigs.  Hosted by comedian Sami Shah, who has survived his share of cranky hecklers and depressing corporate shows, the show celebrates all the things that make comics weep. Sami’s guests include some of Australia’s best working comedians and internationally-renowned acts, reliving the shows that made them question their life choices. It’s a podcast for people who love comedy and comedians… and hearing stories that make you laugh while you cringe!


Comedy is too serious to be funny  

Why do comedians do what they do? And why do we find them so fascinating? This episode, instead of speaking to more comics, we change direction a little by delving into the psychology of comedians and their role in society. Find us at the ABC Podcasts Facebook page. And Sami's on Twitter @SamiShah

Episode 4 - Claire Hooper  

Claire Hooper may be the face of baking on national television, but she’s still not above a gig going bad every now and then. Features a guest appearance by Xavier Michelides, who owns up to having thrown Claire under the proverbial bus. We’re looking for your stories from when you’ve seen a comedian die on stage. It happens more often than you might think. Send us a message via the ABC Podcasts Facebook page. Find Sami Shah on Twitter @SamiShah Thanks to James Valentine of the podcast Headroom for his words on Australian television in the 2000s.

Immigrant Comedians  

Is it harder to win over an audience when you’re not local? Is dying on stage worse when you’re a foreigner? Two of Australia’s best immigrant comedians, Dilruk Jayasinha and Ivan Aristeguieta, regale us with their tales.

Corporate Gigs  

No two words summon more dread in a comedian than "corporate gig." Luckily, Ben Lomas has figured out the lifehack for surviving one. Janelle Koenig, meanwhile, still isn’t over that one time on a boat with a sliding door.

Maz Jobrani  

Iranian-American comedian Maz Jobrani’s done comedy all over the world and he’s got the emotional scars to prove it. Features a guest appearance by the comedian’s comedian, Andy Kindler.

Laughing Dead starts very soon  

Comedian Sami Shah introduces you to his new podcast about comedians dying on stage, and regales you with a story of his own worst comedy-death.

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