Law Report - Full program podcast

Law Report - Full program podcast


One single audio file of the whole program - good for continuous listening.


Regulating pro-anorexia websites; the pitfalls of social media and the workplace  

Eating disorders and online forums. Social media in the workplace.

Law Report - 2016-10-11  

The Deaf community in the court room.

Mooning criminalised in Victoria; Comic contracts  

Victorian reforms to mooning, streaking and sexual offences . Comic contracts.

Law and emotions  

Judges and emotions. Judging remorse.

Refugee stories and a class action: Manus Island  

Manus Island detainees don't feel safe following PNG ruling. Class action on behalf of Manus Island detainees.

Constitutional recognition, and Uncle Jack back in prison  

What is Constitutional Recognition of Australian First Peoples and would it clash with Treaties? Uncle Jack Charles returns to prison.

High court rulings on Baden-Clay murder and controversial group crime culpability  

High Court overturns Baden-Clay manslaughter decision . High Court rules on extended joint criminal enterprise.

Timor-Leste and Australia at the Hague, Ocean noise pollution  

Timor-Leste takes Australia to the Hague over sea boundaries. Regulating ocean noise pollution.

Research into indigenous recidivism in Australia, Youth justice in NZ, Canada's Gladue reports  

Accessing rehab programs for indigenous offenders in Australia. Maori justice. Canada's approach to sentencing Aboriginal offenders.

Australia's live music industry and government regulation  

Unintended consequences: the story of Australia's live music industry and government regulation.

The jurors note; predictive assessment tools in court;  NSW 1st female solicitor  

Revealing the inner workings of a jury. Justice via Algorithms? Pioneering lawyer Marie Byles.

NT youth detention and lessons from the USA  

Are NT juvenile justice legal frameworks failing? Juvenile detention in the USA.

Migration Agents and the law  

The consequences of dodgy migration advice.

The trial of Hamdi Alqudsi  

Alqudsi and Jury v Judge only trials.

Technology that promotes justice  

Negotiating your divorce online. The SmartSafe+ App. Warfare within the rules.

How some prison officers are led astray  

Tackling corruption in Corrections.

2016 Election legal affairs debate;  Hayder Shkara  

Election 2016 Policy platforms on law and legal affairs. The lawyer with an Olympic vision.

Mock trials tests jury responses to multiple complaints; Norwegian research into public attitudes to court decisions  

Jury reasoning in joint or separate trials. Public responses to 'hot button' court decisions.

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